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CS:GO Sticker Craft - Talks #3


In the third edition of "Crafts Of The Week" you can expect a great mix of new and legendary crafts.

  MrJesus   Bastert

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Mangoduck: The Mad Man

Crazy amount of money got applied by the chinese collector @mangoduck755, most unique to mention being the AK Wild Lotus .00999 with four HellRaisers Holo Katowice 2014 , the cost of the craft being 31.000 EUR, he also crafted a four Mousesports Holo Katowice 2014 Dragon Lore .01 which costs around 14.000 EUR. A small craft that worth mentioning is the USP Traitor with four Dignitas Katowice 2014, with an amount of 1.200 EUR applied. Not as expensive as the ones above but a very good looking craft.

Bild 1

One more from Mangoduck

The most controversy craft of this article is definitely the M4A4 Howl with four Titan Holos Katowice 2014. He himself applied two of them. Apart from the questionable combination color wise the craft is controversy cause of the fact that the Howl with two Titans being a known dupped Howl, with having 19 copies. The two stickers that got applied cost the stunning amount of around 78.000 EUR!

Bild 2

More Hydras

Some more AWP Hydras got crafted these days, which is pretty expected since it's a freshly released skin. One of the most notable being the "Finished Craft" by @ProdigyDDK who already applied a Katowice 2014 Reason (holo) on his one and now applied a iBuyPower Katowice 2014 on the body. The iBuyPower has a very unique touch, as it looks like the Sticker has a tongue! The sticker costs around 2.000 EUR.

Other crafts worth mentioning are: Three Na'Vi Holo Katowice 2015 + S1mple Foil Atalnta 2017; Four Ropz Gold Krakow 2017, two AWPs with HellRaisers Katowice 2014 (one with the sticker on the body and another one with two stickers on the body). Very weird crafts to see these days since these are not the best positions and also don't fit all too amazing. Total costs of those are around 7.700 EUR.

The Shiny Green

A pretty amazing combo is the Glock Emerald with Crown foils. @Cachorro1337 decided to apply four of these on the Glock, costing around 1.500 EUR. Another very unique but also very questionable craft is the M4A1 Imminent Danger with four LDLC Katowice 2014, crafted by a chinese collector (@PM_xxxxxl). Around 3.400 EUR got applied.

Bild 3

Amazing Colorful Deagle

A very nice craft happened on the Ocean Dive Deagle by @derAPACHEE, who applied four Fnatic Katowice 2014, that match the color scheme perfectly. The craft has a total cost of around 1.200 EUR. Also there are some Fennec Fox Deagles that got crafted these days, one with four Virtus Holo Katowice 2015 (total stickers value 600 EUR), another one with four HellRaisers Holo Katowice 2015 (total stickers value 300 EUR).

Bild 4

Gold Titan

Very weird craft was made from a Chinese player these days. The Ak Gold Arabesque got crafted with four Titan Katowice 2014. The total costs of the stickers are around 7.500 EUR. A less questionable craft is the Gold Arabesque with four kRYSTAL Gold Krakow 2017, which is amazing, once again made by a Chinese player.

A banger that needs to be mentioned as well is the Ak-47 with the amazing sticker combination of "PORN" and a nice float of 0.00696969. The most amazing part is the fact that the crafter used a Reason Katowice 2014, which costs around 1.500 EUR. The craft was done by @syartstarr.

Prices are based on last sales and may well differ from the current market situation. Crafts are always subjective and in the end the only thing that counts is that the crafter himself likes them. When we express our opinion about Crafts, it is not meant to be derogatory.

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