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Fragadelphia: Winter Champs Recap

NA-Talks: Frag 16 Chicago Recap

Topic: CS:GO - Fragadelphia 16 Chicago

Fragadelphia 16 Chicago has ended, and thus far has been the biggest Tier-2 North American Counter-Strike event of the year, boasting a 10,000 dollar prize, and exciting CS from talented players.


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Group Stage

The group stage of the event started off with commanding victories from Strife, headed by Bobby “Stamina” Eitrem, taking their group easily with a perfect record of 3-0, besting Goofy Goober Gaming easily 16-5, and breezing past PreGaming 16-8. The group concluded with PreGaming taking the second place finish.

Over in Group C, Cyberstorm finished their group with a 3-0 record as well, getting past Midwest Mayhem, battering them 16-6, edging out Fragging For Jason, beating them 16-14, and topping off their group with a win over Le Sud Peek 16-11. Group D showed a surprising outcome, seeing YeniCherry fall out of the event with dinoco, and Rapz Rebellion taking the playoff spots over the well established team, with dinoco finishing first in the group.

The second to last group before playoffs showed Davenport University Red taking the top spot in their group beating out their universities junior varsity team 16-5, as well as Wisconsin CSGO 16-11, and scraping by Isolate eSports 16-14, who took the other playoff spot in Group G.

Quarter Finals

Playoffs started with a great first match, headlining the previous Fragadelphia champions InControl, seeing them face off against the ECL squad Strife. The exciting series saw Strife take map one 16-14, with InControl bouncing back winning maps 2, and 3 both 16-12, pulling off a reverse sweep upset. The opposite side of the bracket hosted Fragging For Jason against Levitate Esports, which ended up not being much of a series, with Fragging For Jason dispatching Levitate 16-9, and 16-7 respectively.

The first round of the playoffs also saw the talented Davenport roster fall out of the event, being beaten out by Stanley "calamity" Chiu's squad - Alex Rider. In a competitive three map series Davenport was reverse swept after winning map one 16-9, going out on map three with a 16-11 loss. After an exciting group stage, and round of 16 playoff stage, day one concluded.

Day Two Begins

Day two started off with quarterfinal matches, headed by the match between InControl, and Alex Rider. Alex Rider started the series strong with a convincing win on map 1 taking it 16-5. Regardless of the thrashing they just took, InControl recovered, winning map 2 16-9. Ending the exciting series with a nailbiter, InControl eventually took it, squeaking past with a 16-14 victory.

On the opposing end of the bracket the match between Rip Kobe, and all aim no name was taking place. With an exhilarating map one, which could have swung in either squads favor, all aim took it in overtime 19-16. After a close first map all aim came out on map two dominant, defeating Rip Kobe 16-8 securing semi final play.


Semifinals in the top half of the bracket saw InControl play Kinship Black. Kinship, who were boasting top talent such as Anthony “CLASIA” Kearney, went into their semifinal game showing confidence taking the first map 16-13. InControl once again showed that being down a map isn’t enough to take them out, taking map 2 in commanding fashion 16-2. Map 3 was a battle for InControl, fighting tooth and nail for the third map taking it 16-14, performing yet another reverse sweep victory. The other Semifinal match was all aim versus Fragging For Jason, which was a pure show of dominance from the side of all aim. In the beatdown that took place all aim showed superiority, taking map one 16-6, and finishing off their defeated opponent 16-8 in map 2.

Kings are Crowned

The finals were now underway between the Fragadelphia 16 The Block winners InControl, and the ECL mix squad all aim no name. In a great map one showing on Vertigo InControl took it 16-4, however all aim weren’t out of it yet. All aim resurfaced for map 2 showing resilience inching through Nuke, eventually winning in overtime 19-15. Map 3, the decider of the whole event, took place on everyone's favorite pug map, Mirage. InControl went in with a determination to win, and did just that, taking the map 16-11, and with that map, and that series, Fragadelphia had concluded.

A highlight of the final was Andrew “Andrew” Burrell topping the series with a 1.41 (HLTV) rating playing at a high level in the entirety of the final. With this win InControl are now back to back Fragadelphia 16 champions and have shown they are a squad to be feared.

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