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Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Full Guide

11 Amazing Juggernaut Sets in Dota 2

Topic: Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skins - Full Guide

Today, we continue our exploration of the best skins for our beloved Dota 2 heroes. We turned the page to the Isle of Masks and met with Juggernaut. Enjoy our article about the best Juggernaut skin sets and don't get slashed!

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Bladeform Legacy (Arcana)

Bladeform Legacy is a very nice Arcana headpiece for Juggernaut that adds interesting effects to the hero and his abilities! Even though it's a headpiece, it actually changes the entire body, adding nice inscriptions. The price is USD 27.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Bladeform Legacy

Provocation of Ruin (Immortal)

Provocation of Ruin is one of the most amazing Juggernaut skin sets, featuring a full Asian warrior look. The set is perfect, starting with the deep red hair and a demon face, continuing with the heavy and classy armor piece, and ending with the beautiful red blade of the sword. The price tag for this set is USD 87.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Provocation of Ruin

Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete (Mythical)

We like to call the following skin set 'Golden Warrior' because of its insane gold-plated aspect. The headpiece is a mask made out of gold with a weird shape, the cape is made of nice material plated with gold on the edges, and the belt is a heavy gold coin. The price of this shiny skin set is USD 98.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete

Jagged Honor (Mythical)

The next cosmetic bundle comes all the way from the 2019 Collector's Cache II, one of the Juggernaut sets from a great collection! This set heavily focuses on the color green, which is mixed with some dark red. The headpiece is very amazing and fits well with the back flag. The price is USD 44.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Jagged Honor

Lineage of the Stormlords (Mythical)

Lineage of the Stormlords is another beautiful Collector's Cache bundle set for Juggernaut, this one coming from 2020! The set is very focused on a blue theme, working great with the arcana as well. The back piece is one of the best, while the armor is pretty great too. The price tag is USD 10.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Lineage of the Stormlords

Isle of Dragons (Mythical)

Isle of Dragons is a lovely Juggernaut set from the 2022 Cavern Crawls, which can no longer be obtained. The set is very good-looking and has three different styles. The armor is pretty simple but nice, and the headpiece is quite unique. The main attraction has to be the flaming sword!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Isle of Dragons

Edge of the Lost Order (Immortal)

Edge of the Lost Order is a very nice immortal sword piece that comes in three different versions. Each version has a shiny color with a beautiful effect, and the shape of the blade is also perfect. The price of the regular version is USD 0.50, while the golden one is USD 1.16, and the Crimson is USD 1000.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Edge of the Lost Order

Kantusa the Script Sword (Mythical)

The following weapon piece for Juggernaut is a very interesting one and desired by many! The skin is the perfect definition of simplicity; it's just a simple black blade, but it has a nice effect that makes it look perfect in the game. The price tag is USD 85.00!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Kantusa the Script Sword

The Path of Odocoeleus (Rare)

The Path of Odocoeleus is one of the best budget skin sets for Juggernaut, which also has some character to it! The set is built around the winter theme, featuring nice leathery armor with deer antlers on the headpiece and a sword made almost entirely of ice. The price of this set is USD 3.12!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - The Path of Odocoeleus

Fortune's Tout (Immortal)

We couldn't have a Juggernaut skin sets list without the most immortal piece, our beloved healing ward! Some of the presented sets already include one, but this is the best one: an amazingly cute and lovely cat that holds the light of healing. It has a price tag of USD 0.20 for the regular version and USD 1.94 for the golden one!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Fortune's Tout

Ancient Exile - Workshop Submission

Ancient Exile is an amazing workshop skin set for our beloved Juggernaut. It has some nice futuristic characteristics and looks quite fresh; the armor makes him look like a sci-fi robot, while the hair gives the vibe of an experienced warrior. Overall, it's a nice set that we might see very soon in the game!

Dota 2 Best Juggernaut Skin Sets - Ancient Exile


Today, we took a dive into the skins of one of Dota's most beloved heroes. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Juggernaut skin sets in Dota2 and are having a great time. Stay sharp and enjoy your day! Make sure to check out our most recent Dota 2 articles down below.

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