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Best Red Stickers for crafts - Counter-Strike Guide

Find perfect matching red stickers for your crafts

Topic: Best Red Sticker for crafts - Counter-Strike Guide

In today's article we're going to look at the best red stickers for crafts in Counter-Strike. The price range of the stickers will vary throughout the article and sticker prices always change over time. We recommend you checking out our Skin Database while going through the article in order to see the current price and market listings. Enjoy reading and happy crafting!

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2020 RMR Heroic (Holo)

We're starting with a rather cheap event sticker from the 2020 RMR. The white/red Heroic logo in combination with the dark red background could make the perfect match for a red budget sticker craft. RMR 2020 Heroic Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Heroic

MLG Columbus 2016 G2 (Holo)

The MLG Columbus 2016 (Holo) sticker is an old-school classic that matches nearly every red sticker craft perfectly. While the price of the Holo version might be a bit too high for some to craft on your skin, the Paper version is the perfect alternative coming in at a way cheaper price point. MLG 2016 G2 Price.

Best red stickers for crafts G2

Assassin (Halo Capsule)

A classic sticker for red budget crafts is the white/red themed Assassin sticker. It got introduced to the game together with the Halo Capsule and might be the perfect sticker for a red pistol craft. Assassin (Paper) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Assassin

Krakow 2017 Zeus (Paper)

On the fourth spot of today's article is the Krakow 2017 Zeus (Paper) sticker. The big, red Krakow background makes a perfect match for your skins, while showcasing one of the coolest signatures in the game. Krakow 2017 Zeus Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Zeus

Bite Me (Foil)

For those of you who like extraordinary stickers the following one might be perfect. The Bite Me (Foil) sticker features a big red bear and got released together with the Feral Predator Capsule. Bite Me (Foil) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Bite Me

Berlin 2019 CR4ZY (Holo)

Next up in our article about the best red sticker for crafts is the Berlin 2019 CR4ZY (Holo). A rather cheap option while still having a Holo effect. Nothing stands in the way of a perfectly matching red sticker craft. Berlin 2019 CR4ZY (Holo) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts CR4ZY

Paris 2023 MOUZ (Glitter)

Next up we got a brand new sticker, the Paris 2023 MOUZ (Glitter). The last few Majors had a super clean logo design, enabling a great red sticker craft with the MOUZ logo. Paris 2023 MOUZ (Glitter) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts MOUZ

Showdown (Foil)

If you're looking for a unique red/gold sticker to put on one of your skins the Showdown (Foil) might be the perfect choice. Such a beautiful design featuring two dragons. Showdown (Foil) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Showdown

Romanov's Fire (Foil)

We're continuing the article with another unique Foil sticker. The yellow/red Romanov's Fire (Foil) sicker, that got released together with the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule. We could very well imagine that sticker on a rather one colored background. Romanov's Fire (Foil) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Romanov's Fire

Atlanta 2017 FaZe Clan (Holo)

If somebody of you is looking to spend a bit more on a red sticker craft, one cool option could be the Atlanta 2017 FaZe Clan (Holo). The effect of the Atlanta Holo stickers is quite special and unique, while showcasing the teams logo perfectly. Another option for that could be the Atlanta 2017 Astralis (Holo) sticker. Atlanta 2017 FaZe Clan (Holo) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts FaZe Clan

Battle Scarred (Holo)

Some of the best additions in terms of red stickers to any skin is the Battle Scarred (Holo) or Paper sticker. Its simple, yet powerful design features three scars and got released with the Broken Fang Sticker Collection. Battle Scarred (Holo) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Battle Scarred

Berlin 2019 Tyloo (Holo)

Next up on the list of the best red sticker crafts is one of the most beautiful Berlin 2019 stickers. The sticker features the red Tyloo logo in its holographic version. As for many other stickers feel free to also try out the paper sticker. Berlin 2019 Tyloo (Holo) Price.

Best red stickers for crafts Tyloo


We hope you enjoyed today's article on some of the best red sticker for your next crafts. Feel free to check out some of our most recent articles right below this paragraph. If you're looking to buy a skin for your crafts make sure to check out our Skin Database in order to find the cheapest offers.

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