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tabseN Steam Inventory Review & Value CS:GO

Inventory Review tabseN

Topic: CS:GO Inventory Review tabseN

I wanted to do an inventory review on BIG today and tabseN seemed to have the nicest inventory of them by a fair margin. The total inventory value of tabseN sits at 6'000$ which might not be the highest of the team but he has spent it in the prettiest way in my humble opinion.

This value comes from two different sapphire gems as well as other high-tier items and gold signature crafts! I haven't seen any sticker combo that didn't fit because I'm pretty sure there are none. This inventory value has been brought to you by the sharkbay discord server.

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

As I've previously mentioned, he's fairly into his signature since most crafts revolve around it. Predominantly Krakow signatures can be found with an exception every now and then. I can't blame this decision, the Krakow gold as well as the foil signatures are some of the most beautiful around.

As an honorable mention, I'd like to talk about his statty Glock Water Elemental with two previous teammates lined up on this canvas. The float might only come in at a .068, but the bright silver Keev, tabseN and Nex signatures make up for it all the way. Only the BIG paper is on a weird position, right in the middle of the barrel.

Bright blue Sapphire combo

The sapphire is a fairly seen knife in the pro scene. It's the most popular doppler gem for a good reason, these lavishly drawn cloud like strokes throughout the blade are mesmerizing the whole CS:GO community! This Huntsman even comes in a .009 float with only a very small dark spot in the middle of the blade.

To complete this combo he decided on one of my favorite pair of gloves. Cobalt Skulls don't show a lot of wear signs so getting them in a .279 float as tabseN did, will still look bright and vibrant. All screenshots were taken on the broskins server.


AWP Asiimov

Talking about a popular skin, this AWP used to be one of the main liquid items in all of CS:GO. Together with the AK Redline, it was almost as stable of a currency as keys back then.

His comes in a solid .2007 float, which probably isn't his birthday but the number still looks kinda cool. Assumably self applied on the scope we got a Boston 18 tabseN gold signature. After Krakows, these are probably the most sought after gold signature out there. The color combination works quite well and everyone will know who uses this AWP!


M4A1-s Hot Rod

Continuing with yet another assumably self made craft, we got ourselves yet another old desired skin, the Hot Rod. This skin is very prone to being scratched, even in low floats, so that one being a .022 doesn't help the cause.

Apart from being slightly scuffed, this craft looks fairly stunning, you gotta love the deep red tone of the Hot Rod. Krakow golds look great on anything, but this red canvas makes this M4A1 seem awfully royal and I love it. To accommodate the tabseN gold signature, we got 3 Krakow BIG papers, brings across the point while completing the quad craft, nice addition.


Souvenir Deagle Hand Cannon

One of the best souvenir versions of a skin with the best tournament to get souvenirs from doesn't just sound good on paper, but also in-game. The color scheme of the Hand Cannon is made for bright gold stickers, that's why I absolutely adore a souvenir one even if it comes in a .600 float.

Due to this skin being based on brightness instead of scratches, you can't even really tell it's battle scarred in game. Applied are ofc his own signature as well as his team logo and it was dropped in the match against Immortals.


Souvenir Tec-9 Brass

Let's continue with another Krakow souvenir on a well souvenirable skin. This time it's the Tec-9 Brass's turn to shine! I think a great Tec-9 skin can go a long way since the gun features quite the unique shape, yet no sticker overlaps, due to the added sticker slot on the butt of the gun.

The Brass is also a brightness based skin and already shines bright with a .101 float, providing the perfect canvas for the tabseN signature right above the mag. This gun was dropped in the match against FaZe which is featured on the butt of this beauty.


SG Ultraviolet

I was taken aback by the price tag of this SG Ultraviolet. It was always a bit more expensive in Fn due to the float cap at .06, but nowadays it goes for as much as 20$+ on the SCM. That's an incredible price for a blue skin that isn't even statty!

On his .062 version of this purple precious SG he applied two Kato 19 tabseN gold signatures on the best/second best pos. The mostly clean black body works with the golds fairly lovely.



Overall, I think this is one of the more personalized inventories in the pro scene, yet it can't quite compare to what we've reviewed previously in this series.

This is a classic example of players who only craft their own or teammate's signatures on skins. Sometimes there's even a team logo of BIG in there if we wanna get really frisky. I can understand where this mentality comes from, but it just gives you a lot less craft options.


My final score will be a light hearted 6.483 since he did definitely put some thought into his inventory. There are still some things that could be better ofc, such as floats and different stickers but for your typical pro inventory, this is looking pretty decent.

I like that there's not a lot of doubling up plus not many unnecessary high-tiers just for the sake of having a high tier. Thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this inventory, I always like to be swooned by Krakow souvenirs!

Hope you enjoyed reading the inventory review of tabseN - If you´re interested in another one, check it out below!

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