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CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #7


Topic: CS:GO Crafts AK-47/MAC10/USP-S & more!

We´re back with another edition of "CS:GO Craft-Talks". At Craft Talks we´re regularly presenting recent crafts of the CS:GO community. Next to four beautiful AK-47s we will present you an USP and MAC-10 craft as well as some others.


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Titan Going Extinct

The Chinese collector mangoduck, who has been going private recently, finished a craft right before that. When it comes to the craft we´re talking about a ST AK Case Hardened #611 FT with two Katowice 2014 Titan Holos. He decided to apply the final two and finish the craft. In total he applied around 80.000$, making it the 10th #661 with four Titan Holos.

Another amazing AK got crafted by @ryyyCS, who decided to apply four Fnatic Katowice 2014 papers on a Gold Arabesque. The total craft costs sum up to around 3.000$. Another quite amazing AK craft was done by the very active collector, @thomastuncsgo, who decided to apply four Katowice 2014 Complexity Holos one an AK Wild Lotus with a .00 float. The total craft cost are around 17.000$.


More and More Aks

You thought we are already done with the AK section, didn't you? Well there are more.

We are continuing with a "smaller" but at same time very interesting craft. The collector @_Sabach decided to apply four Katowice 2015 EnVyUs holos on a .00 float AK Nightwish. The craft costs are round around 600$.

Another interesting Kato 15 AK was made by @Colin_san21, who bought a Neon Rider MW with one Keyd Holo Katowice 2015 sticker and decided to apply three Envyus Holo Katowice 2015 on top of that to complete the craft for around 270$. And last but not least a very beautiful Krakow craft made by @OhMyManTrain_, who decided to apply four Stewie2K Gold Krakow 2017 on a .00 Hydroponic with a total price tag of around 4.000$.



In the past year pistols didn't really receive enough love in terms of crafts, but these days we see some very nice crafts on them, even tho nothing crazy expensive got applied. First one to mention would be an USP Purple DDPAT .000 crafted by @derAPACHEE, who applied three Virtus Holo Katowice 2015, costing around 650$. One more Virtus.Pro craft was made by @dushfack, who applied three Virtus Holos Katowice 2015 and one Flammable Foil one a ST Deagle Printstream, with a total value of 770$.

And once again we have another craft from @Colin_san21, this time a .00 Glock Neo Noir with four Penta Holo Katowice 2015 with a total cost of 200$. The last pistol craft we would like to mention was crafted by Morgo who's a CS:GO Youtuber and applied three Katowice 2015 HellRaisers Holos on an USP Whiteout FN. The craft costs around 475$.


Some other things

To start off our last section for today we would like to show you a pretty unique craft on an operation skin. We´re talking about the Mac-10 Propaganda with an amazing float of .00000. The craft was found by @BuurmanNBuurman and was done a few weeks ago and has four HellRaisers Katowice 2014 on it. The total craft value is around 1.400$.

A lonely AWP for that week, crafted by @Gunr_CS, who applied a pashaBiceps Gold Krakow 2017 on the scope of an AWP Hydra FN, the craft cost being 2.700$. To end this weeks craft article we chose a sweet M4A1, crafted by @prof1leCS who applied four Atlanta 2017 HellRaisers Holos on a BS Night Terror, with a total craft cost of around 140$.



A few more great crafts added to an already quite amazing year - and we´re not even 2 months in. Hope you enjoyed reading our latest Craft Talks edition. If we missed anything make sure to let us know in the comments on our social medias.

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