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KennyS Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

KennyS Review

Topic: CS:GO KennyS inventory value, review

If you heard of CS:GO, chances are high that you've heard of KennyS as well. He's been there since the start and doesn't plan on going anywhere. Nowadays, he plays for G2 at IEM Winter but hasn't participated in the recent events as he got benched by the team months ago. I still use the "inhumane reaction" meme to this day, KennyS will always be burnt into my memory.

His inventory comes in at a total value of 32'400$ according to Sharkbay and mostly from gloves, knives as well as other high tier items.

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

Sadly there's not much going on when it comes to sticker crafts, all there is mostly related to him or the team he was playing for which is also always great to see.

As an honorable mention, I'd like to talk about his Glock Candy Apple. It comes in a .049 float with Columbus 2016 G2 paper on best pos, alongside of that there're a hunter and kennyS Berlin 19 foil signatures. Lastly, on the handle we got ourselves a cheeky little K14 Titan paper! Pretty cool craft but the position of the Titan is quite off.

Bloody combo

You can't go wrong with a good old red combo. As a pair of gloves, he decided to go with the Moto Gloves Blood Pressure in a decent field-tested condition. The good thing about Moto Gloves is that you can't really tell this is only a .245.

To complete this combo, we got ourselves a Butterfly Crimson Web that barely made the minimal wear mark with .147. On the playside, there's a nicely centered web on the bottom of the knife. Sadly, it's not all too visible, but I like the distribution of the webbing going through most of the knife.


The infamous Magic Stick

If you've played CS for a while, you've probably seen an AWP with a "magic stick" name tag. This whole craze was started by KennyS who originally made the first magic stick.

This AWP Asiimov comes in an incredible .18001 float which makes it rank 5 in the entire world! To go along with this bomb condition, there are several KennyS gold signatures. On scope we got a Krakow 17, second best pos goes to Boston 18, then comes London 18 and last on stock we got a Kato 19. Not only is this a cool collection of signatures, they are even ordered by value from best to worst pos! Crazy iconic AWP, I absolutely love it!


AK-47 Golden Arabesque

While I may not be the biggest fan of the Golden Arabesque, since it feels quite bland, I have to admit that the shine up top does look quite fancy tho. I wish it had some kind of engravings throughout the body of the AK, just like the Cartel does.

Applied on this .155 beauty are 2 Stockholm 21 JaCkz gold stickers, once again that's the type of wholesome team moral I love to see. The sticker matches quite well to no surprise, gold on gold is mostly gonna look pretty neat.


Souvenir M4A1-S Knight

I talked about getting your own souvenirs as a literal souvenir from a Major before, I think that's some of the coolest shit you can do as a pro player. He even went all out and got himself a Knight as his own personal souvenir. He may not have unboxed it himself, yet it's quite a rare skin to get. It seems as he got it from OPskins back in the glory days.

It's from the Cluj-Napoca 2015 Major where it got dropped in the match between fnatic and ENVY. He used to play for ENVY so naturally, it's his signature applied on second best pos.


The Sandy Combo

This combo is fairly common, yet I still don't like Tiger Tooth knives. The pair of gloves he went for are the infamous pizza beige Sports Gloves. They come in a .139 float with a pretty clean triangle.

Matching these gloves, we got the nr. 5 highest float minimal wear Butterfly Tiger Tooth out there. I don't like this skin in general but due to the .0799 float, it doesn't even look clean. Quite scuffed and a very odd choice of knife to say the least.


Souvenir CZ Chalice

Yet another tournament souvenir for our legend KennyS. This time we're looking at a Boston 18 souvenir on a beautiful CZ Chalice. It's a real pity that they removed Cobblestone from the Major map pool, since I think Cobblestone skins are damn near made to come in souvenir.

In best pos we got his current team G2. Almost poetically placed on the worst pos, there's the enemy team Misfits Gaming. I love the Boston golds especially on such a royal canvas like the Chalice.



Overall, I don't mind this inventory but it's lacking quite a bit of personality. Apart from the infamous magic stick, there isn't really anything incredibly special. Most of his gloves and knives come in standard floats for the condition as well, apart from his .073 M9 Scorched for some reason. I´m severely missing crafts in this inventory, to me this could also be an OPskins bot.


My final score will be a bit of an underwhelming 4.923 just because of the iconic magic stick, apart from that nothing really caught my eye. Don't get me wrong, I like the souvenirs but they are nothing too much out of the ordinary and come in standard floats.

I still enjoyed reviewing this inventory, since KennyS was the first big name in the CS pro scene I've ever heard!

All images taken on: Broskins.com

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