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Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase - First CS2 Case

First CS2 Case Release - The Kilowatt Case

Topic: Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase - First CS2 Case

It's time!! We have waited for long, but the first big content update in CS2 has arrived and what shall I say ... It's crazy. Valve introduced the game mode Arms Race, as well as a brand new Weapon Case, a Zeus skin and a new knife - The Kukri Knife. Furthermore, we got brand new stickers and music kits.

We will take a short look at the most important updates as well as all new skins of the Kilowatt Case in this article.


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Flexible Stickers in CS2

You can now drag and drop stickers to whatever position you want to in order to create the perfect sticker crafts! There are no fixed positions any more where you have to place the stickers. Furthermore you can apply 5 stickers on any gun.

The Zeus is now reloadable!

Next to adding a skin for the Zeus, they also made the Zeus reusable, after a 30 second recharging delay. You can furthermore also apply stickers and name tags to the Zeus. Let's get right into the Kilowatt Case and all skins that got released with it!

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Kukri Knife

The long-awaited and already teased Kukri Knife is finally here! It got released with all original finishes and has a pretty cool and unique flip animation switching from the front to the back side of the knife.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Dual Berettas | Hideout

The Dual Berettas Hideout are the first out of seven blue skins featured in the Kilowatt case. It's a mix of multiple colors and kinda unique in terms of design when looking at most other skins, which tend to be more flashy.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Mac-10 | Light Box

The Mac-10 Light Box is definitely going to become a new classy skin for our favourite force buy SMG. It looks super clean and matches any loadout.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Nova | Dark Sigil

As we already are used to from Nova skins this one looks super noble, with a lot of details, like the big dragon on the back of the gun.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

SSG-08 | Dezastre

The SSG-08 Dezastre is comparable to the MAC-10 mentioned above in terms of cleanliness. A great skin to maybe pair with the Printstream series as the model kinda has some similarities. Great overall skin!

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Tec-9 | Slag

Loving that one! The Tec-9 Slag looks absolutely amazing. Like a raw fabric that is yet to receive it's fine grinding. What a beautiful blue skin!

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

UMP-45 | Motorized

Next on our list of all Kilowatt Case skins we got the UMP-45 Motorized which fits the theme of the Tec-9 above. What a beautiful mechanical execution it is.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

XM1014 | Irezumi

It's time for our last blue skin, the XM1014 Irezumi. It's another metallic skin that has some amazing detail work implemented.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Glock-18 | Block-18

What an amazing idea! The Glock-18 Block-18 reminds me of LEGO and is such a unique and lovely design for a Glock. Great to see!

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

M4A4 | Etch Lord

Let's continue with the next Dragon/Snake themed skin, the M4A4 Etch Lord. The tail of it continues throughout the skin and makes it a pretty unique finish.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Five-SeveN | Hybrid

Let's take a look at a more colourful skin in the new Kilowatt Case. The Five-SeveN Hybrid is the perfect match to any purple inventory. The color stripes and metallic look make a perfect match.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

MP7 | Just Smile

The MP7 Just Smile might probably be my favourite skin in the new Case, featuring a blue/purple and yellow mix in colours while having a huge smiley in the middle of the skin.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Sawed-Off | Analog Input

Let's keep it simple ... yet amazing. The Sawed-Off Analog Input shows that it doesn't always need highly complex designs in order to make an impression on the Counter-Strike community.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

M4A1-S | Black Lotus

It's time for the first pink skin of the case - The M4A1-S Black Lotus. After the USP-S we now also have it's bigger brother or sister in the game and that's absolutely amazing.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

USP-S | Jawbreaker

The second pink skin of the Kilowatt Case is the USP-S Jawbreaker and one of the most amazing designs I have ever seen on a Counter-Strike skin. What a lovely addition to any loadout!

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

AWP | Chrome Cannon

Let's get to the first of our two red skins in the Kilowatt Case! The AWP Chrome Cannon has a rather simplistic design that stands out when looking at the other higher-tier skins in this case.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

AK-47 | Inheritance

The addition that the CS community might be most excited about - The AK-47 Inheritance is nothing short of beautiful. Such an amazing, white skin with small detailed embellishments.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase

Ambush Sticker Capsule

Last but not least an overview of the new Ambush Sticker Capsule, featuring 21 new amazing stickers.

Kilowatt Case All Skins Showcase


We hope you enjoyed today's article about all skins in the Kilowatt Case. Feel free to check out a ton of amazing CS2 skin content under "Articles" or right below this paragraph.

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