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GamerPay: Buy and sell skins for ZERO FEES

Wallet Wonders update! Zero percent fee marketplace

Topic: GamerPay Buy and sell skins for ZERO FEES

GamerPay launched a new fee model on the 30th of June 2023. In today's article you will learn how to buy and sell your Counter-Strike skins for zero percent fees and what the new business model looks like in general.


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The new ZERO FEES model - Wallet Purchases

The new model allows you to sell and purchase skins through your wallet without any fees whatsoever! For instance, if you sell a skin valued at USD 100, you will receive the exact amount in your GamerPay wallet. With that USD 100, you can then search for a new skin that you desire and buy it without losing a single cent!

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How does GamerPay make money?

A question that many of you may have is: How do they generate revenue? The answer is quite straightforward: They generate revenue through different fees, such as bank deposit fees or card deposit fees (when you directly purchase skins using a card). The complete breakdown of their fee structure is outlined below.

GamerPay Zero Fees Campaign

Statement from GamerPay

We had a short chat with Morten "ZukwiZ" Byskov, who's one of the co-founders of GamerPay about their approach and new business model:

"We have been evaluating our fee structure for some time and realised that if we really want to crack down on scams and help people trade safely, we need to provide a place where you can trade skins for free! Many are neglecting to use a site simply because of the fees.

I'm therefore very excited about giving this opportunity to all our users: 0 percent selling fees. Use your balance, and purchase at 0 percent fees. Granted, we do take deposit fees but you can still get that balance for free if you just sell some skins.

With that in mind I’m super happy to make free trading a possibility and hope many people will benefit from this."

Sign up to GamerPay now! - FREE € 5

If you are interested in trying out GamerPay yourself, you can sign up through our partner link and receive a free €5 when you buy or sell an item worth €50 or more! Check them out here: GamerPay.gg/partner/EsportFire!


GamerPay has always maintained a highly competitive fee structure, but with the introduction of the option to buy and sell skins without any hidden fees, they have truly established themselves as the premier choice for restructuring your inventory. Now, you can acquire an entirely new loadout without losing a single cent! Test it yourself: GamerPay.gg

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