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CS2 Sticker Crafts #4 - May 2024 | Community Edition

Crafts & Prices - Community Sticker Crafts May 2024

CS2 Sticker Crafts #4 - May 2024

Another month is behind us and that means another Community Sticker Craft recap is ahead of us. Welcome to the EsportFire May recap of the crafts which have been done by Counter-Strike community members. Today we will talk about USD 10,000+ of stickers that have been put on various CS guns in the last thirty days.

In this article, you will find all sorts of crafts, from 3x to 5x crafts, crafts with default position and crafts with custom positions. So, if you are looking for inspiration for your future crafts, look no further. Grab a drink and lets slide right into it.

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AK-47 Inheritance + 4* Katowice 2024 LDLC (Papers)

Some time has passed since the AK-47 Inheritance was introduced to the Counter-Strike community, but the amount of crafts has not slowed down. Every week there is a new craft popping to our X feed and one really cool craft that we couldn’t not mention was made by @flash5219. With the USD 5,000 in their pocket, @flash5219 decided to purchase four Team LDLC.com Katowice 2014 Paper stickers that then got applied to a StatTrak AK-47 Inheritance in Factory New condition. Very unique one-out-of-one craft right here.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

USP-S Jawbreaker + 4* Crown (Foils)

Coming up next is @Viruscsgo and their USP-S Jawbreaker. Yet another very popular skin from the Kilowatt Case collection. This classified rarity pistol was decorated with four Crown Foil stickers, and holds a float value of 0.0001, which makes it look really clean in the game. Estimated crafting cost for these four stickers is around USD 2,100.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

AK-47 Inheritance + 4* London 2018 sdy (Golds)

There have been so many crafts on the AK-47 Inheritance that it would be a crime if we only featured one. The next one is brought to you by @imzadacs with a sticker you don’t see that often. Coming in with a float value of 0.006660 and four sdy London 2018 Gold stickers, @imzadacs pleasantly surprised the community with an astonishing craft. This cost them a total of USD 2,000.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

TEC-9 Remote Control + 4* Boston 2018 seang@res (Foils)

It’s amazing to see the diversity in Counter-Strike crafts in CS2. Many new, but at the same time, old stickers are being taken to the crafting bench lately. @leafycs came up with a craft that reminds us of the old collections and stickers. By taking four seang@res Boston 2018 Foil stickers and the Tec-9 Remote Control from the 2018 Nuke Collection, @leafycs we got back some nice memories from old CS days. The crafting price for this Factory New beauty is around USD 550.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

M4A1-S Imminent Danger + 4* Flammable (Foils)

There are numerous crafts that look so good, which later on results in plenty of them being found in different inventories and databases. One of those is the M4A1-S Imminent Danger that was released in the 2021 Vertigo Collection, with three or more Flammable Foil stickers applied to it. @OfficialRepo decided to expand the total amount of crafts by applying four of these stickers on a 0.05 float value version of the skin. The total value of this craft for four stickers was around USD 460 at the time of crafting.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

MP5-SD Co-Processor + 5* DH 2014 Penta (Papers)

If you are a fan of DreamHack 2014 stickers, then you may have seen @Lohckk and the crafts that they have done in the past 30 days. There were a lot of them, but we had to pick only one for the feature. Let us present you with MP5-SD Co-Processor and five PENTA Sports DreamHack 2014 Papers on a Factory New 0.00002 skin. The total applied amount for this craft is USD 110 and it’s the only one in existence.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

Galil-AR Aqua Terrace + 4* Krakow 2017 Immortals (Holos)

We need to give a heavy shout-out to everyone who has been tagging us under their X posts about the crafts that they have done. We greatly appreciate it. We also appreciate the craft done by @ItzYaDestiny. Here we can see his Galil AR Aqua Terrace with four Immortals Krakow 2017 Holo stickers, which many would consider a perfect match between stickers and skins. Very lovely craft. It currently exists three times and costs around USD 80 to craft.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

Five-SeveN Crimson Blossom + 3* MLG 2016 FaZe (Holos)

This month @KyuroXD showed MLG Columbus stickers some love. To be more precise, the FaZe Clan Holos. Three of them have been taken from the market and got applied to a Factory New Five-SeveN Crimson Blossom which comes from St.Marc collection. If you wonder where this skin comes from, let us remind you real quick. It's a Mil-Spec pistol which was introduced on November 19th, 2019 with Operation Shattered Web.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

MAC-10 Gold Brick + 5* Copenhagen 2024 SAW (Golds)

@sh9ce found a very fascinating way of applying all of his five Saw Copenhagen 2024 Gold stickers on the MAC-10 Gold Brick, making it a one-out-of-one craft. By utilizing the newest feature of crafting in Counter-Strike, he applied USD 25 on the 0.05 float MAC-10 from the Ancient collection. Hopefully, many more similar and at the same time creative crafts will come to the surface of skins.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

R8 Nitro + 5* Faceit London (Papers)

The final craft on today’s list will be an R8 Revolver Nitro. One of the less popular weapons that is still waiting for it's spotlight. Thanks to @Rob_CS2, the number six lowest float skin got five FACEIT London 2018 Paper stickers applied to it. The total value of this craft is USD 10 and has a float value of 0.060001.

CS2 Sticker Crafts May 2024

Writers favorite

Each day that passes by ever since the new crafting possibilities were introduced, we get more creative and amazing crafts made by the community. That makes it harder and harder to find and point the finger at one favorite. However, I am very happy that someone pulled the trigger and crafted the LDLC Katowice 2014 Papers on the AK-47 Inheritance. Big shout out to @flash5219 for that one. One more craft I’d like to shed some light on is @sh9ce‘s MAC-10 Gold Brick. Such a creative way of using the new system and bringing out the maximum for this unique craft.


We are consistently sharing, exploring, and looking for new crafts to feature in our monthly community sticker craft articles. So, if you think you’ll be crafting this month and wanna see yourself get featured in future articles, don’t hesitate to tag @CS2Crafts and @esportfirecom under your X posts. Many creative Counter-Strike players are sharing their newest crafts, and you can be one of them too. We are looking forward to your crafts!

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