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Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2

Discover 10 of the best scraped sticker crafts

Topic: Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2

In today’s article, we will be examining some of the best scraped sticker crafts in CS2! All of the stickers featured in today’s article will be displayed on the AK-47 Slate. The two stickers applied on the left side of the skin will be left unscratched, whilst the two on the right will show the scraped version. This side-by-side example should give you a great idea of the before and after of each sticker scrape option showcased.

Before we continue, it is important to note that when scratching stickers, you don’t always get the same result 100 percent of the time. Always remember, once scratched, a sticker cannot be reverted to its previous form and each sticker scrapes differently - some require more or less scratches than others to get good results. Alright, that should be about everything you need to know, let's jump right into finding some of the best sticker options for scratched crafts!

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Sticker | Natus Vincere | Katowice 2019: $0.83

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First up today, we have the Katowice 2019 stickers. At a glance, these stickers may appear to have little similarity with their famed 2014 counterparts. However, once scratched in CS2, these affordable stickers develop an insanely clean appearance. The circular background associated with Kato 2019 disappears completely leaving behind only the borderless team logo. Whilst we have only showcased the Navi sticker here, this effect can be achieved with all the different Kato 2019 team stickers. If you are on a budget but still want that classic Kato 2014 clean look, make sure you don’t sleep on these scraped Kato 2019 stickers.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - NAVI Katowice 2019

Sticker | Friend Code: $0.05

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Next up, we have the Friend Code sticker. Upon scratching this sticker, the once happy bomb suddenly has its heartbroken - maybe somebody left it in spawn at the start of the round? Either way, the love heart design of this sticker gains a crack through the middle, and the bomb itself becomes teary-eyed, an overall great little easter egg that not many players will know about.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Friend Code

Sticker | Salty (Holo): $1.04

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The Salty Holo was added to the game at the start of 2023 and has remained a stand-out budget Holo option due to its excellent color spectrum and clean design. However, that’s not all the sticker has to offer. Scratching this sticker will not only empty the holographic salt jar, but also reveal the hidden phrase “not salty”, giving a clever twist to this affordable sticker.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Salty (Holo)

Sticker | Call Your Flashes: $0.12

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Furthermore, we have an option from the 10-year birthday capsule, the Call Your Flashes sticker. Whilst the play-on-words design of this sticker might not be for everyone, once it is scratched enough times, the sticker gains a completely new look and is transformed into something reminiscent of n0thing’s famous flashbang dance moves. This one can be a bit tricky to scrape perfectly, as the “bruh” text addition doesn’t always come out perfectly visible. Nevertheless, this hidden scrape is worth keeping in your line of sight going forward.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Call Your Flashes

Sticker | Leaving The Station (Holo): $4.93

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This Holo scrape alters the classic Train symbol with the addition of the counter-strike logo, a train track pattern design and a ‘train’ text outline. Whilst these additions will make your Leaving The Station sticker stand out in-game, do be careful because unlike in CS:GO, scraping this sticker will often not result in a ‘clean’ result, with visible white scratches left around the sticker. We recommend trying this option on a skin with a prominent white background, therefore.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Leaving The Station (Holo)

Sticker | Ancient Beast: $0.06

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Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take a look at this spooky little hidden sticker scrape. After scratching the Ancient Beast sticker, the Aztec-inspired chicken design fades away, and in its place emerges a collection of unnerving skulls! This fun and affordable option would work great as a crafting option on many different skins, I would recommend trying it out on white or black skins such as the USP Ticket to Hell.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Ancient Beast

Sticker | Master Guardian Elite (Holo): $0.63

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Next up on our list of the best scraped sticker crafts in CS2 is the Master Guardian Elite Holo, which is a great affordable sticker for fans of the T side factions; however, it also has a very cool hidden design which might be more akin to CT side enjoyers. When scratched the AK-47-wielding T design transforms into the classic CT SAS mask, and the AK-47s are replaced by M4A4s. This scrape looks great in CS2 as it comes out cleanly and will work with a variety of different crafts and skins.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Master Guardian Elite (Holo)

Sticker | Global TV (Lenticular): $3.28

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Coming up we have the Lenticular Global TV sticker. Lenticular stickers were added to the game as part of the 10-Year Birthday Sticker Capsule release in 2022, and there are currently only six lenticular options available. When scratched the “GOTV” screen becomes riddled with bullet holes giving this sticker a whole new unique appearance. If you are looking for lenticular scrape ideas, the Global TV sticker is a great place to start.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Global TV (Lenticular)

Sticker | Vortigaunt (Holo): $2.31

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The Vortigaunt Holo is often overlooked apart from when used in green crafts. However, when scraped, all that remains of the sticker are its holographic purple eyes, opening this sticker up for countless other crafting opportunities. I can see this sticker pairing nicely with something like a Neon Rider, or maybe one of the Neo-Noir skins.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Vortigaunt (Holo)

Sticker | Showdown (Foil): $3.20

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To finish up today’s article we have a Foil sticker scrape, the Showdown Foil. This sticker depicts the legendary Howl and Dragon Lore designs embroiled in conflict against each other. Scraping the Showdown Foil will remove the excessive background which gives it a more subtle design focused on just the Howl and Dragon – a great choice for fans of these classic legendary titans of Counter-Strike.

Best Scraped Sticker Crafts in CS2 - Showdown (Foil)


We hope you enjoyed today’s article focused on the best scraped sticker crafts in CS2. Hopefully, you found something here to your liking, and maybe even have gained some inspiration for a potential scraped craft idea. Once you’re done here, feel free to also check out some of our other CS2 articles which can be found below. Have a great rest of your day!

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