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ESL Pro League - matches, results, standings

Group A recap, general explanations and preview

Topic: ESL Pro League - matches, results, standings

In today's article, we will take a little look into the just finished Group A of ESL Pro League Season 16, check out the next three groups, and discuss some general facts about the event.

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ESL Pro League Season 16 FAQ

When does ESL Pro League Season 16 start?
ESL Pro League started on the 31st of August 2022.
For how long is ESL Pro League live?
Until the 2nd of October 2022 and a total of 33 days!
How many teams participate in ESL Pro League Season 16?
A total of 24 teams.
In how many groups are the teams divided?
There's a total of 4 groups that will play one after the other.
What's the price money of ESL Pro League?
The total price money is USD 835.000!
Who won Group A at ESL Pro League S.16?
Vitality managed to win Group A with 5-0 in games!


The ESL Pro League is one of the fix parts in the yearly schedule of the CS:GO calendar. With a long history and great storylines every passionate viewer can't await the next ESL Pro League. Comparable to the Champions League in football terms, 24 of the best teams compete against each other for over a month.

Divided in four groups six teams play every week. While three of them will be eliminated at the end of the games, three advance to the Playoffs. Group A at ESL Pro League Season 16 is already finished to the date of the article. We will give you a short overview of what happened so far and how the rest of the event will look like.

The winner of ESL Pro League Season 16 will get USD 175.000 as price money and probably even more important, spots at the BLAST World Finals, as well as IEM Katowice 2023! Furthermore the first eight teams will get between 262,5 and 2800 points for the BLAST Premier circuit.

ESL Pro League Season 16

Group A - Expected outcome?

Group A was beyond exciting til the last day. While Vitality managed to show a surprisingly convincing performance with five victories in five games, NAVI and NIP struggled enormously. The biggest surprise in Group A, when watching the end results, was probably Fnatic.

The rather new lineup consisting of KRIMZ, mezii, nicoodoz, roeJ, and FASHR started off with a convincing win against NIP, followed up with two losses, but decent showings against Vitality and NAVI and ended the group with clean victories against Endpoint and Spirit.

In the end, three teams had six points and NAVI managed to advance as the third place as they got the best round difference out of them. A bit heartbreaking for Spirit and NIP who need to go home early, but overall quite the expected outcome when looking at the advanced teams.

ESL Pro League Season 16

Preview to the other groups

Group A was team-wise definitely a strong start to a great event. In Group B you will find teams like the defending champion FaZe Clan, but also G2 Esports, BIG, and Outsiders. Furthermore, MIBR and FTW Esports will take part in the group. For many of you, FTW Esports might be a big unknown. They are a Portuguese team that qualified through the Conference Stage. Will be interesting to see them play against some of the best teams in the world.

In Group C the two Danish top teams Heroic and Astralis, as well as ENCE, MOUZ, Complexity, and HEET will play against each other. With that JACKZ will return to the big stage shortly after his departure from G2, as he managed to qualify together with his French teammates through the Conference Stage.

ESL Pro League Season 16
Group D feels a bit like the American version of the event. Cloud9, Liquid, FURIA, and Evil Geniuses, as well as Movistar Riders and Eternal Fire, will play each other. Team Liquid showed some great performances together with YEKINDAR lately, while many of the other teams in this group have been through some struggles when it comes to Tier-1 opponents. Going to be interesting who will be able to secure the playoffs spots there.

When, where?

The next matches will kick off on the 7th of September 2022 with the opening match of FaZe against FTW Esports in Group B. All the games are broadcasted live on the ESL TV Twitch channel, as well as multiple other streamers in different languages. The games always start at 12.30 pm, 4.00 pm and 7.30 pm CET!


ESL Pro League is one of the most prestigious events of the year and always delivers an amazing show for fans around the world. Be excited about Group B and the following matches of the event and feel free to let us know on our Social Media who you think is going to win the whole event.

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