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Introducing: The PGL Major Pass

PLG Stockholm Viewer Pass Update

Topic: CS:GO PGL Major Pass

The first major in more than two years is around the corner and Valve finally decided to release the Viewer Pass update! All in all a pretty classic pre-major update with stickers and the pick'em challenge. Apart from the usual items they released team patches, which were pretty much anticipated since we first got them (patches) right after the last major in Berlin. They are a pretty cool addition and provide a new way of showing support for your favourite team.


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Viewer Pass

The Update is exactly what we expected it to be! More or less just a pick'em challenge. It's a bit different compared to the last two majors. The previous ones also had other missions, like watching some of the games.

The Viewer Pass costs 8.50€ and by buying it you get the following:

- Stockholm 2021 Coin;
- Pick'em Challege: Which lets you upgrade your coin by making the challenges, also giving you a souvenir token as a reward each time you upgrade your coin;
- Team Graffiti: An unlimited graffiti of your choice during the whole event time;
- Steam Emoticons: With the teams and the PGL logo;

You can also buy the Viewer Pass as a bundle with three souvenir tokens. Those can normally be bought at 2.50€ each. The purchasing price of the bundle is 15.25€. In total it´s a 5% discount when buying the bundle.

Picture 1

Souvenir Packages

As the previous major, the packages are rewarded by completing the Viewer Pass coin levels (1 package per level) and they can additionally be bought for 2.50€ in infinite amount. When redeeming them you can choose the game of your choice and with that also your favourite team.

The big change that we got in terms of souvenirs are the Gold Maps Stickers which most likely will be a replacement for the Player Signature. Also important to mention: there is a Reddit post which is showing that the collections we are getting in this major are the new ones! As a conclusion we are getting four coverts, which is huge!


We finally received the long anitcipated team patches! I feel like a lot of people will show support for their favourite teams with them. All in all a great addition to individualize your agents a bit more. They can be opened in different containers: Legends, Challengers, Contenders. Each of them costs 1.70€ and contain a normal and gold version for each team as well as the PGL logo.

Picture 1

Team Stickers

As per usual they introduced team sticker capsules, which are divided in the usual trilogy (Contenders, Challengers, Legends). Each of them containing the specific teams and the PGL logo. There are four types of stickers: normals, holos, foils and golds. Golds are the new addition compared to the previous majors but not something that we didn't expect. We already got them for the RMR cycle. What we didn't expect is the price, which is alot lower compaired to the last majors, being just 0.85€. With the big difference, that the capsule also contains the normal stickers, which before used to be bought separate for a fixed price.

Picture 1


As always Valve has their own plans and they truly shocked us once again with a questionable decision. Players Authographs are available just for the top 8-teams and get released after the end of the major.

The time table for requesting the players autographs was strange, as EU-players reported that they didn´t sent anything til a few days before the release of the update. An obvious thought on the absense of all signatures would be the fact that they just dealt with them too late and in the end were not able to prepare them in time for the update.

Picture 4

The fact that not all players will get a sticker is a big setback for the professionals who have been looking forward to the next major for two years. Especially because many young players managed to qualify for Stockholm and would have received their first sticker. They were deprived of the reward for their years of hard work and the chance to remain a part of the game forever. Besides they lose the revenue they would normally receive from the sticker sales. Announcing such a big change just days before the start of the tournament is heartbreaking!

So in the end, we gonna get two Authograph Capsules (Champions and Finalists) that are going to be released at some point after the major. Therefore the price is still unknown.

Positive Aspect

Apart from the really high supply we will get out of this kind of pricing, it´s a great thing for the whole community to have affordable, good looking major stickers. Players are able to make some nice team crafts with a low budget. Worth to mention are also the new patches you can, from now on, put on your agents.

Negative Aspect

The most disappointing aspect of the new update are the players´ authographs. As mentioned above already it´s heartbreaking for the young and hard working talents, as well as for every other particpent to not be honourd for their effort. Apart from that it's also a big change for all the souvenir lovers. Receiving four coverts with souvenir stickers seems like a dream, but as it looks as of now, we´re not getting the signatures on them.

Important to mention: Most likely the stickers capsules and patches will go on sale with a 75% discount, so if you wanna grab some make sure you do it at the right time and don't spend too much.

Source: CS:GO Blog-Post

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