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CS:GO Player of the Decade awarded to s1mple

The starplayer of NAVI was declared the player of the decade

CS:GO Player of the Decade awarded to s1mple

A panel of the 75 most accomplished CS:GO players voted s1mple as the player of the decade. The award is organised by ESL in order to honor the ten year anniversary of CS:GO.

We will give you a short recap on the awarding process, the runner-up and future awards in this article. Feel free to also check out the official press release by ESL.

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Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev

The arguably greatest CS:GO player of all time is now officially awarded player of the decade. His career started when he was only 16 years old and since then he took part in an incredible amount of close to 90 S-Tier events. While being part of the the worlds best for a long time and having multiple bigger successes, especially over the course of the last two years, his biggest achievement was to win the PGL Major in Stockholm in 2021.

The currently 25 years old main AWP and starplayer of NAVI has already won 21 HLTV MVP medals and was awarded the best player of the world in 2018 and 2021.

"I feel good about getting the award although the Major trophy was important for me this time." ~ s1mple

CS:GO Player of the Decade awarded to s1mple

The only real "competitor"

When thinking about a player who would probably deserve the "Player of the Decade" award as much as s1mple does you might first think about dev1ce. Even though not playing an event since late 2021 Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz is and probably always will be the most successful individual in terms of trophies and successes.

The Dane won four and with that the most Majors (together with dupreeh, Xyp9x, and gla1ve) and was awarded Major MVP twice (tied with coldzera). Furthermore dev1ce won a total of 19 HLTV MVP awards.

"And I still think that there is one player that deserved this award as much as I did – dev1ce. I will try my best to achieve the same results as he did. There's no limit to perfection." ~ s1mple

Annual CS:GO Player Awards

ESL further announced the introduction of yearly CS:GO Player Awards, where the world's best CS:GO players (defined by the ESL World Ranking) will vote in three categories: Player of the Year, Breakthrough of the Year and Team of the Year! The awards will be handed over in a live ceremony annually at IEM Katowice.


Overall an amazing idea of awarding the best players, teams, and rookies yearly and starting it off with an award for the best player of the decade. We hope you enjoyed today's article about the ESL CS:GO Player Rewards - see you next time!

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