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CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #17

17th edition of CS:GO Sicker Crafts

Topic: CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #17

We are taking a look at the latest CS:GO sticker crafts. Featuring an insane amount of CS:GO crafts made with the same sticker! Enjoy reading and as always make sure to also share your own, expensive or cheap, latest sticker crafts on our Social Media.

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Some meta never change

Even if we got a small debuff on the M4A1-S, the skins are still dominating the narrative. And today's article shows exactly why. The craft is made by the one and only @OnlyRealNap. He always has fresh and lovely crafts! And this one is no difference, with him applying four Katowice 2014 Vox Papers on the M4A1-S Phosphor. The blueish gun is one of the best-looking M4A1-S skins out there and the float is a lovely .000! The total applied amount sums up to USD 2.000!



Taken how good the news skins look it is hard to not craft on them, especially when we are talking about the new AK-47 Ice Coaled! From the plenty of options available, this is one of the best! Of course, excluding all the six-figure options! For now, @dmg applied four Katowice 2015 Flipsid3 Tactics Holo stickers on an AK-47 Ice Coaled with a .00 float. The applied amount is USD 1.300!


The Master

One of the most awaited crafts since the release of the new Recoil case is the USP-S Printstream with four Crown Foils. And finally it happened! @V3CSGO decided to make it happen! He applied four Crown Foil stickers on the new USP-S Printstream in StatTrak Factory New. The total applied amount is around USD 1.900! And to top it up, another person did the same craft on another ST FN USP-S Printstream!


The Man

A main character in today's article is @shaneo7cs1! Because of him the Cologne 2014 daT Holo supply is going down consistently and considerably! Hard to choose which one of his beauties to start with, but we are going to try. He applied four Cologne 2014 daT Holos on the new USP-S Printstream with a float of .006, making it the 10th lowest float at the moment! The applied amount is USD 325!


Another One

Let us continue! Another craft by @shaneo7cs1, this time a more colorful one. He again applied four Cologne 2014 daT Holo stickers. For this craft he decided to go for the brand new AWP Chromatic Aberration with a float of .003, making it number 9 lowest float at the moment! The combination is pretty impressive, both the stickers and the skin binding their colors together very well!



Okay, one last! @shaneo7cs1 did it again! This time he decided to go for a craft that already existed eight times before. He applied four Cologne 2014 daT Holo stickers on a .003 StatTrak AK-47 Nightwish, and with that the number 10 lowest float for the ST version!


Another Soul

Now it is time for a daT Holo craft, by someone else than @shaneo7cs1. This time the man we're talking about is @jklsinclair, well known for his amazing crafts! He also did not disappoint at all this time, crafting on one of the greatest mid-budget MP9s and applied four Cologne 2014 daT Holo stickers on the beautiful MP9 Starlight Protector. That is not all, the skin is the number one lowest float for the StatTrak version! Such a rare and amazing skin to craft on, we are so glad that he made a stunning combination out of it!


Never Enough

For our last daT Holo craft we got another amazing piece by the legend, @RadiantCS_! He applied four Cologne 2014 daT Holo stickers on the number one float ST P250 Visions! The match is absolutely perfect, as expected! Such a great craft!


Back Home

There are quite a few skin creators that use Social Media actively and it is always lovely to see how they enjoy their self-made skins. For today's story, we found an interesting piece in @cimota_art's inventory, the co-creator of the P250 Visions! He not just only owns a few of those P250s, but the number one float, a beautiful .00003. To top that amazing piece he does have three Dreamhack 2014 Na'Vi Holo stickers applied on it! It is unknown if the craft was made by himself or gifted, but it is so nice to see the co-creator owning something so unique! The total applied amount is around USD 275!


Old but Gold

We are going back to the roots and we are showcasing a brand new Krakow 2017 Gold Craft! This time the craft was made by a Chinese guy and the amount that was applied is around USD 1.800! He used an ST FN AK-47 Neon Rider on which he applied four Krakow 2017 HS Gold stickers! Brilliant combination, truly a lovely AK to own.


Even more OldSchool

One of the most desired stickers since the early days of CS:GO is the amazing Crown Foil, from the Sticker Capsule 2. Since the capsule was a regular drop and even now is dropped from time to time, the value of the sticker is not as insane as some might expect. With that we are still getting quite a few crafts from time to time! Today's one is made by @PatrickSchenkeS! He applied three Crown Foil stickers on the number three AK-47 Neo Rider which already had a Crown on the wood! The applied amount is USD 1.400!


Fresh from Friendly

We got quite a few fresh crafts on the new collection skins by @friendlycsss and in this article we showcase one of the newest! He added a great USP-S to his collection, right after he just crafted a Printstream with four Cologne 2014 Dignitas Holos. This time he applied four Katowice 2015 Na'Vi Holos on another USP-S Printstream! The applied amount is USD 1.480!


More Color

We have plenty of colorful crafts in this article and will continue with another one. Once again the crafter we are talking about is @jklsinclair, this time going for a different Cologne 2014 Holo sticker. He applied four Cologne 2014 Copenhagen Wolves Holo stickers on the P250 Vision with a float of .007! Another lovely and colorful combination for the new P250, which receives plenty of love so far. The applied amount is USD 110!


Big Time Craft

Quite an unexpected but pretty craft we got for the final sections of today's article, made by @thecrackycs! He applied a Katowice 2014 VOX Paper on a Well-Worn M4A1-S Imminent Danger. A very interesting craft indeed especially because of the weird condition (Well-Worn) used to make it. But in the end it is a unique craft and we like it, the applied amount is USD 530!


The Most Desired Sticker!!!

Well, is not every day that you are getting so many of the exact same sticker applied, but seems like that is the case this time around. We got 20 Cologne 2014 daT Holo stickers applied that we know about! Clearly one of the best of his series, Cologne 2014, but it is a bit surprising that it did got so used and overcame all other tournaments for this article. The total cost of all those daT Holo stickers applied is around USD 1.625!


Today's article was indeed great and full of color, we hope you did enjoy it as much as we did! And do not be disappointed that it ended, because we have some more crafts ready to be shown, keep your eyes on our Social Media for the follow up article that will be released soon! For this article we got a lovely amount of USD 14.320 applied!

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