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How to Bind Jump-Throw in CS2

A guide on how to bind jump-throw in CS2

For experienced Counter-Strike players, the ability to jump-throw is vital to proper utility usage. Countless important lineups require a jump-throw key, which combines three actions into one singular bind. The ability to jump and throw with a single bind is integral to certain timings in competitive play, so it is important to bind a jump-throw key. Here is a short guide on how to do bind jump-throw in CS2.

There’s by the way a jump-throw implemented in CS2 but for those who like it the old school way: Enjoy this guide.

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Step 1: Open Your Developer Console

If you already have the developer console enabled, just use your designated key to open it in-game.

Otherwise, go to settings, search for developer console, select enable, and then press ~ to open the console.

Step 2: Create Aliases

To do a jump-throw in Counter-Strike 2, you need to create aliases for the actions involved in a jump-throw. The alias can be whatever you want, the only important thing is that the second part of the alias is always the same. Use these three commands to create aliases.

alias "+E" "+jump"
alias "+Sport" "-attack; -attack2"
alias "+Fire" "-jump"

Step 3: Bind Jump-Throw

Now that you have aliases, just bind one key to those three aliases in order. Using the aliases from above, the command would look like this. You can use any key you want in the “key” part of the command.

bind "key" "+E; +Sport; +Fire"

Now, whenever you want to jump-throw a piece of utility, just select the utility, line up the jump-throw, and click the key you bound in the previous command!


We hope you enjoyed today’s article about how to bind jump-throw in CS2. Feel free to check out our latest articles right below this paragraph. Shoutout to @AMZ_lastreet on Twitter for finding out the bindings.

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