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Kilowatt Sticker Crafts

Some amazing Kilowatt sticker crafts

Topic: Kilowatt Sticker Crafts

The release of the Kilowatt Case, as part of the “Call To Arms” update, has truly electrified the level of hype amongst the CS community. While many have been thrilled about the new Kukri Knife, the introduction of 17 new community-made skins and the crafting potential they provide have also generated a significant level of excitement amongst skin-enjoyers.

In today’s article, we will examine some of the best potential Kilowatt Case Sticker Crafts out there so far - be sure to keep an eye out for some examples using the new revolutionary custom sticker placement system!

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AK-47 | Inheritance: Vigilance (Holo) Craft: $332.53

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First up we have a brand new covert AK-47 Inheritance craft. This skin has immense crafting potential, and we are sure to see a variation of interesting and costly crafts appearing very soon. However, if you end up breaking the bank by purchasing this shiny new covert AK, you should just about be able to afford the craft showcased below, as it makes excellent use of the affordable, yet great-looking, Vigilance Holos.

AK-47 Inheritance Craft

USP-S | Jawbreaker: The Pro (Foil) Craft: $42.36

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Next up, and shining brightly in CS2, we have a USP-S Jawbreaker craft in combination with The Pro Foil sticker. The stickers of this craft perfectly compliment the golden palette of the skin, however, what truly makes this combo unique is the detailed artwork remains visible through the stickers. This creates an interesting, almost 3D, effect which prevents the stickers from clashing heavily with this artwork-focused skin.

USP-S Jawbreaker Craft

Five-SeveN | Hybrid: 9z Team (Holo) | Rio 2022 Craft: $4.80

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Coming up, we have the 9z’s holographic sticker from Rio in a perfect match with the color scheme creating an amazing Five-Seven Hybrid craft. These affordable Rio stickers, and their glitter and paper counterparts, are great options when creating a purple-themed craft on the new Classified pistol.

Five-SeveN Hybrid Craft

M4A1-S | Black Lotus: rox (Holo) | Antwerp 2022 Craft: $53.44

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Whilst purple-themed inventory enjoyers would have enjoyed the previous craft, we can guarantee they will love the new addition of the M4A1-S Black Lotus to the game. In today’s showcase, we have paired this new A1-S skin with Antwerp 2022’s rox holo signatures, resulting in a pricey, yet truly amazing combo.

M4A1-S Black Lotus Craft

MAC-10 | Light Box: FURIA (Holo) | Stockholm 2021 Craft: $1.39

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To finish up our purple-themed crafts, we have the Mac-10 Light Box craft that pairs it with some spicy Furia Stockholm Holos. Even when these stickers turn gold, they still work well with the SMG’s design, making this a top choice to consider when crafting for the Light Box.

MAC-10 Light Box Craft

MP7 | Just Smile: Martha Craft: $4.65

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For our next craft, we have a skin which benefits from the Custom Sticker placement update. Used by Valve themselves to highlight the new freeform method of applying stickers, this MP7 Just Smile craft serves as the ideal showcase on how well circular stickers can be used for this specific weapon. In our showcase, we have highlighted the Pinups Capsule’s Marth sticker, however, Katowice 2019 stickers would also fit in very well here.

MP7 Just Smile Craft

SSG 08 | Dezastre: forZe eSports (Glitter) | Paris 2023 Craft: $0.72

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Continuing with the revolutionary theme of custom sticker placements, the new SSG 08 Dezastre is essentially begging for a sticker to be applied to its scope. The forZe Paris 2023 Glitter, showcased below, is a amazing fit as it matches the subtle red accents of the skin. Do keep in mind whilst theory crafting for the Scout, however, that stickers can only be placed on the scopes of skins using the new model, such as the Dezastre or the Acid Fade.

SSG 08 Dezastre Craft

Zeus x27 | Olympus: Zeused Craft: $31.53

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Zeus skins are finally here, and it only makes sense that the first skin to be shipped should depict the God of Thunder himself. If you are looking to supercharge your new Olympus skin to the next level, you can’t go wrong with applying a few affordable Zeused stickers, as the fan-favourite weapon now also supports sticker crafts!

Zeus x27 Olympus Craft

UMP-45 | Motorized: Bullet Hell (Foil) Craft: $0.57

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The machinery of the UMP-45 Motorized already looks complicated enough, never mind also being covered in bullet holes! Those looking for a unique UMP-45 Motorized craft, should consider applying a few Bullet Hell Foils, as these cheap stickers match perfectly to the grey and red colour scheme of the skin - let’s just hope all the machinery will still work as intended!

UMP-45 Motorized Craft

AWP | Chrome Cannon: GamerLegion (Holo) | Paris 2023 Craft: $273.17

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To conclude today’s article, we have the other Covert rifle featured in the Kilowatt Case, the Chrome Cannon. It can be tricky to find stickers that match the unique design of the Chrome Cannon. However, the Paris GamerLegion Holo does a great job of complementing the colors of the new AWP's body. If you want to get fancy, an additional GamerLegion could also be placed at the other end of the Scope, thanks to the power of the new flexible sticker placements!

AWP Chrome Cannon Craft


We hope you enjoyed today’s article showcasing some of our favourite potential Kilowatt Case Sticker Crafts. With the introduction of the new custom sticker placement mechanic, we’re also looking forward to seeing all the unique and wild crafts the community can come up with. Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day!

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