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Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price, crafts and trend

Sticker Spotlight #73 - Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo)

Topic: Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price, crafts and trend

By taking a deep dive into the history books of Counter-Strike, we can find a team that only a few know about. The dAT team and its sticker left a footprint with it's amazing sticker in various crafts.

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Cologne 2014 dAT team – General Team Information

The dAT Team roster consisted of the five following players at the Cologne 2014 event: Andrij "B1ad3" Ghorodensjkyj, Georgiy "WorldEdit" Yaskin, Vlаdуslаv "bondik" Nеchуроrchuk, Alexey "ub1que" Polivanov and Egor "flamie" Vasilyev. Even though they’ve put up a show and solid resistance, their performance wasn’t good enough to push them outside of Group C to the playoffs stage. Many of these players are still active, ten years after their Cologne Major run. Most notable is B1ad3 who has found his home in Natus Vincere as their coach.

dAT Team Cologne 2014 games:

Opening Game (Overpass):
  • dAT Team 7:16 Virtus.pro (Overpass)

  • Elimination Match (Cobblestone):
  • dAT Team 6:16 Team iBUYPOWER (Cobblestone)

  • Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price and crafts

    Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) - Sticker Supply

    If you are interested in the overall sticker supply for the Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, look no further than the EsportFire database. Even though it's impossible to know the exact amount of stickers still available, we can still keep track of those stickers listed for sale. Here we can see that there are around 40 of them listed on CSFloat, around 45 on Buff163 and 10 of them on Skinport while Steam Community Market holds 20 of them for sale.

    Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) - Price Trend/Development

    Since the release of the Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) sticker to Counter-Strike, people loved crafting with it. The first bigger spikes in price trend can be seen in early 2019 when stickers went from USD 5 to USD 25 in six months. The most notable price point for this sticker was in September of 2023 when the sticker reached around USD 300. Nowadays, the price is stabilized at USD 125. The estimated price range for a new four-time craft is USD 400 to USD 500.

    Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price and crafts

    Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) - Sticker Craft

    Those with deep knowledge of skins may have heard and seen the Hyper Beast collection of #1 float skins owned by @RemixFloats. If you haven’t already, we recommend you to do so. As a little sneak peek, we want to show you a four-times dAT team (Holo) craft Remix did last year in July for USD 420. This rifle comes in Factory New condition and a float value of 0.000004. Insane craft!

    Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price and crafts

    Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) - Sticker Craft

    Next up, with yet another amazing skin we have @prof1leCS. Back in December of 2022, @prof1leCS expanded their inventory with a 0.001 AK-47 Nightwish that came with four dAT team (Holo) stickers applied. We could have seen how excited he was when this amazing skin landed in this inventory. In his Twitter post he said: “I knew the second I saw this AK way back when they announced the winners of D&N that this AK would have this craft!”.

    Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price and crafts

    Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) - Sticker Craft

    We can’t make a dAT (Holo) Cologne 2014 showcase without @shane_o7cs2 mention. You are missing a lot if you don’t know about whom and what collection we are talking about. But, don’t worry. We got you covered. In Shane’s collection, there are over 50+ skins that have one or more dAT stickers applied to it. One we’ve chosen to share with you is #1 float value R8 Revolver Blaze with a float of 0.000000330 and five stickers applied to it.

    Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price and crafts

    Cologne 2014 dAT team (Holo) - Sticker Craft

    Many crafts with the dAT (Holo) stickers were done back in the day. That is why there are also a very big number of crafts on really old skins. One of those is @raztoki and their P250 Whiteout. This specific one is a pistol from the Chop Shop Collection and holds a float value of 0.102.

    Cologne 2014 dAT (Holo) sticker, price and crafts

    Writers favorite

    My personal most-liked craft from the four we’ve featured would be the AK-47 Nightwish, even though I am not the biggest fan of the AK-47 skin alone. The blend between skin and sticker correlates nicely which gives us a lovely-looking masterpiece. 10/10 craft by @shane_o7cs2.


    We are slowly coming closer to the end of the Cologne 2014 tournament “Sticker Spotlight” series. I bet you don’t want to miss the upcoming articles, as these will be featuring some more amazing stickers from the 2014 Major. For the time being, do not hesitate to leave us a follow on our Social Media where you can keep up with all Counter-Strike updates and sticker craft from the Counter-Strike community.

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