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Leaguesports: Worlds Recap (Royal Never Give Up vs EDward Gaming)

The two LPL teams battled and bruised each other for a spot at Semi-Finals.

A lot of fans have complained about poor seeding for this year's Worlds tournament, but it is especially worse for Chinese fans, who are the Esport's largest demographic, when the last two of its teams have to fight each other in the quarterfinals tournament.

Cut the silver scrapes! It took all five games to decide which of the two LPL teams, one of which is the Summer split champions and the other Spring split champions, will advance to the semi-finals of #Worlds2021. RNG and EDG played their hearts out, but as we originally predicted, EDG just managed to pull off the 3-2 series win and progress forward as potential tournament winners.


Game 1

Despite their opponent claiming an early objective, EDward Gaming took the first blood of the match on Wei 8 minutes into the match after multiple close calls. Something we’ve seen from every team that has made it this far in the tournament is their sheer patience in first bloods. Many times have we seen teams get close to a kill but do not overcommit to it.

The game moved forward pretty evenly from then, with both teams trading kills but RNG getting the advantage of securing all the objectives which kept them in a slight gold lead throughout the game.

17 minutes into the match was the first team fight which occurred over a dragon. Despite once again losing the first member, RNG came out on top in that team fight, taking 3 of EDG’s members as well as their third objective.

With the man advantage, they pushed the mid-lane tower and took it down, which bumped them up to a 3.0K gold lead only 18 minutes into the game.

EDG found some hope after winning the next team fight despite compromising yet another objective. An insane shock blast snipe from Flandre nearly saw EDG getting the baron but RNG’s Cryin forced them away from it. After all of their members were back alive, RNG went after the baron and got it along with a few of EDG’s members who attempted to contest and steal it.

With the baron buff, they pushed through their enemy’s base and claimed the mid-lane tower, and the bot lane tower and inhibitor. That pushed the gold difference to 9K and left EDG with one chance at turning the game back around in equal favor. Immediately as they engaged in the team fight, RNG countered and punished, killing 4 of their members and rushing their way into EDG’s base, taking the win in a sub-30 minute match with a gold lead of 10K, a 10-2 turret lead, a 4-0 objective lead, and a kill score of 14-8.

Game 2

Game 2 saw a quicker start to it as both teams tried to get the jump on their enemy. As a result, we saw a much quicker sub 6-minute first blood. Although RNG took the first blood this time, it quickly turned back around on them as they lost both of their players at the bot lane. So despite losing the title of having the first blood, EDG still came out on top at the start with two kills to one.

While RNG managed to secure the first objective of the game, EDG kept playing a quick and aggressive game, which put them at an impressive starting kill score of 7-1 after a very well played team fight by them that also allowed them to secure the first rift herald of the match. They continued to jump lone players in lanes and managed to take down the first turret 11 minutes into the match.

There was almost nothing RNG could do to contest the individual firepower that was on EDG at that point. After 12 minutes, EDG had a kill score lead of 10-2 and a 6K gold lead. The only way for RNG to get kills on their enemy was by jumping a player with a few of theirs, which they successfully did. They pressured Flandre in the top lane and while a teammate attempted to teleport to him in order to assist him in the 3v1, they both ended up dead. They attempted it again just a few minutes later, but that ended up in a 1-1 kill/death trade.

EDG continued to charge lanes and takedown RNG’s towers, with five destroyed 18 minutes into the match. Small engagements kept occurring between both teams often ended in even trades but even with that, it wasn’t good enough for RNG as they were still down nearly 7K gold.

EDG successfully claimed the baron after a steal attempt from Wei, who found himself surrounded by all five EDG members then dead. EDG also took the dragon on the other side and with both buffs, charged for the enemy’s base. RNG managed to hold back the enemy for some time but eventually lost their mid-lane tower and inhibitor turret.

They then targeted the bottom lane, and with so many close fights, EDG managed to secure a 3K and went on to destroy the Nexus just barely. RNG was close to holding them back and bringing the game slightly back in their favor but it just wasn’t enough. In the end, EDG had an 11.6K gold lead with a kill score lead of 23 to 12.

Game 3

Tied 1-1, both teams wanted to get the jump on their enemy and take the matchpoint. They played an even quicker start than last game and we saw a very quick first blood, this time in favor of RNG, only three short minutes into the match. Compromising for losing out on first blood, EDG secured the first objective of the match instead to keep the gold deficit with the 3 digit mark. The Chinese kept trading kills and then again traded a tower for an objective.

The first real team fight occurred at the 15-minute mark, where EDG came out on top 2-0 after RNG quickly realized they had no choice but to run away. With the man advantage and RNG being on the wrong side of that fight, the mid-lane was open for EDG, who managed to take down two turrets and heavily damage a third there with the help of the rift herald. By securing a couple more turrets and plates, EDG built up a lot more money rather quickly.

RNG quickly engaged in a team fight after they saw the opening. It ended in a close 2-1 kill score in favor of RNG, which closed the gap back down to 2K. With a tied kill score 20 minutes into the game, this one seemed like it could swing in the favor of either team.

Both teams then had their eyes on the baron, which EDG managed to incredibly steal from RNG. And despite losing the team fight, they were able to take down another dragon and build themselves up a lot more gold. With that baron buff, EDG pushed into their enemy’s base but only managed to take down the mid-lane tower and inhibitor turret.

Soon after that was the next baron, which was the crucial play that could either win the game for EDG if they take it or turn it back around for RNG’s favor. Incredibly, EDG’s JieJie managed to steal the baron once again and sealed the game for EDG as they walked their way to a solid 38-minute match win.

Game 4

EDG looked to get a head start early on in Game 4, nearly grabbing the first blood before the 1-minute mark! Both teams kept diving each other but none couldn’t get the first blood until Gala pulled off the move on Viper, which ended up in his and his teammate's death. So despite claiming the first blood, RNG lost one more of their members. They traded kills until finding themselves in the first team fight of the match. Fighting over the rift herald, RNG managed to steal it and back away before losing any of their members.

EDG attempted to dive them but was punished harshly in the bot٠lane, getting ACEd and losing the first tower of the game. RNG also managed to claim the dragon at the cost of the second herald. It didn’t matter too much though as they already had a 5K gold lead at this point.

They got in another team fight but once again, neither overcommitted and instead backed out after a 1 to 1 kill/death trade. RNG was ahead in every aspect of the match at this point and was playing patiently. To get back into a more favorable position, EDG attempted to get a couple of kills on the sidelines but came out unsuccessful, often resulting in loss of their own team members and further deficit in the match.

RNG had a clear path to the baron, and as all five were distracted taking it, EDG took the dragon on the other side which two of RNG members attempted to contest but couldn’t make it there on time. Regardless, they were in a clear advantage and began to push the mid-lane, taking tower after tower. At their base, EDG started a decent engage but couldn’t match the level of their enemy’s champions who took them down and their Nexus. RNG dominated game 4, winning in 28 minutes with a gold lead of 14K and a kill score lead of 19-5.

And so, it was time to cut the silver scrapes because we’re going to a game 5!

Game 5

With this being the decider match, you’d expect both teams to take a slow start and wait for their opponent to make a mistake and punish, but they don't. Instead, they yet again try and get quick first blood, which EDG does in less than 3 minutes, although they did end up losing 2 of their members in the bot lane so they gained nothing off of their aggression.

EDG’s JieJie was allowed to solo the first objective just 6 minutes into the match, which is crucial in the early game. They also claimed the rift herald uncontested. Using the herald, they claimed the first tower of the match. RNG did manage to take down a dragon but kept getting jumped on and killed by EDG players. Every play mattered in game 5, and with every kill, EDG pushed themselves to a bigger gold lead.

The first team fight took place soon after, with EDG attempting a 4 on 2 dive, RNG teleported their players but could not fight back. They couldn’t kill a single EDG member and eventually were ACEd, which pushed EDG to a 5K gold lead. They forced their way through the defense of RNG and trickled down their mid-lane and top-lane tower.

EDG felt comfortable enough and solo’d a dragon 23 minutes into the match, and left for them was the baron which they managed to secure easily. With a 10K gold lead and a lasting baron buff, EDG pushed their way into the enemy’s base through the mid-lane and ACEd RNG once more before taking down the Nexus and winning the game. They won in another dominant sub-30-minute match and sent RNG home.

Want to Watch?

EDG advance to the semi-finals, where they will face the winner of GENG vs Cloud9.

If GENG, they are set to win 3-2.

If Cloud9, it is quite unpredictable as it can go in favor of either team but will most likely lead to five of five games played.

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