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How Do Skins Look In CS2? - A Comparison

We checked out the look of skins in CS2!

Since the CS2 limited test launched back in March, one of the main topics of discussion has been surrounding how skins look in CS2. The new Source 2 graphics are extremely promising for the future of Counter-Strike skins, with graphic additions such as light reflection and more glossy skins. So today, we are going to take a look at eight different CS:GO skins and compare them to their appearance in CS2 to answer the question: how do skins look in CS2?

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Glock-18 | Moonrise

The Glock-18 | Moonrise is by far one of the best cheap skins in CS2, and looks absolutely beautiful in the new Source 2 lighting. While in CS:GO, the moon on the skin was extremely bright when inspected, it now has a more subtle glow. Similarly, the buildings are slightly less bright with the new engine, and in combination these two changes allow the majestic purple sky to really pop.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Next up in our comparison trying to spotlight how skins look in CS2 is an iconic Desert Eagle skin that features a simple silver and bronze pattern. In CS:GO, the skin was a bit dark in-game, but CS2’s new lighting and graphics have changed that a lot. Now, the skin’s pattern is extremely bold and bright, and the bronze parts of the skin have gained a really neat reflective property. Along with this, all Desert Eagle skins are slightly bigger in CS2, making them look even better even if the pattern hasn’t changed at all.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

MAC-10 | Malachite

The Malachite has undergone a few changes, the first of which is the most obvious if you have seen the skin before: the wavy pattern of the skin now goes towards the back of the gun rather than the front as it did in CS:GO. Aside from that direction change, the skin is now slightly more subtle, it's not quite as bright as it was before but rather has taken on a sleeker feel that really fits with the simple rectangular MAC-10.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

Mag-7 | Navy Sheen

This MAG-7 skin has experienced a massive buff in the new Source 2 lighting utilized in CS2. The pattern, which was previously extremely dark and hard to make out, is now much brighter and very visible. Along with this, the two silver rhomboids which always felt slightly out of place on the skin, as well as all of the other various silver accessories, have now been covered with the navy blue pattern, making the whole skin feel like one.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

XM1014 | Watchdog

The Watchdog had a lot of potential to be an extremely aesthetic skin in CS:GO, but unfortunately, it failed to capture enough “shine” to make it an attractive skin. However, CS2 has come to the rescue, and the lighting in the new game has had a huge impact on the appearance of the XM1014 skin. Now, the skin is significantly less dark: the jade green base pattern of the skin is now much brighter and the brass center and highlights have gained reflective properties thanks to the Source 2 engine.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

AWP | Exoskeleton

The AWP | Exoskeleton is one of the best-looking cheap AWP skin in CS2. While its shiny engraved pattern looked amazing in CS:GO, it now looks even better in CS2. Instead of the silver appearance that the skin had when inspecting, it now stays true to its darker purple color both while idle and inspecting. Along with this, while it has lost a bit of shine, the pattern is now more defined and easy to make out.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

M4A4 | Spider Lily

Whether you find the CS:GO or CS2 version of the M4A4 | Spider Lily better is completely up to personal preference, and it is easy to see why some may feel differently about the updated skin appearance. In CS:GO, the skin had a beautiful dark base with a deep red spider lily painted elegantly onto the center. In CS2 however, the skin has gained some lighting benefits but lost the deep colors that it had in Global Offensive.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?

AK-47 Emerald Pinstripe

To finish off our research on how skins look in CS2, we have a timeless classic: the AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe. The skin used to be pretty simple and drab, with a default receiver and cover(the center of the skin) and some overlapping green and white lines painted over a wooden stock and hand guards. However, in CS2, the skin looks significantly more aesthetic. The center of the skin now looks similar to that of the AK-47 | Slate and has some newly acquired reflective properties, while the wood is more glossy, allowing the green and white lines to really pop out of the skin.

How Do Skins Look in CS2?


We hope you have enjoyed looking at all of these skins, and hope we have provided a satisfactory answer to the question: how do skins look in CS2? Remember, CS2 is still in a limited beta test at the time of writing this article, so some skins may change, but it is likely that they will still resemble the images from this article. If you want to check out any other articles related to CS2 and skins, you can find our latest right below this one.

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