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EsportFire Artwork Contest #1 - CS:GO Artwork creators

The Aquamarin Katowice 2015 Natus Vincere edition

Topic: EsportFire Artwork Contest #1 - CS:GO Artwork creators

Welcome to the recap of the first EsportFire Artwork contest. You might wonder what we're talking about and we would love to give you a short introduction, as well as announce the second edition, which is about to start soon.

We will share a short story about artworks, artists, and more while showcasing the entrances of our first artwork contest in every paragraph. At the end of the article, you will also get to know which of the contributors won! Feel free to reach out to any of them to get unique artworks of your very own skins.

  jAlex   enjoytehride

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General Introduction

The CS:GO scene has a long history in having creative individuals that contribute to the game in different ways. While all new skins that get introduced to CS:GO are created and designed by community members, there are also a lot of talented editors, that create frag movies or edits, as well as artwork artist who make a skin look special in their own unique way.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest tempcsgo

Artwork by temp_csgo

First thoughts

We have always been very passionate about the artwork scene, especially on Twitter, and appreciate their work and the uniqueness that they bring to the community. While already working with multiple of them during the last years we thought about a way to further support them.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest AlexkSsf

Artwork by AlexkSsf

Introducing the EsportFire Artwork Contest

In close coordination with all the artists on our Discord server and in cooperation with enjoytehride, who has been part of the EsportFire family for quite some time now and is a passionate and great artist himself, we announced the first EsportFire artwork contest on the third of October 2022.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest enjoytehride

Artwork by enjoytehride


The rules were pretty simple. We decided to pick one craft that every artist should built his project around to make the finals results better comparable. That mentioned craft was the AK | Aquamarine Revenge with 4x Na'Vi Kato 15 Holos and everybody was welcomed to participate. The deadline was set to be the 9th of October.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest 1nvertedFX

Artwork by 1nvertedFX

Determination of the Winner

The winner of our first contest was decided by the most likes under our official post. It was an easy and transparent way for the first contest, while we are aware that accounts with larger followerships gained an advantage compared to smaller creators. The price for the first EsportFire Artwork Contest was a P250 | Steel Disruption (ST) with VOX Cologne 2015 Holo!

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest Tristan68043718

Artwork by Tristan68043718

Winner of the first EsportFire Artwork Contest

The winner of the first EsportFire Artwork Contest was none other than PizzzaBot who's one of the leading personalities in the Twitter artwork community for years and an inspiration for many upcoming artists. Definitely, someone who deserved the win with an amazing entrance that you can see right below this paragraph.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest PizzzaBot

Artwork by PizzzaBot

Future Plans

For the future we have big plans in supporting freelancers in the CS:GO scene, such as artist and will launch different projects to do so. Maybe the one or other of you just reading got a lovely skin he always wanted and artwork for. Look through the different artwork styles that we showcased in this article and feel free to contact and support the individual artist!

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest itsVnmzCS

Artwork by itsVnmzCS

Second EsportFire Artwork Contest

The second EsportFire Artwork Contest is right around the corner. We're planning on bringing on a panel of different specialists to mix the community opinion with specialists to determine the next winning artist. The price pool will be four stickers from 2014 that are waiting to get crafted by whoever wins!

Overall, it's still a fun and community project and has the main goal to create something fun together while providing artists a platform. Competitiveness is always nice, but we really focus on setting up a fun and friendly event for every individual that wants to take part, as well as the community who gets some amazing artworks.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest KeinProzent

Artwork by KeinProzent


We were beyond happy to have so many amazing submissions and also excited about how much the community and also the artists enjoyed the project. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for the announcement of the second EsportFire Artwork Contest in the upcoming days! See you soon.

CS:GO EsportFire Artwork Contest LeLefti

Artwork by LeLefti

Honorable mention

The Twitter user and artist Westpool does extraordinary and amazing renders that we sadly couldn't showcase in the article but want you to check them out on Twitter. His work is unique and amazing.

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