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IEM Summer 2021 - Day 2

Six playoffs duels at the IEM

Already yesterday twelve matches took place on the opening day of IEM Summer 2021.For a summary of all the events of the first day of play go to EsportFire.com/events.
Today's second day of play continues immediately with six more bo3 duels. Especially the games between Gambit and Astralis, as well as OG and Virtus.Pro promise excitement. The games start at 13:30.


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Game 1: Imperial vs. Spirit

After the defeat against Heroic on the first matchday, Imperial has to face the next absolute top team with Spirit. Even though they lost yesterday against Evil Geniuses more than surprisingly with 09:16, the Russian team is the clear favorite in the clash. At the Brazilians SHOOWTiME surprised yesterday with an unbelievable individual performance.

Game 2: NiP vs. fnatic

In the duel of the Swedes NiP is the clear favorite today. While the team around new signing dev1ce achieved a great second place at Flashpoint, fnatic is currently in a very weak form. Both teams lost quite clearly in the first round.

Game 3: Complexity vs. FPX

In the Group A lower-bracket semifinals, Complexity will face FunPlus Phoenix, who have been getting in better and better shape since signing emi and almost won their upper-bracket match against G2 yesterday. Meanwhile Complexity lost already in the first round against Vitality and finally won in the first lower-bracket round against Sprout. FPX comes into this game as the clear favorite.

Game 4: Heroic vs. Evil Geniuses

The first absolute top duel of today. While Heroic has been playing at the top of the world for months, Evil Geniuses managed to win for the second time in eleven games yesterday. The victory against Spirit was quite impressive. It remains to be seen whether Evil Geniuses will regain its old form at IEM Summer, but for the time being Heroic is the clear favorite in the duel.

Game 5: Gambit vs. Astralis

A lower-bracket semifinal, which hardly anyone had expected. While Gambit lost clearly against Vitality after a win against Sprout, Astralis had to admit defeat against FPX in the first round, but could prevail against Extra Salt in the lower-bracket. For both teams an elimination on the second day would be more than disappointing, but the loser of the duel has to go home early. Between Gambit and Astralis, the odds clearly favor the Russian top team.

Game 6: OG vs. Virtus.Pro

An absolute top duel in the upper-bracket semifinals, which has not taken place for a long time. While OG is getting in better and better shape with the new signings niko and flameZ, Virtus.Pro is already back to the absolute top of the world since the end of last year. OG won their opening duel against NiP, while Virtus.Pro had an easy game with fnatic.

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