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Dota 2 Best Legion Commander Skin Sets - Full Guide

14 Amazing Legion Commander Sets in Dota 2

Topic: Dota 2 Best Legion Commander Skins - Full Guide

Today, we take another step into knowing the best skins for our beloved Dota 2 heroes. Now we arrive at the Battleground, the land of the warrior, where Legion Commander stands. Enjoy the article and be aware of the Duel!

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Blades of Voth Domosh (Arcana)

Blades of Voth Domosh is an amazing Arcana piece for Legion Commander. Like many other arcanas, this one occupies the weapon slot. Even though it's a weapon piece, it does change the whole look of the hero, from the legs to the head! It works amazingly combined with other skin sets and is the best weapon piece for sure. The price tag is USD 28.00!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Radiant Conqueror (Mythical)

Radiant Conqueror is an amazing cosmetic set, one that can be considered an investment as well, since it can't be opened anymore. The set is probably the best one for this hero; the back piece is definitely the most important piece. Overall, the set is very focused on red feathers. The price tag is USD 55.00!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Bird of Prey (Mythical)

Bird of Prey is an amazing Collector's Cache cosmetic set for Legion Commander, one of the most desired ones especially because of its affordable price. The set is pretty simply designed, focused around metallic blades, with the most important piece clearly being the back piece, one of the most amazing ones. The set is only giftable and has a value of around USD 5.00!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Legacy of the Fallen Legion (Immortal)

Legacy of the Fallen Legion is an amazing back piece for Legion, one of the few immortals that she has, and sadly, it can't be obtained anymore. The item was part of the Ti 16 battle pass, and it's a prestige item which won't be available again. The piece looks amazing and changes the effect of press the attack, a true collector's piece that only a few own!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Triumph of the Imperatrix (Mythical)

Triumph of the Imperatrix is a recently added Collector's Cache set from August 2023; it may not be as great as the other Cache sets, but it's pretty impressive. The set turns Legion into an even more warrior-like figure. Once again, the best part of the set is the back piece, this time a cape. This set is also only giftable with a value of around USD 2.50!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Honored Servant of the Empire (Mythical)

Honored Servant of the Empire is a very underrated cosmetic set for Legion Commander that you almost never see in your games. But the price tag is kept quite high because it actually looks amazing, with special effects for the weapon, head, and back. The body armor might not be the best, but the effects of the other pieces are truly amazing! The price of this set is USD 9.00!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Lineage Desolate Conquest (Mythical)

Lineage Desolate Conquest is a very simplistic and affordable set, coming from the Ti 11 Lineage Treasure, which is mainly focused on the gold theme. The set is very clean, featuring stone pieces for the weapon and back. The body armor has to be the best piece of the set with a lot of gold and a good design. This set has a price of only USD 0.40!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

The Gifts of Zhuzhou (Rare)

The Gifts of Zhuzhou is definitely a very unique Dota 2 set for Legion Commander; the uniqueness is given by the head piece, a very nice one. The head piece is a nice mask with red eyes and, most importantly, two long feathers that look like horns. The price tag of this cosmetic is USD 0.65!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Siege of the Arctic Hall (Rare)

Siege of the Arctic Hall is another very interesting Legion Commander skin set, this one is focused on the arctic, heavy-weather warrior. The back piece is very nice with a two-sided cape, the body armor is also very nice and simplistic, and the head piece is also amazing, with well-designed hair. The price of this set is USD 2.40!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Baneful Devotion (Immortal)

Baneful Devotion is the other immortal of Legion Commander; this one is for the head piece and looks very good combined with the arcana! The skin is a helmet and has a vortex in the middle of it with a red gem, simulating a black hole; the item changes the effect of overwhelming odds. The price of the immortal is only USD 0.85!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Crimsonwing Slayer (Rare)

Crimsonwing Slayer is a very interesting cosmetic set, with no special effects and not very flashy at all; it's a very simple and affordable set. The design is focused on an eagle, with feathers as the back pieces and an eagle head. Also, the armor is full of sharp bones, a very interesting concept. The price of this one is only USD 0.30!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Daemonfell Flame (Mythical)

Daemonfell Flame is a set that mostly focuses on ambient effects. The set is not the greatest, but it does look pretty cool and can be used for some lovely combos. The effect is for three pieces, from which the head is of very low quality, but the back and weapon pieces are amazing. The price tag of this one is USD 6.70!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Sharpstar Armor (Rare)

Sharpstar Armor is a pretty interesting Legion Commander set; once again, it's very minimalist, fitting perfectly for a low-budget option! The set has a nice back piece, and for the armor and helmet, it has an interesting design with black and yellow. The weapon piece is a big axe, a very powerful-looking weapon. The price is only USD 0.50!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets

Imperial Valor - Workshop Submission

Imperial Valor is an amazing Legion Commander set concept, one of the best workshop submissions for sure! The skin turns Legion into a type of angel, with a crown that holds its back piece. It's a really cool concept, and we wish to see it soon in the game!

Best Legion Commander Skin Sets


Today we went through some of the best Legion Commander sets and we exited the Battleground unhurt! We hope you enjoyed our choices and now you are ready to make your best mix set. Enjoy the rest of your day! Down below, you can see some more amazing Dota 2 articles!

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