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Community Sticker Crafts #3 - April 2024

Crafts & prices from Community Sticker Crafts April 2024

Topic: Community Sticker Crafts April 2024

After a month of waiting, we are back once again with the sticker crafts made by the community members. During the past month, Counter-Strike has gotten a lot of unique and really good looking crafts. That is why today we will showcase you ten crafts which were done during the month of April. One thing to know about these crafts it that all of them are a one-out-of-one crafts, which means they have only been done once. Without any further ado, take a sip of coffee or tea and enjoy the read.

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AWP Gungnir + Katowice 2014 mousesports (Holos)

Beginning with the AWP Gungnir from the Norse Collection. @Robloxian245_‘s creativity brought us this very unique craft with four mousesports Katowice 2014 Holo stickers. The total value of this craft is around USD 15,000 and it has been crafted on a float of 0.019.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

M4A1-S Mud Spec + Katowice 2014 NiP (Papers)

Sticking with the Katowice 2014 sticker collection, we can find @Shep_CS‘s M4A1-S Mud Spec from the newest Counter-Strike collection, the Anubis collection. This Industrial Grade skin was blessed with three Ninjas In Pyjamas Katowice 2014 Paper stickers. It was decided that they get applied on a Battle-Scarred skin which gets darker the higher the float is. The approximate value for the craft is USD 1,150.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

AK-47 Inheritance + DreamHack 2014 Dignitas (Holos)

Next up on the list with the one-out-of-one craft is @flickflops. This time we are moving to yet another Counter-Strike tournament which took place the same year as Katowice, the DreamHack Winter Major. After collecting four Team Dignitas DreamHack 2014 Holo stickers and an AK-47 Inheritance in Factory New condition, a fresh craft has been shown to the public. The total sum for the four applied stickers is around USD 1,450. Such a very well-put-together craft.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

Glock-18 Synth Leaf + Katowice 2015 NaVi (Holos)

Sometimes, Katowice 2015 crafts get overshadowed by the Katowice 2014 tournament due to the legendary stories and stickers which are a “holy grail” of crafting inside of Counter-Strike. But, that doesn’t stop the community from providing us with some clean and rather surprising crafts. @Gaveeeyy pleasantly surprised the community with a craft that contains four Natus Vincere Katowice 2015 Holo stickers on a Glock-18 Synth Leaf. The estimated cost for these four stickers is USD 1,700 and it was done on a float of 0.003.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

M4A1-S Black Lotus + Krakow 2017 ropz (Foils)

Crafts that aren’t done frequently, but are always amazing to see, are player signature crafts. Four ropz Krakow 2017 Foil stickers found their way on a M4A1-S Black Lotus with float value of 0.66666 and the pattern id "420" thanks to @notClouds22. Some may be left stunned by the total value, but we need to remember the demand and popularity of ropz as a person. This craft at the time of crafting costed around USD 1,000.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

USP-S Ancient Visions + Boston 2018 Misfits Gaming (Holos)

While four-times crafting may still be more popular than five-time crfts, we can still find individuals who apply all five stickers. @Aaron_CS2 is one of them who jumped on that train and decided to spend USD 30 on five Misfits Gaming Boston 2018 Holos stickers which got applied on an USP-S from the Anicent Collection, the USP-S Ancient Visions.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

Desert Eagle Ocean Drive + MLG 2016 Gambit (Holos)

Some people may have already forgotten about the Gambit lineup which was able to win the Krakow 2017 CS Major tournament, but they for sure haven’t forgotten about their stickers that commemorate their multiple major runs. @Parks_CS had a vision and applied four Gambit Gaming MLG Columbus 2016 Holos on Desert Eagle Ocean Drive from Operation Riptide Case. For a total of USD 25, we can say that this is an absolute banger craft.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

P90 Shallow Grave + London 2018 ShaZam (Foils)

The London 2018 Faceit Major tournament maybe wasn’t the most popular tournament when it comes to sticker crafting in CS:GO. However, since Counter-Strike 2 was introduced, a lot more London crafts have been done, especially those with Foil stickers. @dingleCS2 is one of the people who started and did a lot of crafts with those. One in specific we’d like to share is P90 Shallow Grave with five ShahZam London 2018 Foil stickers costing a total USD 15.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

MP7 Whiteout + Cotton Candy Flow (Holos)

It’s been over three years since we got the last Counter-Strike operation, where there was a big amount of new cosmetics added to the game we all love. One of those things was the Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection. @mdstsrht is the person who spent USD 110 on five Cotton Candy Flow Holo stickers by applying them on a MP7 Whiteout in Factory New condition and a float value of 0.069.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

MAG-7 Sand Dune + Copenhagen 2024 Eternal Fire (Papers)

To conclude this article, we want to show a craft that doesn’t cost a lot but amazes many. We are talking about @BungerCS‘s MAG-7 Sand Dune and five Eternal Fire Copenhagen 2024 Paper stickers. It may be a little bit tough to notice them at first, but that makes it really special. For a total cost of USD 1, we feel like this may be a favorite one for many of you reading this.

Sticker Crafts April 2024

Writers favorite

On paper, I’d never expect that the AK-47 Inheritance with four DreamHack 2014 Team Dignitas (Holo) stickers would work. But, @flickflops proved me wrong. My love for DreamHack 2014 stickers may also have a little bit of influence on this one. Another craft I was pleasantly surprised about the Glock-18 Synth Leaf by the one and only @Gaveeeyy. Considering how well both the skin and stickers work together, I was stunned when I found out that this craft hasn’t been done before. Such a very well put together sticker craft.


It was a tough choice to pick only ten crafts to feature in this month's “Community Sticker Crafts” article. But, at the same time, it was amazing to see all the various examples of how Counter-Strike community can get creative when it comes to crafting. If you’d like to get featured in the future article for May or any of the other upcoming months, be sure to tag both @esportfirecom and @CS2Crafts under your posts. Also, while you are at it, don’t forget to drop a follow to stay tuned with everything that is happening inside of the Counter-Strike universe.

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