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IEM Rio Major 2022 Sticker Crafts

Multiple IEM Rio CS:GO sticker crafts

With the recent completion of the Challengers stage and the much-awaited Legends upon us, the 2022 Rio Major is in full swing. Along with the exciting gameplay, hundreds of hours of content surrounding the teams and players attending, and record-breaking in-person and online attendance come 100’s of team and player stickers that have been available for purchase for nearly 2 weeks. While the buzz regarding the stickers may not be as positive as that of the matches, the skins community has still come in clutch to show us some beautiful Rio crafts, demonstrating that anything is possible with such a strong community, even with sub-par options to work with. Here are eight of EsportFire’s favorite 2022 Rio Major sticker crafts with prices to represent your favorite teams in players in style.

Crafters should note that the stickers are currently highly inflated in price as they are quite new and the Major is currently happening, and sticker prices are likely to drop immensely within weeks upon the arrival of the post-major 75% off sale. This disclaimer applies to every upcoming sticker craft on this list.

  Carkyss   jAlex

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8. AWP | Chromatic Aberration + 4x FURIA (Glitter)

The inaugural craft on our list of elite Rio Major sticker crafts combines the newest AWP skin added to the game with four glitter-covered FURIA logos. The Chromatic Abberation fits perfectly with the relatively new Glitter stickers, and this craft works especially well as FURIA is one of the Brazilian teams playing in their home country throughout the major. This craft is perfect for any fans who can’t make it to any matches but still want to represent their team in-game. With the AWP | Chromatic Aberration costing $82.59 in factory new condition and each sticker just $0.92, the total cost of this craft is $86.27.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts FURIA

7. Galil AR | Aqua Terrace + 4x Cloud9 (Holo)

This next sticker craft is a beautiful blue-themed craft perfect for Fire N’ Ice inventories, fans of the Cloud9 organization, or any person looking to craft a nice Galil. Adding blue stickers to the Aqua Terrace may not be a new idea, but it has been popularized for a reason and works impeccably with the new Cloud9 Holos. The white and blue swirls and stripes of the Aqua Terrace are complimented perfectly by the white-bordered blue swirls of the infamous Cloud9 logo. Despite being a mill spec skin, the popularity of Aqua Terrace crafts has skyrocketed the skin up to $99.55 in factory new, and due to the recent performance of the team, Cloud9 Holos currently cost $9.50, running the total craft cost up to an astonishing $137.55.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts Cloud9

6. CZ75-Auto OR Galil AR | Eco + 4x Sprout (Holo) Scraped _X

Although the Rio Major stickers are not fully loved by the community, one thing is for sure: they scrape beautifully. This next craft puts that factor to use, combining the highly popular “Eco” skins with 4 scraped Sprout holos. Sprout is certainly not the best nor the most popular CS:GO team, and while they rarely make a long run in majors, their stickers have a history of making for some incredible crafts. The green color of the Sprout (Holo) perfectly matches that of the Eco on both weapons, and when scraped to remove the background, creates a great sticker craft. With each sticker costing just $2.22 and the CZ75-Auto skin just $2.62 in factory new, the total cost of the craft comes out to just $11.5. However, the Galil AR | Eco is significantly more expensive than its pistol counterpart at $25.89 in factory new, so the total cost is much higher at $34.77.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts Sprout

5. AK-47 | Case Hardened + 4x IHC Esports (Glitter)

This next craft is a high-tier AK-47 craft combining the notoriously expensive Case Hardened AK-47 with 4 IHC Esport glitter stickers. Similarly to Sprout, IHC Esports may not perform too well in majors, but their stickers, particularly the Rio 2022 ones, have made for some great crafts. The case-hardened pattern is a beautiful combination of gold, orange, and blue, which is perfectly complimented by the gold logo on the blue and purple background of the IHC holo. The AK-47 | Case Hardened currently costs around $293.36 in factory new on the Steam community market, but crafters with the ability to afford higher-tier patterns are recommended to purchase those that better match the sticker, particularly the “blaze pattern”(seed 323). With each sticker costing just $0.15, the total cost of this craft is $293.96.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts IHC

4. Glock-18 | Water Elemental + 4x 00 Nation (Glitter)

This Glock-18 craft is a perfect combination of blue and red to make a water-themed gun that fits in any inventory. The Water Elemental is one of the more popular Glock-18 skins but is hard to craft with as the red and blue design on the skins is always interrupted when stickers are applied. However, the 00 Nation (Glitter) sticker changes that, combining the water-droplet-like logo with the blue stream of water on the Glock-18. Along with this, the red and purple background on the sticker compliments the glittery red base of the Water Elemental. With the pistol costing $10.30 in factory new, and each sticker costing a remarkable $4.00 as these are the team's first stickers, the total cost of the craft comes to $26.30.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts 00Nation

3. P250 | Bengal Tiger + 4x Fnatic (Holo)

The Bengal Tiger skins have quite a history of making some incredible crafts with stickers ranging from 2013 to 2021. This year is no different, and the Fnatic (Holo) may just play a role in keeping the trend of the Bengal Tiger alive. The holographic orange stripes of the Fnatic logo work perfectly with the P250, and the white background of the sticker combines with the white tone around the middle of the skin. The P250 | Bengal Tiger costs $13.81 in factory new, and with each sticker costing $4.14, the total cost of the craft combines to $30.37.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts Fnatic

2. Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox + 4x Rain (Holo)

The second-to-last craft on our list of the best Rio 2022 Major crafts is the first and only one that uses a player signature sticker rather than a team sticker. Håvard “rain” Nygaard is known not only for his seniority in the game but for his skill with the Deagle. This craft pays tribute to his years of “One-Deags” in the server by combining one of the most elite and expensive Desert Eagle’s with rain’s Rio signature. The background of the sticker is a near-perfect blend with the color scheme of the Fennec Fox, and rain’s green signature works perfectly with the green wisps displayed on the skin. The Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox is the third most expensive Desert Eagle in the game at $311.77 in factory new, and when combined with four of the $6.00 rain (Holo)’s, the total cost of the craft comes to $335.77.

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts Rain

1. AK-47 | Slate + 4x 9z Team (Holo)

When the Rio 2022 stickers first came out, the large majority of the player base agreed that they failed to meet expectations. However, many agreed that one specific sticker was done properly: the 9z Team (Holo). In the previous Antwerp major, the most “hyped” sticker was by far the rox (Holo): a purple signature sticker that featured the Chinese character Zhong. Rox, who played for 9z Team during the major, was benched during the player break and did not attend the Rio Major, but his team once again came through with an elite design. The 9z Team (Holo) features a beautiful purple logo on a purple, red, and orange-striped background, and combines perfectly with the sleek black AK-47 | Slate. Despite its popularity, the abundance of AK-47 | Slates has caused the price to reach just $10.17, and with each sticker costing $3.96, the total cost of the craft is just $26.01, giving crafters the ultimate “bang for their buck.”

CS:GO IEM Rio Major sticker crafts 9z


We at EsportFire hoped you thoroughly enjoyed taking a look at some of our favorite crafts featuring the new Rio 2022 stickers. If you have any craft ideas that weren’t featured in this article, feel free to comment them under our Twitter or other Social Media posts! Furthermore feel free to check out other skin related articles via the link down below. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day!

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