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Best CS:GO SSG-08 Sticker Crafts

Five CS:GO Scout crafts that you need to see!

Topic: Best CS:GO SSG-08 Sticker Crafts

The SSG 08, commonly referred to as the scout, is a classic CS:GO weapon. Originally introduced in Global Offensive as the predecessor to the Schmidt Scout of the Counter-Strike series, the weapon has always been a staple sign of half buys and eco rounds, coming in at a cost of just $1700. For AWPers, the SSG 08 is the ultimate transition weapon while they await a more suitable economy.

Along with its presence in competitive CS:GO, the scout is commonly purchased in Danger Zone and is the only weapon available in Flying Scoutsman (with the exception of the knife). Coming naturally with its dominant presence in CS:GO, SSG 08 sticker crafts make up some of the most elite sticker crafts out there. The best part: Despite looking just as stunning, most SSG 08 crafts are significantly inexpensive compared to those of other weapons. Let's take a look at our top seven ranked SSG 08 crafts.

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7. SSG 08 | Turbo Peek + 4x Miami Flick (Holo)

Coming in first on our list is a colorful, bright craft that stands out in any inventory and on any map. The holographic spectrum of neon pink and blue with a neutral black zone of the Miami Flick (Holo) sticker is a match made in heaven for the Turbo Peek, with its neon pink stripe and black scope. With both the skin and the stickers being from the recent “Operation Riptide”, this craft remains relatively new in the scene and has been crafted just 20 times.

As for cost, while the SSG 08 | Turbo Peek costs just USD 9.00 in Factory New condition, each of the Miami Flick Holos will set you back USD 4.32 for a total cost of USD 26.28. While you can create a lower-budget version of this craft using a more worn condition, we recommend that you aim for the skin in Factory New; more wear means less neon and less neon means less flashy.

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Turbo Peek

6. SSG 08 | Dragonfire + 4x Flame Buttery (Holo)

The SSG 08 | Dragonfire happens to be one of the more popular and thus expensive scout skins in the game, coming in at upwards of USD 20 in Factory New condition and USD 70 in StatTrak Factory New. However, if you have the means to purchase the skin, I highly recommend creating a 4x Flame Buttery (Holo) craft. These stickers come in at USD 1.69 each, and their bright orange glow compliments the orange and blue colors of the Dragonfire in the most beautiful fashion.

Coming in at a price point of just over USD 26 in Factory New condition and USD 77 in StatTrak Factory New, this craft is a must-have for collectors or players who want to stand out in the game.

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Dragonfire

5. SSG 08 | Dragonfire + 4x Fnatic (Holo) | 2020 RMR

Next up is yet another 4x Dragonfire craft, this time with four Fnatic Holos from the 2020 Regional Major Rankings. This craft follows a similar concept to the one above, integrating the bright orange holographic sticker with the orange and blue contrast of the Dragonfire, but comes in at a much cheaper overall cost. Although 2020’s introduction of the RMR stickers was a major disappointment to fans of the competitive and skins scene, the lack of interest within the community has caused the price of these stickers to remain very low.

While this may hurt the pockets of investors, it allows lower-tier collectors to make beautiful crafts like this for a fraction of the cost they normally would be. With the stickers costing just USD 0.17 each, the total cost of this craft comes in at USD 20.68 in Factory New condition and USD 70.68 in StatTrak Factory New. A real budget SSG craft on a quite expensive Scout!

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Dragonfire

4. SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 + 4x Team eBettle | Cologne 2015

Regardless of whether you were around for the 2015 CS:GO Major in Cologne, or were even aware of the team which rebranded to Vexed Gaming shortly after the Major, you must admit that this craft is an absolute beauty. The SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 is somewhat popular among casual CS:GO players, and costs just USD 0.47 in Factory New condition and USD 2.72 in StatTrak Factory New. The unique cyan shapes of the Team eBettle sticker match perfectly with the techy look of the Mainframe 001, and before long the sticker seems to blend in with the skin.

Coming in at a total cost of $6.59 in Factory New condition and USD 8.84 in StatTrak Factory New, with the stickers making up the bulk of the cost at USD 1.53 each, this craft is perfect for casual players and collectors looking to add a cheap but stunning craft to their inventory.

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Mainframe

3. SSG 08 | Slashed + 4x Heresy (Holo)

Some may call me biased when I say that I thought of this craft recently, but I can’t not add it to this list. While exploring some crafts with the Heresy and Heresy (Holo), I remembered the orange and black scheme of the SSG 08 | Slashed, which I immediately knew would fit perfectly with the orange and black contrast of the sticker.

This craft is yet another relatively inexpensive one, with the skin coming in at just USD 0.78 in Field-Tested (best wear possible) condition and USD 1.31 in StatTrak Field-Tested, and the stickers totaling USD 9.36 at USD 2.34 each. What a stunning and special SSG-08 craft for a mid-budget!

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Slashed

2. SSG 08 | Abyss + 4x Liquid Fire

As we reach the end of our best Scout crafts list, let's take a look at this icy blue sticker craft with the SSG 08 | Abyss. As Fire n’ Ice themed inventories become more and more popular each day, the potential for this craft grows exponentially. The hydrographic paint on the scout shines bright in any inventory when four Liquid Fire stickers are applied onto it.

The SSG 08 | Abyss lands on the more inexpensive side of Scouts, with a price of USD 3.13 in Factory New condition and USD 10.40 in StatTrak Factory New. Although it is significantly more expensive, the orange glow of the StatTrak counter contrasts beautifully with the icy blue color of the skin and sticker to enhance the craft by so much more. With the stickers adding a cost of USD 1.46 each, the total cost of the craft is USD 8.97 in Factory New condition and USD 16.24 in StatTrak Factory New.

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Abyss

1. SSG 08 | Sea Calico + 4x Keyd Stars (Holo) Katowice 2015

If you don’t want to see a nearly USD 1.000 craft that only just two elite collectors have the guts to craft, then I suggest you to overscroll this paragraph. This craft combines the third most expensive SSG-08 skin, the Sea Calico, which has racked up a Factory New price point of USD 173.13 in Factory New condition, with four of the notoriously expensive Katowice 2015 Holo stickers.

Each sticker is an astonishing USD ~200 bringing the total cost of the craft to USD 973.13. The green and gold craft was originally crafted by the 260,000+ subscriber YouTuber ProdigyDDK, who applied the stickers on a Sea Calico with a float of 0.00066666. 50 days after Prodigy made the craft, it was replicated before recently being traded to a large Katowice 2015 Holo collector by the name of @RadiantCS_. This skin may not be within the price range of an average collector, but it is truly too notorious and stunning to omit from this list.

Best CS:GO SSG-08 Crafts Sea Calico All screenshots are taken on the Broskins server


The SSG 08 is an elite rifle in CS:GO and makes for the base of some incredible sticker crafts. Although some might be intimidating in cost, remember that more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better, and one of the best parts about the Scout is that its skins match the characteristic of its purpose in-game; it's cheap but still makes miracles.

If you decide to make one of the suggested SSG-08 sticker crafts a reality make sure to tag us on Social Media and follow us for more content! Also, feel free to join our Discord where we have an active community - link below in the footer!

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