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Dota 2 Best Invoker Skin Sets - Full Guide

12 Amazing Invoker Sets in Dota 2

Topic: Dota 2 Best Invoker Skins - Full Guide

Today, we take you on another adventure through the best skins for Dota 2 heroes. This time, we check out our incredible spellcaster. Enjoy your time with ten of the best Invoker skin sets and don't get sniped!

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Dark Artistry (Immortal)

Dark Artistry is without a doubt the greatest Invoker set, excluding Persona sets. The set is very iconic and has a price to match! It's pretty simple, mainly focused on the dark purple theme. The back piece is absolutely amazing, and the head piece is also very nice, coming in two styles. The price tag of this set is USD 136.00!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Dark Artistry Throwback (Immortal) - Persona

Dark Artistry Throwback is an adaptation of the previous set for the Invoker Persona, released with the 2021 Nemestice Battle Pass. The set is very beautiful, but sadly it can't be obtained anymore. The hairpiece has two styles, with the second one being very hard to obtain, requiring 300 Sunstrike kills!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Angel of Vex (Mythical) - Persona

Angel of Vex is an amazing Collector's Cache set for Invoker, specifically designed for his persona version, one of the best ones. The idea of the set is focused on Cupid and romance. The best part of the set has to be the body armor, which also features some amazing wings. The set is only giftable and grants the persona upon opening. It's available for a price of USD 10.00!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Magus Accord (Immortal)

Magus Accord is a beautiful immortal hand piece for Invoker. The hand features weird moving fingers, suggesting the complexity of the hero. The item is a very popular addition to any Invoker sets, as it changes the effect and icon of the Alacrity ability. This immortal piece is priced at USD 14.00!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Northern Blight (Rare)

Northern Blight is an incredible budget set for Invoker. It features plenty of colors and a flashy look for a modest price tag. The set portrays a very weathered Invoker, clad in armor suited for winter conditions. The price of this cosmetic set is only USD 0.65!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Heir of Menace (Mythical) - Persona

Heir of Menace is another beautiful cosmetic for the Invoker Persona. Like all Persona-related bundles, it will give you the Persona for free if you unbundle it! The set is focused on royalty, transforming our hero into a true king, with the body armor being the standout piece. The price tag for this one is USD 78.00!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Acolyte of the Lost Arts (Persona)

Acolyte of the Lost Arts is Invoker's Persona, released back in 2019 with the Battle Pass. Even though it was an exclusive reward for the Battle Pass, now it can be obtained by purchasing and opening any bundled sets made for the persona! The default cosmetic of the persona is very nice and unique. The cheapest way you can obtain it is for USD 10.00!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Magus Apex (Immortal)

Magus Apex is a very nice headpiece cosmetic, very similar to the one from the Dark Artistry set; this one comes only in one style. The hairpiece can work very well with any set, giving a very flashy and classy look, especially when paired with the immortal hands. The price tag of this item is USD 3.30!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Trials of the Blackguard Magus (Mythical)

Trials of the Blackguard Magus is definitely a very interesting Invoker skin set, putting our hero into a totally different view. The most interesting part of the set is the head, which looks very intriguing. It also features a lovely shoulder piece with some small effects. The price tag of this set is USD 2.20!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Covenant of the Depths (Mythical)

Covenant of the Depths is a very unique cosmetic set for Invoker, coming all the way back from the 2017 Collector's Cache. The set is oriented around the dark side of the world, as shown by the small bottle of dark magic that he possesses. The set is very rare since it's so old and can only be gifted, priced at around USD 30.00!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

The Little Thief of Kazim - Workshop Submission (Persona)

The Little Thief of Kazim is a truly amazing cosmetic set for Invoker's Persona, created just a few months ago. The set imbues Invoker with a magician's spirit, and the entire ensemble is very nicely crafted. One of the best parts has to be the Forge Spirit skin. Let's hope we see it in the game soon!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets

Wings Of Knowledge - Workshop Submission

Wings Of Knowledge is definitely a rather peculiar Invoker set, but it's quite interesting at the same time, as it gives our hero wings. The wings are very nicely crafted, making him resemble a Skywrath. Additionally, the set displays Invoker's abdomen for the first time. Let's see if we will get it in-game or not!

Dota2 Best Invoker Skin Sets


And the journey through time and space has come to an end for today. We hope you enjoyed the article about the best Invoker skin sets in Dota 2. We wish you a lovely week, and there's more content below.

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