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FalleN Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

New Inventory Review OUT NOW: FalleN

Topic: CS:GO FalleN Inventory Review

One of the most infamous players in the scene! When FalleN is behind the AWP you don't wanna get in his way. But he's not only packing meat when it comes to skill, there's a lot of skins involved as well.

A total of 26'000$ worth of skins can be found in this loadout according to the Sharkbay Discord Tool, packing anything from high-tiers to different presumably self-made crafts. His AWP Redline even appears in 2016/17 recaps and today it has a whopping 170.877 stats tracked.

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

Talking about crafts, there's quite the wild variety. Most of them don't feature any high-tier stickers with the most expensive sticker being a Kato 15 VP holo.

As an honorable mention, I would like to talk, about his .148 AK Neon revolution. I'm quite the fan of these skins since it looks like barbie's first AK. The applied stickers, Stockholm PGL holos, make an amazing match and let it look even more like a barbie AK!

FN Crimson with mid conditioned Slaughters

You love to see a good old FN Crimson Web. Due to their .06 float cap they are incredibly rare and expensive! The price tag is not the only impressive thing about this knife, pretty well centered there is a fat web right on the blade.

The gloves, on the other hand, are a bit less impressive, at a .246 Hand Wraps may still look pretty clean but you can definitely see some wear and tear. All in all, the combo is kinda bussin although I think the red shade of the gloves is slightly too bright for the Crimson Web.



Absolute fuckin Chad having a banger AUG skin. This AUG Hot Rod might look a bit scuffed due to it's .035 float but the stickers match sooo nicely that we have to look at it.

The Hot Rod has such a deep royal red that any golden sticker is gonna look phenomenal. Due to the AUG sticker positioning, it even comes with the added bonus of having huuuge stickers. Applied are four different Kato 19 gold signatures that give this skin somewhat of a circular consistency which looks pretty clean. Although it is sad to see my man Coldzerra get crossed out like that.


The legendary AWP Redline

He had this AWP Redline since the dawn of time. When searching for old FalleN Highlights on Youtube he already played this Redline in 2016/17! Hence why the StatTrak counter is through the fuckin roof with 170.877 kills. You love to see that much commitment behind a skin, just think of all the killed pros that are tracked as stats on this gun.

On the sticker side of things, we can see a whole array of different stuff. Starting off with the scope, we got a London 18 Liquid paper, next up there's a MLG 16 Luminosity holo. As second last we have an Atlanta 17 SK Gaming and all the way at the end there comes the Kato 19 MIBR paper. It's almost poetic that he keeps track of his previous involvements in different teams on this AWP.


AK Frontside Misty

It's cool float o'clock, this time we got ourselves a funny weed number AK. At a .0420 float, this Frontside Misty is looking as clean as ever with multiple MLG Columbus 16 paper signatures applied throughout.

Not only do these stickers make a lovely match colorwise but it's also pretty cute to have your whole team excluding yourself on an AK. Great team spirit and an even better craft!


Souvenir M4A4 Radiation Hazard

Also known as the budget Howl, this Radiation Hazard comes in Souvenir and at a .120 float, suffering from the typical M4A4 mag paint deficiency. The Radiation Hazard is a great option for any tournament souvenir due to its bright red, almost orange canvas.

Tournament-wise, we're looking at a good old Kato 15 Souvenir with an added Kato 15 holo. This skin was dropped during the match of Virtus.pro and Keydstars. For completion reasons, there is an added Kato 15 Virtus.pro holo on the same height as the golden one. I think that's pretty much the best positioning one could get, looks pretty neat, to say the least.


Souvenir Deagle Hand Cannon

This skin falls under the category of real souvenirs, meaning it's an actual reminder of his time at the Cologne 16 Major with his own signature! The Hand Cannon is yet another skin that is amazing for gold stickers due to its color scheme. Then again, kind of unfair to compare the Cobble collection to any other Souvenirs since they all seem to be made for gold stickers.

If you read a few reviews of mine, you know that I absolutely adore Cologne 16 stickers, I think their shape is very unique. If it wasn't for the size of them, they'd have amazing potential to be one of the most expensive tournament stickers. This skin was dropped during the match of SK Gaming vs Virtus.Pro.

All Screenshots are made on the Broskins servers!


Overall, I like this inventory especially skins that serve as a reminder of old times, such as his AWP, AK and Deag. You can tell that he was passionate about all the teams he played for so far, which is a great trait.

I do have to admit that there isn't much love for teams he didn't play for, but then again that's fairly normal for the pro-scene, almost expected by now.


My final score will be a solid 7.118 since there hasn't been anything I've never seen before, yet there seems to be quite a bit of work put into this inventory.

To get a better score, I'd need to see some more higher tier crafts as well as a better pair of gloves to go with his magnificent knife. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this inventory, yet another CSGO legend to cross off the list.

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