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EG and Liquid Look To Youth Development

NA Orgs About To Develop Young Talent?

With the current roster movements in North America, organizations are revamping their Counter-Strike sectors and getting back into the scene. Big organizations like Team Liquid, Complexity, and Evil Geniuses are all rebuilding their entire rosters. They are acquiring top NA talents, as well as bringing in players from tier 2 teams in an attempt to make the region competitive again. With a lack of depth in the current pool of talent, certain clubs are looking to invest in the youth and looking towards the future.


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Youth Development At Its finest

Successful academy teams like NAVI Junior and Gambit Youngster have shown that youth development may be the proper path for Counter-Strike. Top competitors have risen up the ranks by getting experience through these rosters. Players like b1t, sh1ro, and m0NESY are all exciting up and coming talents that have been through these academy leagues.

Now, they are all on teams competing on the biggest of stages and against the greatest of players. These projects have proven prosperous in providing great young players the guidance to get to that next level. With much success coming from these programs, it should be no surprise that North American orgs are looking into mimicking this system.

NA's Next Step

Rumors within the scene have pointed at Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid as organizations nearing possible youth/academy teams. A source close to EsportFire stated that these teams were looking into top young players in the region. This could be the next big step for North America to become a fearsome region once again.

However as these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed yet, only time can tell. If this does come true, it would be a great step for NA’s development and for he CS scene as a whole.

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