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Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

The cheapest CS:GO knives that are currently available

Topic: Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

In today's article we will take a look at the 10 cheapest CS:GO knives in 2022. We will not show you the 10 cheapest individual knife skins, as that would get boring fast! Enjoy reading this article and make sure to let us know if you would love to see other articles of this kind on our Social Media! For now, we will review and showcase the 10 cheapest knifes currently available on marketplaces like Buff163 or GamerPay!

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Cheap Knife #10 - Classic Knife

On the first spot of today's article comes the Classic knife. The cheapest available is the Safari Mesh FT for around USD 80, followed up by the the BS version of the Classic Urban Masked, the MW Safari Mesh, and the FT Urban Masked.

For around USD 20 more you can get yourself a Well-Worn Blue Steel Classic Knife. The first higher-tier skins are available starting at around USD 190 with the Classic Knife Crimson Web FT, and the Slaughter FT.

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #9 - Ursus Knife

Second on our list of the cheapest knives in CS:GO is the Ursus. The cheapest Ursus comes in at around USD 74 when buying the Field-Tested version of the Safari Mesh! Followed up by the BS Safari Mesh, the BS Forest DDPAT, and the BS Boreal Forest.

For around USD 10 more you can upgrade to a clean Urban Masked in Field-Tested or a BS Rust Coat, as well as a Night Stripe. If you want to get yourself something more special the first Ursus Slaughter, Crimson Web, and Tiger Tooth start at around USD 200!

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #8 - Paracord Knife

Next up we got the Paracord Knife Safari Mesh in Field-Tested for around USD 66! Within a range of USD 4, you could also get yourself a Forest DDPAT BS, Safari Mesh WW, or Scorched WW!

In the price range of USD 15, we got the classy candidates Night Stripe, Stained, ... - If you want to get yourself a higher-tier skin you need to invest USD 180+ for your new Paracord Knife! For that price range, we're talking about Crimson Web & Slaughter!

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #7 - Bowie Knife

Around the same price tag as the Paracord comes in the "big one". The Bowie Knife might not fit your view model but is a great option when looking at cool animations with an affordable price tag. At around USD 66 you can get yourself a BS Safari Mesh version of it. For around the same price you could also choose between a better condition Safari Mesh, a Scorched, Rust Coach, or Boreal Forest.

At around USD 80 we're already looking at a Bright Water and starting at USD 110+ you can get yourself some awesome skins like a Lore, Autotronic, or Black Laminate. The Bowie is an amazing combination of great skins and is one of the cheapest knives in existence.

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #6 - Huntsman Knife

The good old one, that nobody hates but also nobody loves. The Huntsman is the sixth cheapest CS:GO knife on our list and comes in at around USD 65 with the Safari Mesh BS. Slightly more expensive are the Forest DDPAT BS, the Safari Mesh WW, and FT.

Around USD 10 above you will find skins like the Rust Coat, the Ultra Violet, or Stained. For the first time in today's article also skins like Doppler, Marble Fade, Gamma Doppler, or Lore are quite affordable coming in at around USD 200!

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #5 - Survival Knife

The next knife type on our cheapest knives in 2022 list is the Survival Knife Safari Mesh WW at around USD 65! In the same price range you could also get yourself an Urban Masked BS, Safari Mesh FT, Scorched BS, or Forest DDPAT WW!

For around USD 84 you will f.e. find yourself a Blue Steel or Stained, while you need to invest around USD 180 for skins like a FT Crimson Web or MW Slaughter.

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #4 - Falchion Knife

On place four of the cheapest knives is the Falchion Forest DDPAT BS coming in at around USD 63! Closely followed by the Safari Mesh FT, Scorched BS, and Boreal Forest BS! At only USD 2 more you can already get yourself a Rust Coat and also skins like the Black Laminate or Bright Water are quite affordable for the Falchion!

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #3 - Gut Knife

Coming closer to the cheapest knives in 2022 we want to share some Gut Knives with you. While still having a unique and very cool animation, as well as a decent big blade, the Gut Knife has always been an amazingly low-budget alternative.

For around USD 60 you're looking at a Gut Knife Night WW, Safari Mesh FT, as well as Boreal Forest FT, Scorched FT, and Urban Masked FT. At the same price range you could also get yourself a Gut Knife Ultraviolet BS or Rust Coat BS!

Furthermore at "only USD 100", you're already looking at Doppler, Tiger Tooth, or Marble Fade knives, which is amazing! The Gut Knife always seemed to be the perfect combination of decent animation and great-looking skins for a budget!

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #2 - Shadow Daggers

As our second cheapest category we want to present you a few Shadow Daggers! For around USD 55 you can get yourself Shadow Daggers Rust Coat BS, Shadow Daggers Boreal Forest FT, or Shadow Daggers Urban Masked BS!

For around USD 2 more you're looking at some Shadow Daggers, Black Laminate WW, Night FT, Safari Mesh FT, or Stained BS! Our go-to in that section would be the Shadow Daggers Black Laminate in Well-Worn which actually look quite decent in-game!

As you might have already expected, you can, similar to the Gut Knife, get yourself a few nice higher-tier skins for around USD 100! For example, Factory-New Shadow Daggers Marble Fade comes in at USD 101.

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022

Cheap Knife #1 - Navaja Knife

On the number 1 spot of cheapest knives in 2022 is the field-tested Navaja Forest DDPAT with a current price of around USD 49! We decided to summarize a few of the cheapest knives in this paragraph as they are all Navaja knives, in all different variations.

For around USD 50 you can get yourself nearly all kinds of conditions of Navaja Knives Forest DDPAT, Scorched, Boreal Forest, Safari Mesh, Night Stripe, Vanilla, Urban Mask, Stained, Ultraviolet, Blue Steel, and Damascus Steel!

Logically the high finishes on the Navaja Knife are also the cheapest in the game. You can barely spend USD 100 on any Navaja Skin, choose whatever you want for a budget up to USD 90.

Cheapest CS:GO Knives in 2022


We hope you enjoyed reading and watching through this bit different "Cheapest Knives" article. We tried to give you a wide variety of insights, starting with the lowest prices skins of each knife but also showcasing some higher-tier and more expensive alternatives!

Feel free to leave us feedback on our Social Media & have an amazing rest of your day. A way it will definitely be amazing is by checking out some more of our skin articles right below this paragraph!
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