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Cobalt Disruption Katowice 2014 Holo Full Collection - The story of MintyCSGO

A collection of Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruptions with every Katowice 2014 sticker

Cobalt Disruption Katowice 2014 Full Collection - The story of MintyCSGO

In today's article we will take a look at a passionate CS:GO collector and player that managed to get himself a full Deagle Cobalt Disruption Katowice 2014 Holo collection.

We had the pleasure to have a short talk with Minty about how he got into CS:GO, what motivated him to start that collection and how he thinks about the future of skins and digital items! Enjoy reading.

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The start and how he got into CS:GO

Minty has a long history in playing Counter Strike, as he first started playing Source in 2008 while he was in High School and later on switched to CS:GO when it got released in 2012! With that, while he's rather new to the Twitter community, he is a long-term Counter Strike enjoyer and decided to invest a bigger amount into CS:GO skins in 2020. More on that later!

The Cobalt Disruption collection

It's time to talk about a very impressive and beautiful collection that has been completed very recently. Minty decided to buy a huge portion of the collection in early September 2022 from the OG collector @cobalt_blank. The only pieces missing to complete the full set were the Natus Vincere, compLexity and 3DMAX Holo as well as the ESL Wolf Foil!

With the mission to complete the collection Minty reached out to the owners of the missing pieces, but apart from the Natus Vincere one, that he bought off the previous owner, he wasn't able to find anyone willing to sell their Deagles. As a consequence of that and with the drive and passion to complete the full Cobalt Disruption Katowice 2014 Holo collection he decided to craft the missing pieces himself!

With that, he bought the ESL Wolf Foil, the compLexity Holo and the 3DMAX Holo for a combined value of around USD 5.000 on Buff163 and crafted all of them on Factory New Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruptions. Below we showcased three out of 18 Cobalt Disruptions that he owns!

CS:GO Minty Cobalt Disruption Collection

General inventory

Minty doesn't only has his amazing Cobalt Disruption Katowice 2014 collection, but also many other absolute bangers. Next to a Skeleton Fade, Ursus Sapphire and Ursus Ruby he owns ten more skins with different Katowice 2014 Paper and Holo stickers applied and an overall full loadout of unique sticker crafts on all the different guns.

CS:GO Minty Cobalt Disruption Collection

The future of skins and digital assets

With an inventory value of around 35.000 USD, according to Sharkbay, he is invested in CS:GO quite heavily, while this value might even be a decent amount higher. It was also very interesting to get to know his standpoint about skins and digital assets in general.

"Overall, I think CS:GO skins are actual NFTs. I've owned an Ape - but CS:GO skins, and the general trend of in-game cosmetics, are the future of assets. We increasingly live our lives online - being able to "flex" in that virtual world is as relevant as designer brands are in the real world. And those real-world brands make billions. Believe in digital commerce. It's here. It's not going away. Art is art."


We hope you enjoyed today's article about a passionate CS:GO collector and wanna thank Minty once again for having a chat with us and sharing his points of view and opinions, not only on CS:GO skins, but also the general development of digital art!

All Screenshots were taken on Broskins

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