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How to Practice your Aim in CS2 - Aim Botz & more.

How to practice your aim in CS2 - Aim Botz and alternatives

Topic: How to Practice Aim in CS2 - Aim Botz & more.

In any first-person shooter game, aim is one of the most important abilities that all players must master to achieve greatness. CS2 is no exception from that, and in the complex world of competitive Counter-Strike, with utility lineups, strategic positioning, and many more important skills, aim is the common denominator that separates the good from the great. In this short guide, we will be explaining how to practice aim in CS2 using workshop maps.

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Step 1: Download Maps

There are several aim maps adapted for CS2, but we have selected the two most popular ones, which are used by professional players and casual gamers alike. The maps are called cs2_aim and Aim Botz(which you may recognize if you played CS:GO). These maps feature bots that you can shoot at to practice aiming with different weapons from varying distances.

Aim Botz:

CS2_Aim (Choose any link):

(The links and downloads should be trusted but are not controlled or generated by us. Those are external providers. Always be careful when downloading software to your PC.)

How to practice aim in CS2

Step 2: Place the Files in Your Steam Files

Copy the files, then navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\maps. You should find all official Valve maps already in this folder. Just paste the files into the folder and you are all set!

Step 3: Launch the Game

The next step is to simply launch CS2. If you are playing on cs2_aim, temporarily type -insecure in your launch options, found in the “General” section of your Counter-Strike 2 settings page. This won't affect your trust factor or get you VAC banned, it just temporarily prevents you from playing on official servers. At the moment, this is the only way to run the map. After you finish practicing your aim, be sure to remove -insecure from your launch options so you can play on official Valve servers.

Step 4: Enter the Commands to Navigate to the Map

Now that the maps are in your Steam files, all you have to do to play them is enter a simple command into your developer console. If you don’t have the developer console enabled, go to settings, and next to the “Enable Developer Console” button in the “Game” section of your settings menu, select “Yes.”

Now, just press ~ to open your developer console, and type one of these two commands into the console.

For cs2_aim:
map cs2_aim

For Aim Botz:
map ggpredict_traininghub

How to practice aim in CS2

Step 5: Practice Your Aim!

Now that you are in the practice map, you can change different settings to practice shooting in different scenarios, from different distances, and with different weapons. Happy aiming!

How to practice aim in CS2


We hope that we have helped you with this guide about how to practice your aim in CS2 on Aim Botz and cs2_aim and we wish you luck in your aiming practice! Have a nice day and feel free to check out our most recent articles right below this paragraph.

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