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Evil Geniuses' CEO "Leaking" Their New CS:GO Roster

The Worst Announcement Ever?

Topic: CS:GO Evil Geniuses Roster Announcement

In the last few weeks, numerous rosters have been unveiled. From player transfers to complete roster revamps announced in animated blockbusters to now... a Twitter thread?

Evil Geniuses, or rather Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO of the organization, announced the new CS:GO lineup for 2022 on Jan. 11, in let's say: a special way!

Short recap on what happened:
The CEO of Evil Geniuses announced their long awaited new lineup in a Twitter thread and the reaction of the community in that regard was mixed. The new lineup consists out of: CeRq, Brehze, RUSH, Autimatic & Stewie2K. Check out the full article below!


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Jameson's Statement

"Regarding @EvilGeniuses CS:GO (a thread)...

News coming soon, no need to Rush
I know you all want roster news to come Autimatically
But our official announcement next week will make things easy-Brehze
So don't run in Cerqles

In all seriousness, we are here to save NA CS. Get hyped to learn about the team and why they joined starting next week. Give @EvilGeniuses a follow to get all the content!

Evil Geniuses - Official Roster

Before we move on to statements from the community and a few words from us, we'll get to the most important: The official (leaked) lineup of Evil Geniuses in 2022!

The Bulgarian AWP Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov, as well as the American rifle Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte have been part of the team since 2019 and will remain part of the as EG will add four new talents to the roster (three players and a coach). New Head Coach Damien "maLeK" Marcel has already been announced since the end of last year and the signings of RUSH, Stewie2K and autimatic were just now "announced" as well.

William "RUSH" Wierzba

RUSH is a 27-year-old American rifler who was last signed to Complexity Gaming and acore of North America's biggest triumphs. Together with his team at Cloud9, he won the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018 and immortalized himself in the history books. A player who is ready to once again prove himself following a teamless status of three months and only minor successes, he sure does have the class to do so!

Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip

Stewie2K is an absolute fixture of the NA scene. He was also part of the 2018 lineup that won the first and to date only Major for a North American team and will meet an old friend (RUSH) during their time at Cloud9. Since the end of 2018, Stewie2K was under contract at Team Liquid and won the Intel Grand Slam Season 2 and the ESL Pro League Season 9, among others! He's a star player who will hopefully regain his top form again at Evil Geniuses.

Timothy "autimatic" Ta

One criterion for inclusion in Evil Geniuses is becoming pretty obvious. It has to be a Major win. Autimatic was also part of the legendary NA lineup that took the Major Triumph in 2018, making it a trifecta at EG! However, since his time at Cloud9, the 25-year-old American has not been able to keep up with the team achievements of his colleagues. For about a year, he was under contract with Gen.G Esports, where the victory at DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 remained his greatest success. About a year ago, the team disbanded and autimatic has not been under contract with any other team since then.

Community Feedback

While we all agree that we can't wait to see the new lineup in action, the feedback on the announcement was quite critical. For example, neL wrote on Twitter: "But announcing a whole roster... Like that? That reach new low tbh. Especially for a roster that can hype the NA scene. Everybody knew it already, the announcement is all they had to do. :/".

On a comment of Ryan in which he wrote that French do not understand fun and that the announcement is a teaser for the official announcement, Professeur replied: "If this is "fun" I don't want to have fun ever again".

What do you think of it? Write it to us on Twitter in the comments!

Conclusion and Own Opinion

The feedback from the community as well as various officials were very mixed. While some criticized the manner and felt the statement was not appropriate to make for one of the biggest announcements of the year, others celebrated the announcement.

Personally, I found the post very funny throughout, but I am a little critical about whether it will raise the same hype as a well-planned announcement would. For me, that was not the case; it remains to be seen whether Evil Geniuses will have a corresponding announcement to follow and whether the potential tweet in advance will have a positive or negative effect on the hype surrounding the new NA star ensemble!

If the interest around the official post flattens out because parts of the community are disappointed by the way the first announcement was made, then the way it was done could definitely have a long-term impact on the "casual" fans, who like to follow the team that creates the most hype on social media.

Current lineup of Evil Geniuses:

Evil Geniuses IGL: Stewie2K
Evil Geniuses AWP: CeRq
Evil Geniuses Riflers: Brehze, RUSH, autimatic
Evil Geniuses Coach: maLeK

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