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Boltz Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

Inventory Review Boltz: Out NOW!

Topic: CS:GO Boltz inventory review - Skins, Crafts

If this was Ratchet and Clank, my man would be living his name and drowning in bolts. I think this is one of the most expensive inventories I've ever reviewed at a total value of $ 117k according to the Sharkbay discord server!

This value composes mostly out of several high-tier Doppler gems plus other skins. Even a couple of banger crafts can be found in here, but we're mostly looking at what I assume to be investments.

  Thicc Squidward   Andy

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General inventory

Talking crafts, as I mentioned before there are a couple of them. A total of three different Katowice 2014 crafts while one of them is holo! Investment wise, we're talking about eight unapplied Katowice 2014 papers as well as approximately 110 Katowice 2015 stickers.

As an honorable mention, I'd like to tell you about his fn AWP Dragon Lore in a .021 float. On scope we got one of the most well spread high-tier crafts out there, you can't go wrong with a classic Crown foil on the scope!

Emerald Webs/Huntsman

The first combo that comes to mind when one hears "green": A good old Emerald knife with some Emerald Webs. First off, he did have two different Emeralds but due to the Huntsman being as new as it is, I chose to leave his Bayonet behind. At a .032 it's looking mighty clean although the Huntsman never had big problems with being clean, to begin with.

The gloves on the other hand might be minimal-wear or should I say minimal war since the E seems to be missing. In a .122 float, they kind of look like field-tested, and sadly there aren't any major webs either.


AWP Gungnir

No matter how many times I see this skin, I'm always stunned by the intricate engravings alongside it, truly looks like a Viking relic but with a lot more oompfh.

While his may only come in a .245 float, it doesn't matter all too much since it is a brightness-based skin. Let's get to the real meat on this bone with that juicy Katowice 2014 LDLC paper applied on the scope. Never seen this particular craft but the color combination makes for an amazing match.


USP Blueprint

I own this USP as well for a good reason, it's like the clean Royal Blue we always wanted but never deserved. Plenty of different great crafts have been made on this gun and will be made in the future.

In a .251 float, it may not be the most unscathed but those cyan Krakow 17 Boltz foils along the top make you forget all about those scratches! Awesome match, it's dope to see a player use his signature color fittingly.


Souvenir Gold Arabesque

Valve's latest high-tier Souvenir AK-47 addition, the Gold Arabesque is basically made to come as a souvenir. Not only is it solid gold but you can barely even recognize that those Stockholm 21s are stickers!

That's not even his only Souvenir Gold Arabesque, there's a battle-scarred one as well. I went for the better float at a solid .115 which once again doesn't matter toooo much since it's a brightness-based skin.


P250 Steel disruption

For the second Katowice 2014 craft in this collection, we can see a nice little statty P250 Steel Disruption with an immaculate .016 float lookin pretty in tact. An old skin with plenty of different Katos on it, but such a low float with a Katowice 2014 Titan holo in best position is something you don't see everyday.

Apart from the mentioned Katowice 2014 Titan holo on best pos., we can see a Crown foil further down the barrel as well as a Headhunter foil on the handle. I wish there was a sticker to complete this setup, I would f*ck with a Flammable or Sheriff foil in the last pos. to conform the whole yellow ish foil theme.


M4A4 Howl

An absolutely wild array of stickers can be found on this M4A4 Howl which comes in at a .139 float. The whole Hellraiser crew is scattered throughout this icon of a skin. On best pos. we got a Boston 18 Dosia signature that is scraped all the way to not cover the beautiful artwork of the skin!

Continuing down the gun, we can first off find ourselves a Katowice 15 Hellraiser foil, then comes a Katowice 2014 HellRaisers paper and to finish it all off, there's a Katowice 2015 Hellraiser holo on the stock. Very weird combo, which is kinda cool but I wish the Kato 15s were swapped.



Overall, I kinda like this inventory but for the value standing behind it, there could be a better loadout with less doubling up. To me it kind of looks like the inventory of a gambling bot with a gem every once in a while.

There's just a whole lot of average floats on average items, for instance I couldn't find any Crimson Web with a nice web, even tho the M9 is literally called "webbbbbbb".


My final rating will be a solid 5.013 mostly attributed to the amazing Gungnir. Other than that, I can see a whole lot of classic high-tier items with not much that is special about them.

The few crafts there were, actually kinda slapped tho and in the end, you can only see one loadout so I can't shit talk doubling up too much. As always thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this inventory!

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