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Best Purple Stickers for Crafts in CS2

Find the best purple sticker for CS2 crafts

Topic: Best Purple Stickers for Crafts in CS2

Wondering which purple sticker will fit best on your next sticker craft? Look no further than this list of the best purple stickers for crafts in CS2!

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Sticker | Fluxo (Holo) | Paris 2023: $1.42

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We are starting our list with a bang with the one and only Fluxo (Holo) sticker from Paris 2023. The sticker features a clean logo design, a sleek shiny purple holo finish, and the elegant engravings that can be found on all Paris 2023 holos. We think it's fair to say that Fluxo did an incredible job in designing their first-ever sticker!

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Fluxo Paris 2023

Sticker | Gold Web (Foil): $2.73

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This next sticker was extremely well designed, featuring an incredible foil effect with shiny gold and a 3D background! The sticker’s purple and gold design makes it a super cool fit on all kinds of skins, whether you want the sticker to blend in or pop out!

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Gold Web (Foil)

Sticker | Miami Tier6 (Holo): $24.25

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The Miami Tier6 (Holo) is both a popular and sleek sticker that fits great on purple and black skins. The sticker features a simple black design with a large six in the middle covered in a purple, pink, and blue gradient, finished off with a sleek reflective purple holographic effect.

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Miami Tier6 (Holo)

Sticker | Outsiders (Holo) | Antwerp 2022: $8.67

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Just like Fluxo, when the Outsiders temporarily changed their organization name and logo from Virtus.Pro, they started the short era with an incredible sticker! The sticker features the Outsiders logo with a completely purple holographic effect that is sure to look great on any purple skin in CS2!

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Outsiders (Holo) | Antwerp 2022

Sticker | Enemy Spotted (Holo): $0.62

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If you are looking for a purple haze rather than a completely purple sticker, then the Enemy Spotted (Holo) is the way to go. The sticker features a jaguar with a knife in its mouth covered by a purple haze holographic effect. Thanks to the wide range of colors on the sticker, it fits great on skins of many different color palettes!

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Enemy Spotted (Holo)

Sticker | DJ Safecracker (Lenticular): $2.43

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This is the first time we have featured a Lenticular sticker on one of our best stickers for crafts lists, and thanks to this sticker’s affordable price, it is a great choice for purple sticker crafts! The sticker features the Safecracker Voltzmann agent working as a DJ with a cool purple background and turntable.

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - DJ Safecracker (Lenticular)

Sticker | 9z Team (Holo) | Rio 2022: $2.38

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It would be impossible to complete this list of the best purple stickers for crafts without featuring a 9z Team sticker, and although the rox (holo) may be a bit too expensive for the average crafter, this sticker is far more affordable and still looks great! The purple 9z Team logo combines wonderfully with the wavy purple holographic background to make a great option for purple sticker crafts.

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - 9z Team (Holo) | Rio 2022

Sticker | Miami Flick (Holo): $7.44

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The Miami Flick (Holo) sticker features a range of colors, but thanks to its black background, the skin works great with purple skins, even though it has as much pink and blue as it does purple. The smooth wavy design of the sticker makes it a perfect fit on simple skins to enhance the vibe of calmness.

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Miami Flick (Holo)

Sticker | Terrorist-Tech: $0.10

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This next sticker is everything you want for a purple sticker craft: affordable, cool looking, and super unique! The sticker features a purple background with two golden M9 Bayonets placed across one another, and when you scrape the sticker a really neat easter egg is revealed: the bomb code!

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Terrorist-Tech

Sticker | Counter-Tech: $0.17

Buy Options & Information

It wouldn’t be fair to feature the Sticker | Terrorist-Tech without featuring its Counter-Terrorist counterpart, especially not when the Sticker | Counter-Tech has an equally cool easter egg! The sticker features a winged defuser over a blue/purple background, and when it is scraped, it reveals a spider identical to the one on the Golden Web (Foil)!

Best Purple Stickers for crafts - Counter-Tech


We hope you have found at least one purple sticker to apply for your next sticker craft in CS2! Be sure to check out our Skin Database to find which sites currently offer the best prices for each of these stickers!

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