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How to inspect any CS:GO craft & skin in game?

Check out crafts that you want to own in game for free!

Topic: How to inspect any CS:GO craft & skin in game?

You might want to check out a CS:GO craft in the game before applying the stickers or just play a skin before buying it! We will show you multiple great options in today's article on how to inspect CS:GO crafts and skins in game!

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In general, we are talking about CSGO inspect skin servers that enable you to check out any skin, knife glove combo, and craft in game! You can either generate an inspect code, copy the CSGO inspect link, or select the gloves and knives directly on the server. With that, you can check out any listenings on marketplaces in game.

We will show you the, in our opinion, best and easiest option out there in more detail now and some other alternatives as well! Some general information first:

How to get the CSGO inspect link

If you want to inspect an existing craft / skin in game you need to copy the inspect link for that specific skin. The easiest option for you to find that one is logging into steam on your browser and click right "Copy address of the link" on the "Inspect in Game" button. Another option / the perfect option if you do not know the owner of the skin you can search the sticker combination / specific skin on csgofloat.com/db and also copy the CSGO inspect link there.

To see the skin in game you join the inspect server of your choice an type in "!i ..." - replace the ... with the inspect link.
CS:GO Inspect skins crafts in game

EsportFire Skin Inspect Server

Our community has the chance to play on our house own skin inspect servers which not only feature all common commands like !gloves !knife !ws and more but also a custom made map by EsportFire featuring over 90 new and unique screenshot backgrounds! Furthermore, we introduced servers in four different regions to make it a great experience for everyone! For all further information and support join our discord server: https://discord.gg/P78uvQcXhq.

EU1 Server Connection IP: connect esportfireskin.datho.st:28267; password esportfire
EU2 Server Connection IP: connect esportfireeu2.datho.st:28314; password esportfire
US Server Connection IP: connect esportfireus.datho.st:27617; password esportfire
Asia Server Connection IP: connect esportfireas.datho.st:28793; password esportfire

CS:GO Skin Inspect Server

Broskins inspect server

The broskins.com/db inspect server offers you an easy option to inspect any CSGO craft and skin in game! For gloves and knives you simply join their server under "Connect" (you can copy the address on their page) and use the comments "!knife" and "!glove" in the global chat. To change the knife or glove skin, you type in "!ws" and will get options to select the skins you want to use for your glove and knife!

In order to check out a specific craft or float patton, you need to visit their page broskins.com/craft and select the skin you want to check out. Above the skin selection, you can choose the float and patton of the skin.

In the middle part, you can find all existing stickers and select each of them individually from the first to the last position. After that, you copy the !gen comment that gets generated in the middle of the text and join the server "Connect". After that, you once again put the comment as it is into the global chat!

CS:GO Inspect skins crafts in game

Broskins screenshot tool

Broskins has one other big advantage that some of you might not know about. In the middle of the main area of the server are two portals. Just walk or fly through them to get teleported to a green room or a room full of backgrounds. The perfect place to get some nice screenshots for your Social Media or friends.

CS:GO Inspect skins crafts in game

Problem with Broksins

At least for us, the Broskins servers are always a bit laggy, which makes it hard to record clips on them for example. For just checking out your skins/crafts or combos in the game it still seems to be the perfect and best option out there!

Other options

Apart from Broskins, there are a few other great options to inspect your skins! One of them is the ohnePixel inspect server, which works absolutely perfectly performance-wise. To use it just join his community discord https://discord.gg/Vt9uxxv and go to the section "bot-commands". To connect to the servers you need to type "connect" beforehand. Every command that we explained for Broskins also works on the ohnePixel server

Furthermore, you can inspect skins listed on buff in the game via their server. This works simply by clicking "Inspect in game" when browsing buff163! I personally did not make the best experience using their inspect server and therefore prefer the other options mentioned.

CS:GO Inspect skins crafts in game
Another option, that was sadly not available during the time we wrote the article is play.trademart.gg - We therefore can not give you any insights to their service but the main advantages compared to broskins seem to be that it is less laggy for many people!

Furthermore https://steamcommunity.com/groups/theglobalparadise provides a trading and inspecting server! We have personally not tested it, but it is a steam group and server that seems to be part of the CS:GO skin community for quite some time and when talking about inspect servers we wanted to mention it!


We hope you enjoyed this informative article on how to inspect any CSGO craft or skin in game. There are multiple CSGO inspection servers out there, one of the most complete services is provided by Broskins.com. Enjoy inspecting your dream crafts & patterns in game and have a great rest of your day! Cheers.

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