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CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #16

16th edition of CS:GO Sicker Crafts

Topic: CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #16

We are taking a look into the latest CSGO sticker crafts. One of the main subjects is the newly released Recoil Case. We are so excited to show you the latest CSGO sticker crafts on the new collection of skins! Enjoy reading and as always make sure to also share your own latest sticker crafts!

  MrJesus   Andy

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Clean to perfection

As many of you would expect, the amazing new AK-47 Ice Coaled is the perfect craft material and already getting used quite frequently! Not the craft with the highest value of today, but surely one of the best looking ones is made by @friendlycsss!

He decided to make the stunning combination of the AK-47 Ice Coaled with four Cologne 2014 Dignitas Holos reality. Since the price of all the new skins is very high at the start, he only decided to craft on a non Stat Trak version of the AK-47, but still a beautiful double 0 one. The applied amount is around USD 1.600!

Craft Talks 16

The only craft of June

In recent months we got quite used to having high activity in the Katowice 2014 crafting sector. But the past month, June, we didn't have too much activity. The only known craft of this month was made on the AK-47 Wild Lotus.

The shocking part is the fact that this one has a .43 float, it is not so common that high-tier crafts happen on non factory-new skins! The crafter applied four Katowice 2014 Complexity Holos, making it a one out of two. The applied amount is USD 5.800!

Craft Talks 16

Sliming through the Hell

Since the last time we featured @slimecrazzy, he added some more amazing Katowice 2015 crafts to his Collection. But today we are here to talk about the ones he crafted himself and those are both Prinstreams! While he finished his ST FN Deagle by applying the last Katowice 2015 HellRaisers Holo on it, he crafted a four-time on the M4A1-S.

He applied four Katowice 2015 HellRaisers Holos on the ST FN M4A1-S Printstream! Both are such amazing skins, fitting his amazing collection perfectly! This time he applied a total of USD 540!

Craft Talks 16

Eye of the Dragon

The known crafter and collector, @RadiantCS_ made another masterpiece, and here we are to present it to you! The skin of choice was the nice SSG-08 Dragonfire, which is special due to its beautiful dragon artwork.

It is even better when you realize he added some eyes to the dragon's artwork. He applied four Cologne 2014 Dignitas Holos - a desired sticker, one of the best! He applied a total amount of around USD 1.600!

Craft Talks 16


We love to see "classy crafts" in the community, one of the guys that's making those crafts possible is @ValveSquad! He always has a different and interesting idea for his crafts and never overwhelms them.

This time he applied another Swag Foil, now on the new AWP Chromatic Aberration. The newly released AWP has a very interesting float of .58, making it a black scope. The applied amount is "just" USD 70, but nevertheless, it is such a nice craft to see!

Craft Talks 16

White and Red

Earlier we had @slimecrazzy with some nice Printstream crafts, now we have @Gunr_CS doing the same thing! He applied a total of seven Katowice 2015 3DMAX Holos! Three of them are on a .001 Deagle Printstream, and the other four are on a .069 M4A1-S Printstream.

As expected they fit absolute perfectly and once again we can see how demanded those Printstream skins are. The total applied amount is around USD 860!

Craft Talks 16


We have quite a few fresh combos, it is always so lovely to see them. This time we got a very good example by @exactethx. He applied four Katowice 2015 Penta Holos on the new AK-47 Ice Coaled! The combination is absolutely perfect, the colorless stickers showcase the vibrating colors of the AK. The applied amount is USD 140!

Craft Talks 16

Crazy Rainbow

In every edition of Craft-Talks we at least wanna see one completely crazy, colorful sticker craft. Today we got a very good example for this category, once again made by @friendlycsss! His craft is on the new P250 Visions and he chose one in ST with a lovely .0044 float. The P250 itself is so colorful, that his sticker combination made it become absolutely crazy.

He applied the following Katowice 2015 Holo stickers: Vox, NAVI, FlipSid3, and Virtus.Pro! It is an absolutely insane combination, something that you do not see that often these days! The applied amount is not shy at all either, the total is USD 1.900!

Craft Talks 16


One of the best representations for Ice in stickers is definitely the Dreamhack 2014 Cloud9 Holo, such a great blue sticker, the best budget one for sure. Of course, for a good combo, you need a perfect skin as well, one of those is the SG Integrale.

@RadiantCS_ did think of this amazing combo and decided to craft it! He used a .0004 SG Integrale and four Dreamhack 2014 Cloud9 Holos! Incredible float and combo, such a great craft as we expected from @RadiantCS_! The applied amount is around USD 600!

Craft Talks 16

Pizza back in Town

After quite some time of not crafting anything for his NiP Collection, @PizzzaBot took the opportunity of the new case and the M4 update. He decided to do a craft on the new M4A4 Poly Mag, choosing one with a .002 float.

On that, he applied four Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holos and created an amazing craft combo, the stickers and the skin fit each other's color perfectly. The applied amount is USD 125!

Craft Talks 16


Well what would be a craft article be without @CyCyScOtT, our beloved TSM Collector! His obsession for these beautiful stickers does not seem to stop any time soon. This time he applied four Katowice 2015 TSM Holos on an AK-47 Point Disarray with an amazing float of .0002! The applied amount is a lovely USD 185!

Craft Talks 16

Colorful Wish

As expected we get another craft on the well loved AK-47 Nightwish! This time @Nikola15Jokic is the crafter. He applied four Dreamhack 2014 Fnatic Holos on an AK-47 Nightwish with an incredible float of .0002! The craft is an one out of one at the moment, but for how good it is looking, we have to ask for how long? The applied amount is around USD 300!

Craft Talks 16

The First

With the new case, there was an inevitable event that had to happen, the first Katowice 2014 craft. Sadly we do not have a Holo craft but a normal one will do for now. The craft was made on the new USP-S Printstream and the sticker that was used the Katowice 2014 VOX Eminor one. The sticker costs around USD 560 right now and of course was applied on the best position!

Craft Talks 16


There are plenty of cool play signatures from the early CS:GO majors and some are quite rare, or at least not as used. With that, it is always lovely to see some of them getting applied. This time, that persons is @HeroDD_, who decided to do a beautiful craft on a ST FN AK-47 Fuel Injector.

He applied four Cluj-Napoca 2015 Pimp Foils making it a one out of ten crafts with four of those stickers. Very unique and lovely and has a total applied value of around USD 75!

Craft Talks 16

The End of the Beginning

We would like to end on a note as big as our beginning. With another crazy and clean craft by @friendlycsss. In fact, it's so similar that it does have the same sticker and a skin from the same collection involved. He applied four Cologne 2014 Dignitas Holos on a FN USP-S Printstream!

The craft is as great as it is, because the USP-S Printstream is a very clean and fitting way to showcase those beautiful Cologne 2014 Dignitas Holo stickers! The applied amount is once again USD 1.600.

Craft Talks 16


We had such a great time seeing all those new and lovely CSGO sticker crafts and we hope you did as well! Definitely, we gonna get some more crafts to come in the following summer months. And... how better could we conclude this lengthy article if not with the total applied amount! For that, we are talking about USD 16.175.

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