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CS2 Case Drop Pool - Drop rates and case drop chances

Everything regarding the CS2 case drop pool and drop rates

Topic: CS2 Case Drop Pool - Drop rates and case drop chances

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at case drop rates in CS2. We will be discussing what case drops are and the different case drop rates, as well as the current active duty pool and what it means for a case to be discontinued. Without further adieu, let's jump straight into the article.

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What are Case Drops in CS2?

Every week, you can earn a case drop simply by playing CS2. When you level up your CS2 account by reaching 5000 XP for the first time each week, you will be rewarded with a Weekly Care Package, from which you can claim two items. One of these items will be a case and will likely be the most expensive item you receive in your free weekly drop.

CS2 Case Drop Rates

When you receive your weekly package, the case you receive is determined by random chance. There is a 99 percent chance that the case given to you in your drop will be from the current “Active Duty Pool,” which is a collection of 5 cases that rotate in and out of the pool. When a new case is added, an old case is removed from the Active Duty Pool and placed into the Rare Drop Pool, which is a collection of all former cases that have been replaced over the years. The chances of getting a case from the rare drop pool is estimated to be around 1 percent, and the extreme rarity of these drops makes them more expensive than any items in the Active Duty Pool.

CS2 Case Drop Pool

CS2 Active Duty Pool

The current active duty pool as of December 2023 is as follows:

- Revolution Case - added February 9th, 2023
- Recoil Case - added July 1st, 2023
- Dreams and Nightmares Case - added January 20th, 2022
- Snakebite Case - added May 3rd, 2021
- Fracture Case- added August 6th, 2020

As you can see, the active duty pool is made up of the most recently released CS2 cases. When a new case is released, it is most likely that the Fracture case, which is more than 3 years old, will be placed into the Rare Drop Pool.

What Happens When Cases are Discontinued?

When cases are discontinued, or placed into the Rare Drop Pool, they usually go up in price. For example, take a look at this graph of the price of the Clutch Case, which was removed from the Active Duty Pool and placed into the Rare Drop Pool on February 9th of this year when the Revolution Case was added to the game. Within hours, the case began to increase in price, a trend that was greatly boosted by the announcement of CS2 in March of 2023, which caused the Clutch Case to skyrocket even more. The price has since gone down a lot, but as the market slowly recovers from a recent dip, the case might increase in price as well.

CS2 Clutch Case Price Development


We hope that this short article has taught you everything you need to know about case drop rates in CS2. If you want to learn more about individual cases, you can find tons of relevant data at EsportFire.com/Skindatabase. Enjoy your day everybody!

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