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Budget CS2 Glove Knife Combos under USD 500 in 2024

Budget Glove Knife Combos you need to see!

Topic: Cheap CS2 Glove Knife Combos under USD 500 - Budget CS2 combos

In today's article, we showcase some lovely budget CS2 glove knife combos under USD 500. We hope that some of you will find a possible new play combination. Feel absolutely free to comment your own combos under our Social Media posts.

Let us get right into the best budget glove knife combos under USD 500, enjoy!

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Bayonet Black Lam + Driver Gloves Jaguar Queen

First up we got a stunning combination between a Field-Tested Bayonet Black Laminate and some Field-Tested Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar. The glove knife combination costs around USD 360 and does not only look amazingly, but also is a very unique combination. The Bayonet on the picture has a float of around 0.3, while the gloves come in at 0.2!

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Classic Knife Crimson Web + Bloodhound Charred

For our second combo of today's article we got a Minimal-Wear Classic Knife Crimson Web combined with some Field-Tested Bloodhound Gloves Charred. The glove knife combo combines to around USD 430 and stays quite a bit under our USD 500 mark.

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Stiletto Crimson Web + Sport Gloves Bronze Morph

Next up is a unique glove knife combination under USD 500. We combine a Battle-Scarred Stiletto Crimson Web with some Field-Tested Sport Gloves Bronze Morph. Together the combo sums up to around USD 370. Although the green, red mixed gloves are often hated, they are one of the best-looking budget gloves out there! The Stiletto in this picture is a 0.50 float, while the gloves come in 0.3!

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Nomad Stained + Broken Fang Gloves Unhinged

The ultimative CS2 budget glove knife combo? Next up we are talking about a Well-Worn Nomad Stained combined with Field-Tested Broken Fang Gloves Unhinged! The total cost of this glove knife combo is around USD 300! To anyone of you who is dealing with a very limited budget, this might be your go to combo.

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Talon Rust + Hand Wraps Constrictor

A rusty situation. The following glove knife combo under USD 500 sums up to around 375! We are talking about a Talon Rust Coat in Battle-Scarred (0,80+) and some Field-Tested Hand Wraps Constrictor! Not each of you will fall in love with this combo, but overall we are talking about a very solid option within that price range!

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Skeleton Urban Masked + Lt. Commander

It is time for a banger. While writing this article we were surprised how amazing this glove knife combo looks. Combine a Field-Tested Skeleton Urban Masked with some Well-Worn Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander and you will get one of the most beautiful glove knife combos for under USD 500 that you have ever seen! The total price tag comes in at around USD 400.

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Ursus Tiger Tooth + Field Agent

You are a blue or yellow inventory enjoyer? We got the perfect glove knife combination for you! Combine the lovely Ursus Tiger Tooth with some Specialist Gloves Field Agent. The possibility to either build a yellow or blue inventory around it, paired with a very decent price of around USD 425 makes this combo a very nice option when talking about budget glove knife combos! The Ursus in this picture is Factory-New, while the gloves come in as Battle-Scarred!

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo

Flip Knife Freehand + Imperial Plaid

As our last, but by far not least combination under USD 500 we got some Well-Worn Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid combined with a Minimal-Wear Flip Knife Freehand. The perfect combination for all main AWPs that enjoy a purple-themed inventory. As a tip: For the gloves, you can get some good ones with little scratches on the knuckle with some patience. For the Flip Knife, try to look out for a lovely purple pattern. The price of this glove knife combo is around USD 490!

CS2 Budget Glove Knife Combo


We hope you enjoyed today's article about budget CS2 glove knife combos under 500 Euros and look forward to seeing you again in one of our next articles! For now, you can check out the piece linked below or our skin category if you are interested! Have a great rest of your day and feel free to send us your best budget combos.

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