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Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf price, crafts & supply

Price trend, sticker crafts and supply - ESL Wolf (Foil)

Welcome to a special Sticker Spotlight article. Today we will talk about one out of the two stickers that commemorate the 2014 EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship. The mysterious sticker in question is the Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) sticker. We will take a look into its supply, price trend and some lovely crafts.

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Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) – General Information

The sticker known as Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) was originally released almost 10 years ago, to be more detailed on March 6th, 2014. Its release came together with the Legends and Challengers update and was featured in the EMS Katowice 2014 Challengers capsule. This particular sticker is considered Exotic in rarity, making it a highly uncommon drop with an approximate probability of only 3.2 percent. Notably, the Katowice 2014 event featured a total of 16 teams fighting for the championship trophy. Following three days of intense competitive gameplay, the winners of the tournament were ultimately determined to be the Virtus.Pro team, who triumphed over Ninjas In Pyjamas in a BO3 Grand Final.

CS:GO ESL Wolf Katowice 2014

Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) - Sticker Supply

If we compare the ESL Wolf supply to some Holo stickers from the same tournament, the supply of the Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) sticker is notably higher. However, over the past year, the supply has slightly decreased. Starting at a known tradable supply of 230, at the beginning of the year, it has now decreased to 202. In contrast, the confirmed banned stickers have remained within the same range of 66 stickers. Like other Katowice 2014 stickers, this one has also experienced a slow decrease in supply since its initial release. The majority of these stickers are currently held in the inventories of investors, as there haven't been many of them crafted.

Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) - Price Trend/Development

As of late, the price of the Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) sticker has experienced a slight decrease. The cheapest listed sticker on Buff163 currently sits at USD 435, with recent sales ranging from USD 405 to USD 445. Within the past year, the highest price this sticker had reached was USD 680 and was on the Steam Community Market. Based on this pricing information, we can estimate that crafting a new four-time Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) sticker craft would cost a new crafter between USD 1,600 and USD 1,800.

CS:GO ESL Wolf Katowice 2014

Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) - Sticker Crafts

It's surprising to discover that despite a total of 4,159 skin with at least one Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) sticker applied to it, there are only 15 four-time crafts. However, even though these are relatively rare, the existing ones are particularly unique and include some amazing one-of-a-one crafts. For example, there's the AWP Snake Camo owned by @scrubthulu. The only pistol with four Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) stickers applied, Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz, is owned by @Fatmetalcs. The most recent craft featuring the Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) sticker was on a Desert Eagle Printstream back in April 2021.

CS:GO ESL Wolf Katowice 2014

It's worth mentioning that the AWP Gungnir and AK Vulcan each exist three times, and the UMP Arctic Wolf has been crafted twice with four Katowice 2014 ESL Wolf (Foil) stickers applied. Sadly, overall crafts featuring this sticker are not very common nowadays. What are your thoughts on this sticker? Would you consider crafting something with it, or would you pass?

CS:GO ESL Wolf Katowice 2014

Writers favorite

Without a doubt, my favorite four-times craft out of the 15 that are crafted so far would be the AWP Gungnir and the Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz by @Fatmetalcs. Both skins have matching colors on the sticker and the skin itself which makes amazing craft combination.


Hope everyone enjoyed today’s article about the ESL Wolf sticker from the Katowice 2014 tournament. Although there are not all too many four-times crafts, the ones existing are unique and amazing! What are your thoughts about this sticker? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter.

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