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CS:GO Best Revolution Case Sticker Crafts

Check out 13 amazing Revolution Case Crafts

On February 10, 2023, Valve added the Revolution case, ending a 223 days drought of no new skins added, which featured 17 new community-made skins as well as gloves from the Clutch Case. After a few days of drama surrounding allegations of plagiarism, the CS:GO crafting community was finally able to start theorizing and making some excellent crafts with the new skins. The following is a list of 13 of the best sticker crafts for the new Revolution Case skins!

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P90 | Neoqueen Sticker Craft

This P90 craft is one of the best new crafts when it comes to “cyberpunk” themed skins. Alone, the Neoqueen is easily one of the best skins in terms of aesthetic, and with the application of four Vertigo’s Hero (Holos) from the 10-Year Birthday Capsule, you can create the ultimate science fiction craft. And if the theme isn’t enough to sway you, check out how well these colors match! The total crafting price for the four stickers is around USD 2!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Neoqueen

AWP | Duality Sticker Craft

Next up is a super neat craft by Twitter user @Sloth541, who applied a Headhunter (Foil) sticker onto the scope of a Field-Tested AWP | Duality, which replaced the Doodle Lore due to plagiarism allegations and a DMCA claim. The etched gold design of the Headhunter matches perfectly with the elegant features on the scope of the AWP. Although many seem to dislike the Duality, it's hard to deny that this craft is stunning. One Headhunter (Foil) sticker costs around USD 30!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Duality

M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S Sticker Craft

This next Revolution Case craft comes straight from the brilliant mind of EsportFire’s very own Thorben, who came up with an excellent craft with the new M4A1-S. Not only does the color of the Team Spirit logo in their holographic Katowice 2019 sticker match almost perfectly with the body of the Emphorosaur-S, but the classic Team Spirit dragon somewhat matches the vibe of the dinosaur peeking out of the M4A1-S. The total crafting price of this Revolution Case craft is around USD 23!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Emphorosaur

Tec-9 | Rebel Sticker Craft

This Tec-9 craft comes from @ValveSquad on Twitter, which utilizes one of the new Mil-Spec skins with a few old-school DreamHack 2014 stickers. The bronze NIP logo matches perfectly with the upper portion of the Tec-9, which has a low float of 0.004. It's hard to explain why the craft works so well, especially since the Rebel is such a busy and chaotic skin, but it truly is an excellent craft that you can craft yourself for around USD 40!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Rebel

M4A4 | Temukau Sticker Craft

Here's another one for any DreamHack 2014 enjoyers out there! This craft with the new Covert M4A4, is an incredible one when it comes to color matching. Although the stickers cover up some of the artwork, the holographic blue Cloud9 sticker works incredibly well with the blue highlights of the M4A4. That craft is quite expensive coming in at around USD 720!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Temukau

UMP-45 | Wild Child Sticker Craft

The new UMP is not all too easy to combine as it is full of different colors and already has an amazing artwork, but a sticker that fits it quite well is the Guinea Pig (Holo), making another great Revolution case sticker craft! The price for the four stickers combined is around USD 4!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Wild Child

MP5-SD | Liquidation Sticker Craft

When the Liquidation first came out, many were shocked as to how impressive it was for being a Mil-Spec skin. The red and blue highlights on the skin are truly incredible, and while there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to adding to these colors, we had to go with the Eternal Fire (Glitter) sticker from the Antwerp 2022 major. The blue sticker works wonderfully on the black stock of the skin and looks phenomenal when inspected. The total price for this MP% Liquidation craft is around USD 4! Let's continue with our eight Revolution Case sticker craft!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Liquidation

MP5 | Featherweight Sticker Craft

While there are a lot of stickers that are compatible with this black and white skin, we have decided that the Mercury Flick holo of the Riptide sticker collection was the best fit for the skin. The black and white contrast perfectly matches the skin and the addition of a holographic effect gives this Featherweight craft a really aesthetically pleasing inspect. And all of that for around USD 10!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Featherweight

R9 Revolver | Banana Cannon Sticker Craft

The next craft on our list of the best Revolution Case crafts is this incredible Banana Cannon craft from a legendary name in the CS:GO skins scene: @DallasBobby. He crafted this amazing R8 just a day after it was added into the game, and if there is a such thing as perfection in terms of color matching, this is it. The Copenhagen Wolves sticker from Cologne 2014 looks almost exactly like an enlarged version of the stickers that are already on the skin, and overall this Banana Cannon craft is absolutely stunning for around USD 14.

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Banana Cannon

AK-47 | Head Shot Sticker Craft

Taking the next spot as one of the best Revolution Case crafts is yet another DreamHack 2014 craft, this time on one of the crown jewels of the Revolution Case: the AK-47 | Head Shot. This craft is truly mind-blowing on the holographic AK the screenshot below displays how incredibly the holographic colors blend to make both the skin and the sticker shine an equal amount. Those four DreamHack 2014 Dignitas (Holos) sum up to a total crafting price of around USD 600!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Head Shot

Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit Sticker Craft

Up next is a super budget Umbral Rabbit sticker craft! While the artwork of the skin is absolutely beautiful and most sticker combos would destroy it, the "Enemy Spotted" provides a super cool and unique match to the orange skin. For around USD 0.07 you can get apply one of these on your own Glock!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Head Shot

SCAR-20 | Fragments Sticker Craft

As our last but by far not least featured skin in today's article we got a SCAR-20 Fragments craft. The newly released sniper has a shiny metallic and orange/golden base and matches quite perfectly with the silver/white color scheme of the Cologne 2016 SK Gaming (Foil) sticker. As many will not have the budget to make that USD 40 craft reality we can recommend you the Paper version of the sticker. Works as well as the Foil version and costs around USD 10!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Head Shot

P250 | Re.built Sticker Craft

Talk about a perfect match. This following P250 Rebuilt craft is absolutely stunning in terms of color match! While the base skin of the P250, which is a blue skin in the new Revolution case might look a bit boring, those four Katowice 2015 PENTA (Papers) are the perfect top! This craft would cost between USD 15 and 20 depending on whether you apply three or four of them!

CS:GO Revolution Case Craft Head Shot


We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the best Revolution Case sticker crafts. We are eternally grateful to have such a devoted community that discovers and creates all of these amazing crafts and love to interact with all of you! The best and easiest way to do so is by following us on Twitter!

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