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CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #20

20th edition of CS:GO Sticker Crafts

Topic: CS:GO Sticker Crafts: Craft-Talks #20

After a couple of special editions, it is time to get back to another "classic" CS:GO Craft-Talks article! We are happy to announce that we are finally able to show some more Katowice 2014 crafts and really hope you gonna enjoy the ride with us through the latest CS:GO sticker crafts!

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Dancing Colors - AK Nightwish Katowice 2014 Fnatic craft

After many complaints about little, close to none, recent Katowice 2014 crafts, this time seems like we spotted quite a few new crafts in that area! To start things off, we got a beautiful craft from @Gunr_CS - the man that never disappoints.

This time he made another fitting craft for his lovely orange collection. In Katowice 2014 terms: Yes we speak about the stickers that are starting with a F. He applied four Katowice 2014 Fnatic stickers on the AK-47 Nightwish with a float of .0009. Such a crazy combination, that actually looks really good! The applied amount is USD 1.260!

CS:GO AK-47 Nightwish craft

Replica - AK Gold Arabesque Katowice 2014 VOX craft

One of the best feelings has to be when creating a high-tier 1/1 craft. But some crafts are just too well fitting to keep them as a one-out-of-one. While @OnlyRealNap did the exact same craft some time ago, an unknown crafter decided to create another AK-47 Gold Arabesque with four Katowice 2014 Vox stickers lately. The applied value is USD 2.400!

CS:GO AK-47 Gold Arabesque craft

New MVP - M4A1 Printstream Krakow Gold craft

Even though we got some Katowice 2014 crafts in today's article, they are far from the real MVP of this article when looking at the crafting price. We might not have the exact prices of the rapidly raising Krakow 2017 Golds, but there is no doubt some are pretty expensive and today we got a craft with one of the top stickers!

The crafter applied four Krakow 2017 ropz Gold stickers on a M4A1 Printstream with a float of .0003. With that, we're talking about a total applied value of around USD 11.000!

CS:GO M4A1 Printstream craft

Lost Treasure - USP Printstream Katowice 2014 LDLC craft

It's always cool to find a craft no one has noticed yet. This happened recently and with quite a big craft! @_Sabach discovered a new craft on Buff163 made on non other than the new USP-S Printstream. Sadly we're just looking at a .02 float but at least in StatTrak.

The applied stickers were four Katowice 2014 Team LDLC, which together have a value of around USD 4.300! Overall such a great fit.

CS:GO M4A1 Printstream craft

Fresh Air - AWP Desert Hydra Boston s1mpe Gold craft

After so many Krakow 2017 Gold crafts, it's hard to even notice crafts made using other gold stickers. Nonetheless, there is no way we could have missed the next one! Following the path of the other gold sticker crafts, this one is also crafted by a Chinese collector, but a known one, @Capper7wja.

What doesn't come as a big surprise: The skin of choice was the AWP Desert Hydra. Although this time around we're not talking about a low float version of the big green, but a float of .59, which is fitting the darker effect of the stickers perfectly! The stickers of choice were London 2018 S1mple Golds with a total value of around USD 1.700!

CS:GO AWP Desert Hydra craft

Exotic - AUG Midnight Lily Cologne 2014 Holo Dignitas craft

As our next feature, we got an extremely colorful and unique craft. After quite some time of not seeing any in that section, we're happy to present you a new beautiful Cologne 2014 craft.

The mastermind, who created that stunning combination, is @KirahVVi. He applied four Cologne 2014 Dignitas Holo stickers on the AUG Midnight Lily, making it a one-out-of-one craft. The applied value is USD 1.600!

CS:GO AUG Midnight Lily craft

The Machine - USP Printstream Katowice 2015 Keyd Holo

The next craft is once again made by someone from the Twitter community, who even teased us with a new high-tier craft some time ago and we logically didn't miss out on it! The creator is @gmachine_T, who crafted himself a great collection over time.

Lately, he decided to add another beautiful piece and applied four Katowice 2015 Keyd Holo stickers on an USP-S Printstream with a float of .001. The applied amount is USD 660!

CS:GO USP-S Printstream craft

Icy - AK-47 Ice Coaled Katowice 2015 CLG Holo craft

The recently released AK-47 Ice Coaled is definitely an amazing AK, but unfortunately, it does not come close to the AK-47 Nightwish in terms of new crafts! But today we are happy that we can show you a cool one on it.

The craft was made by nonother than @Bro9k, who found one of the most fitting combos for the AK-47 Ice Coaled, which btw has a float .0004. The applied stickers are four Katowice 2015 CLG Holo, with a total value of USD 630!

CS:GO AK-47 Ice Coaled craft

Passion - DreamHack Foil crafts

We are always excited to see passionate people. For today, we got @kirincs, who crafted himself a small collection of DreamHack 2014 Foil crafts. We will present them one after the other right below.

First, he applied four DreamHack 2014 Virtus Foil stickers on a .19 AWP Asiimov, after that four DreamHack 2014 NIP Foil stickers on a beautiful .0006 Glock Wasteland Rebel, and for the last craft he went with a .00009 Deagle Conspiracy, on which he applied four DreamHack 2014 Na'Vi Foil sticker. The total value applied for all crafts combined is at USD 370!

CS:GO DreamHack 2014 crafts

New Temptations - AWP Desert Hydra Krakow Gold craft

We always wanted more high-tier Souvenirs besides the classy AWP Dragon Lore, and we got some recently! Sadly the rarity of different sticker combinations or even just the stickers themselves are not that valuable those days. In the end, it's cool to have the Souvenir tag on a skin, and because that's the main attribute people just replace the stickers from time to time.

@DuanHuaizhi has recently shown us exactly that, by making a craft on the lowest float Souvenir AWP Desert Hydra. He applied a Krakow 2017 keshandr Gold sticker on the scope, which is valued at around USD 2.500! What a beautiful and well-fitting craft!

CS:GO AWP Desert Hydra craft

Some more Krakows - M4A1 Printstream Krakow Gold crafts

Here we go again, with some more Krakow Gold crafts on Printstream skins. As often in recent times, both were made on the M4A1s. The first craft is on the ST FN version of the M4A1 Printstream, and the applied stickers are four Krakow 2017 HEN1 Golds with a total value of USD 1.800! For the second craft, we got a non-ST but in a .009 float, this time the stickers applied were four Krakow 2017 bodyy Gold, with a value of USD 2.400!

CS:GO M4A1 Printstream craft

Raising - SSG Sea Calico Katowice 2015 Keyd Holo craft

Most of today's crafts are either Gold, Foil, or Paper, but we got another awesome Holo craft to showcase. This time it's a Katowice 2015 Holo craft and it doesn't come as a big surprise that it's crafted by the one and only @RadiantCS_!

He found such a great combo, by applying four Katowice 2015 Keyd Holo stickers on a .0003 SSG Sea Calico. The fit is very nice because the colors of the skin and stickers are complementing each other perfectly. The applied amount is USD 660!

CS:GO SSG Sea Calico craft

Sensei - Katowice 2015 & DreamHack craft

Next up, we got another Holo craft that comes alongside a respectable Foil craft, both made by @KengiSensei! First, he applied four Katowice 2015 Fnatic Holo stickers on a .001 ST Glock Snack Attack, which for sure is one of the best combos that can be made with the skin!

For the Foil craft, he applied four Dreamhack 2014 NIP Foil stickers on a .002 USP-S Business Class, such a great combo. In total he applied USD 440!

CS:GO Dreamhack 2014 NIP Foil craft

Ending - DreamHack 2014 crafts

Here we go again with even more Dreamhack 2014 crafts. This time we got two very interesting combos that look pretty fresh. To start off, we got a beautiful craft by @Serpsk8 on the M4A1-S Chantico's Fire with a float of .009, on which four DreamHack 2014 Na'Vi Foil stickers were applied. The applied amount is USD 150!

The second craft is made by @_weichi on the AK-47 Legion of Anubis. Onto it he applied four Dreamhack 2014 Dignitas Foil stickers, with a total value of USD 340!

CS:GO DreamHack 2014 Na'Vi Foil craft


After going through this quite lengthy article, with a wide variety of amazing crafts, we really hope you enjoyed them and had a good time! For today's article, the applied amount is around USD 32.210. Nevertheless, we can't await the next unique, expensive, and beautiful crafts. We will keep you updated as always and for now: Don't forget to let us know your favorite craft on our Social Media! Enjoy your Weekend!

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