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jAlex Inventory Review

Special Edition: Reviewing jAlexs inventory

If you're reading this article, chances are pretty high that you've heard of jAlex since he literally owns this page. His love for CS:GO can not only be seen in the pro environment but also in his inventory.

His total value sits at a solid 4.600$, consisting of mostly MLG Columbus craft and two knives with one pair of gloves. There's an odd amount of AKs in his inventory, a total of 25, he could equip an army with that!

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

Talking crafts, he's very passionate about MLG Columbus 2016, Splyce holos in particular! Only counting MLG Crafts, there's a whoopin 74 different crafts on all kinds of guns, the only weapon without MLGs in his active loadout is the Deagle and MAG-7.

As an honourable mention, I would like to talk about his .007 Rank 1000 SSG Dragon Fire. Not only is the rank pretty cool, the float also comes in a funny secret agent number. Applied throughout this gorgeous skin are four MLG Columbus FaZe holos, melting into the orange colors of the Dragon Fire.

Fade with Doppler?!

Yep, you heard right, this mad man paired an Ursus Doppler Phase 1 with a pair of Fade gloves! Wanna know what's even crazier? It works sooooo damn well. First off, the Specialist Gloves come in a .185 and although the E is scuffed af, the right hand pattern saves it all with an incrediblE purple/black pattern.

Matching this special pattern is his .034 Ursus Doppler P1 which features pretty much exactly the same color as the special right hand pattern! Unexpectedly amazing combo which I fell in love with ever since I first saw it on Twitter.


AK-47 Legion of Anubis

I hope you're all seated in a comfy position because we're about to ride the Splyce train all the way to the main station. Starting us off is his .041 Legion of Anubis.

Fairly underrated skin in my opinion with four times Splyce delight. The stickies make a phenomenal match and on top of that, it's self crafted! Always love to see people craft skins themselves, especially with such a dedication as MLG Columbus 2016.


USP-S Orion

One of his childhood dreams, as he put it himself. This USP-S Orion comes in a .026 float with a fairly clean top. Applied are ofc his beloved four Splyce holos, making yet another great fit for this gun.

I myself am not the biggest fan of the Orion but I definitely appreciate when people get there dream skins from their baby years in CSGO. Due to it being half way discontinued, you don't see them as often anymore as when I started playing CSGO.


Galil Cerberus

Guess what kind of craft we're looking at next? Damn straight, it's a quad Splyce craft! This time on yet another self crafted skin as well as one of the most popular Galil choices to date, the Cerberus.

The float comes in a steady .034, a worthy canvas for these MLG beauties making it another absolute certified Splyce classic. I think no matter if you like the MLG Columbus stickers, we can all agree that the Splyce one absolutely slaps!


Negev Dev_Texture

Surprisingly, this isn't a selfmade craft. With this skin being as new as it is, I didn't think someone would already throw this on Buff. His Dev_Texture comes in a ridiculously clean .002 with the classic loadout applied.

I haven't really had this Negev on the radar but I have to say, I love the saturated colors of it, especially with the Splyces. Coincidentally, the Snakebite case where this skin is from, looks awfully similar to the stickers applied.


Famas Commemoration

One could say, he's paying his Commemoration to the Splyce dedication with this skin. Such an honour had to be crafted by himself ofc, yet another great pick to Splyce up.

With a funny float of .02500 this brightness based skin is looking nice and shiny. Probably the best Famas skin out there, not counting the new eye Famas which does look a bit better.



Overall, I might be a bit biased since I really like Alex as a person, but this inventory is pretty fuckin rad. He got everything a MLG heart desires and even more.

The only thing that I could see getting better is the amount of AKs in this inventory. Like come on, there's two 4x Splyce Empresses, one with statty and one without. Other than that there are also three different Redlines with only one having MLG stickies.


My final rating will be a great 9.471 due to all of that personality in this inventory! Just the combo alone deserves a score like that, combine it with a cool dedication to a tournament and booom, u got a 9+ score.

To get an even better score, the E on the glove would have to be better and the missing MLG Mag-7 would have to be completed. Thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this inventory and getting insights of the man himself in my chat!

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