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s1mple Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

s1mple Inventory-Review

Topic: CS:GO s1mple inventory review

I'm sure you have all heard of the probably most famous CS:GO player: s1mple, he's an absolute beast when it comes to the AWP and his inventory ain't half bad either.
Not only is he feared by his opponents, he also joins the server with an inventory value of around 66.000 USD, according to the Sharkbay discord bot!

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

This value doesn't just come from your average high tier stuff, there is a bunch of personality plus sooo many s1mple gold autographs applied. Everything a collector could dream of, exists in some form in this inventory! There is a blue gem, an ibp holo, other kato 14s, krakow golds and a bunch of other crafts.

Knife Glove Combo

I had quite the hard time choosing which combo I should go for, well not so much for the gloves, since there is only one pair which is a .134 pair of marble fades with a little scuff on the E. While the right hand might have a nice chunk of red, the left one sits at your classic piss ice pattern. Going into the knife realm, I had a bunch to choose from but went for the .008 stiletto ruby due to the red hand making a beautiful addition to this shiny gem.


AK Legion of Anubis

This skin comes from a chinese collector called quY, he gave s1mple a bunch of his gold s1mple skins, including this one. This is an insane craft, not only is it the nr.1 float for this skin at a .00002, it's also plastered with quad krakow/boston s1mple golds. While Krakow golds go for a solid 4k$ on buff, the boston s1mple comes in a bit lower at half the price, since it isn't quite as shiny.
The yellow of the legion makes the perfect canvas for this baller craft and the mixed stickers give it an interesting texture, I think I prefer this one over a 4x of any of them!


USP Lead Conduit

Yet another skin from quY almost made for s1mple. This lead conduit comes in a .0003 float making it rank 36 overall. Applied are, you guessed it, quad krakow s1mple golds. Krakow s1mples go for 4k $ on Buff for a good reason: they are next to the Sunny gold one of the shiniest krakow golds out there plus have legend status.
I love the intricacies on the silencer of this skin, the golds work quite well with the general brown/gold ish color.


Awp Gungniir

A high tier staple, ever since operation shattered web this has been one of the most legendary AWPs out there. For good reason, it uses the pearlescent effect in a phenomenal way plus the combination of skyblue and white in this nordic style just looks stunning.
To top it off, we gotta have some krakow s1mple golds applied on there ofc, with a .018 float the skin shines just as much as the stickers. While the color combo might be a bit odd, I like it alot - it really pops off on this blue!


Nomad Blue Gem

It took alot to not pick this knife over the stiletto ruby but the red right hand really did it for me in the end. Nonetheless I have to talk about this knife as a sort of EsportFire special, since I usually only pick 4 skins. The float is sitting at a solid .084 and the playside is almost completely ocean blue!!! Even the backside has a bunch of blue on it.
I feel like the new knives get much crazier patterns than the old ones, but that might have to do with size.


Souvenir CZ Chalice

For the last skin in this review and the second EsportFire special, we got a neat little souvenir CZ chalice. He basically just got himself a literal souvenir from the Atlanta 2017 Major, since there is a s1mple gold on best pos.
There are a bunch of other souvenirs with S1mple golds as well but i think that one takes the cake since it's an amazing match colorwise and the float at .018 isn't all too shaby either.



Overall I really like this inventory, you can see that he cares about skins even tho alot of them have been gifted to him by collectors. Other than that he seems to love opening cases, there's tons of riptide blues/purple/pinks/reds and even a cheeky little huntsman autotronic.
It's always cool to see Pros invested in the skin scene, although I do have to admit compared to the amount of skins, there aren't a whole lot of crafts.


My final score will be a solid 8.847 it could be a 9 if there were some more crafts that were actually his, not just lent to him plus maybe some better gloves. There also aren't any crazy original crafts that I have never seen before, apart from the legion of anubis ofc, that shit be dummy bussin on god on god.
Really enjoyed reviewing this inventory, it's a cool first insight to pro player inventories and I'm looking forward to reviewing more of them in the future.

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