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CS:GO Katowice 2014 Reason Supply, Price, Crafts - Sticker Spotlight!#19

Find out about the supply, crafts and price of the Katowice 2014 Reason (Holo)

Topic: CS:GO Katowice 2014 Reason Supply, Price, Crafts - Sticker Spotlight!#19

Today, we will dive into the world of yet another CS:GO team that participated in the 2014 Katowice tournament, along with an update on the value and popularity of their tournament sticker. This team and their sticker are one of the most popular, most flashiest and most expensive stickers out there. So without any further ado. Welcome to the Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) Sticker Spotlight. After some general team information we will check out the Reason sticker supply and price!

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General Team Information Reason (Holo)

Reason Gaming was a Danish organization and at the time of Katowice 2014, consisted of five talented players, including Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen, Frederik "LOMME" Nielsen, Michael "Friis" Jørgensen, Finn "karrigan" Andersen and Dane "smF" Dyg. At the tournament, Reason Gaming was placed in Group C, alongside formidable teams such as Fnatic, Team Dignitas, and Team iBUYPOWER.

In their opening match, Reason Gaming put on a strong performance, defeating Fnatic 16-12. However, their next match against Team Dignitas was not as successful and they lost 16-8. This set them up for a decider match against Fnatic, but unfortunately, they were not able to secure another victory and lost 16-6.

Despite their defeat, Reason Gaming's performance at the Katowice 2014 tournament was decent, as they managed to secure a 3rd-place finish in Group C. Although they did not make playoffs, they still walked away with USD 2,000 in prize money and 9th to 12th place. Even though Reason Gaming never managed to be amongst the best teams in the world, their Holo sticker from the Katowice 2014 is one of the most legendary stickers in the game.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

Sticker Supply Reason (Holo)

The current Katowice 2014 Reason supply is decreasing slowly, making it increasingly rare. Currently, there are 43 tradable and 30 confirmed banned stickers left. The supply has remained relatively unchanged recently due to limited crafting activity compared to other stickers from the same tournament. Two things affect the low crafting rate and relatively consistent supply of the sticker. Firstly, most of the current owners with unapplied stickers don’t want to sell them and secondly, the high price of the sticker.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

Source: cantry.dev

Current Price Reason (Holo) + Price Development

The value of the Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) sticker has seen a significant increase since the beginning of 2021. Starting at USD 18,000 it reached a peak of USD 37,000. In 2022, its price remained relatively stable with only one recorded public sale for USD 42,000 on Buff163 in mid-May. Currently, the cheapest Katowice 2014 Reason has a price of USD 42,800 on Buff163. If we had to put an estimate for a new four-times craft, we would be talking about a price range of USD 180,000+. It’s also worth to mention that the current value of one Reason Gaming (Holo) sticker is significantly higher than the last recorded Steam sale.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

Katowice 2014 Reason (Holo) Sticker Crafts

In total 3,295 Reason Holo sticker crafts exist! As we know from previous Sticker Spotlight articles, only a small percentage of those are four-times crafts. To be more detailed: 71. These skins showcase an amazing combination of unique design and high-quality crafts. The orange skins, including the AWP Wildfire, M4A4 Asiimov, and Deagle Blaze, are particularly matching well with the sticker. The M4A1-S Nitro also deserves a mention, as it has two four-times crafts - one in FN owned by @VinchTheGrinch and the other in FT owned by @thepeter114.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

In addition to the rare M4A1-S Nitro craft, @VinchTheGrinch also owns the one-out-of-one AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge, which he crafted in March 2017. The most recent publicly known four-time Katowice 2014 Reason Holo craft was on an FN 0.004 AK-47 Wild Lotus in January 2022, with a total applied value of USD 148,000. It's worth noting that there are three FN AK-47 Wild Lotus crafts with the Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) sticker applied to it. The second one was crafted in July 2021 for USD 154,200 by @Samural9 and is now in the possession of @Luksusbums.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

Another noteworthy Reason craft is the M4A1-S Guardian, which has a clean blue background that enhances the visibility of the Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) sticker. This craft is owned by @iQ2312. Overall, the Glock-18 Fade is widely considered one of the best Glock-18 crafts in the game and is available five times. This demonstrates impressively how good the skin color complements the Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) sticker. Two of the five Glock-18 Fade crafts are owned by @ProdigyDDK and @smoke13337. The combination of the skin color and the sticker creates an eye-catching aesthetic.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

Earlier, we highlighted the harmonious color combinations between the skins and stickers of several four-time crafts. We would also like to draw attention to the TEC-9 Fuel Injector, MAC-10 Heat, M4A1-S Cyrex, and M4A1-S Knight, which perfectly showcase the balance between skin and sticker design. What do you think, will we see a new four-time Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) craft in 2023?

CS:GO Katowice 2014 VOX Holo Team

Writers favorite

I am a big fan of the AK Wild Lotus with four Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (Holo) stickers applied that is owned by @Luksusbums. The sticker perfectly matches with the skin artwork theme in every possible angle. Two more crafts that always catch my attention are the Desert Eagle Blaze and MAC-10 Heat. Lovely match of orange colors.


We hope today's article was not only interesting, but also shed some light on an often overlooked team from the 2014 Katowice tournament, Reason Gaming. It's always great to hear from our readers, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and favorite crafts on our Social Media. Additionally, if you have any creative ideas for future crafts we'd love to hear them out.

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