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CS:GO Major Antwerp: Day 2 Recap + Preview

Recap + Preview of day one and two + Arena photos

Topic: CS:GO Major Antwerp results, matches, recap

Antwerp day two came to a close off of some high-flying matches. In the second half of the quarterfinals, the likes of Copenhagen Flames faced off against ENCE, and Natus Vincere played Heroic.

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Copenhagen Flames vs. ENCE

Day two started off with Flames against ENCE, two teams who were not highly touted coming into the major, but were able to pull off some great wins. The series began with Flames’s map pick of Vertigo. The map commenced with an incredibly dominant first half from ENCE, as the mixed roster pulled off 12 rounds on their Counter-Terrorist side. After the first half of domination, the first map was virtually over. Although Flames was able to claw back seven rounds, after a hot streak to start the half, ENCE quickly closed out the game, winning 16-10.


Map two was Nuke, ENCE’s pick. Different from map one, Flames came off with a strong start on the CT side and looked like the better team in the first half. ENCE had some good rounds, but they were few and far between, eventually ending 9-6 in Flames’s Favor. However, Nuke is known for being heavily CT-sided, and ENCE made that apparent, as they were far superior in the second half. After ENCE took the pistol round Flames were essentially helpless throughout the rest of the match, falling to the Finnish organization 16-12, and 2-0 in the series.


Natus Vincere vs. Heroic

The final quarterfinal was possibly the most antiquated match of the first round. The Series began on Heroics map pick, Inferno. The map started with a NAVI win on the pistol, and subsequently round two as well, but saw Heroic quickly bounce back for five rounds in a row. Heroic maintained momentum for the rest of the half and finished 9-6 in their favor. Navi started the second half incredibly, quickly tying the game up, but Heroic squashed the comeback in round 21, closing out cleanly winning 16-10.


Map two was Navi’s pick on Ancient and it was a nailbiter. The map had Navi come out winning the first three rounds on the Terrorist side and saw them remain strong until the end of the half, ending 9-6 in their favor, after an incredible 1v3 from electroNic. In the same Fashion as Navi, Heroic claimed the pistol round, but ran off at the start of the half, stringing together five rounds in a row. The rest of the half was a back-and-forth affair, with each team struggling for control, eventually seeing Navi crawl past the finish line, winning 16-14.


The final map of the day and the decider of the series was on Nuke. Unlike the rest of the series, Navi showed off on the decider, showing why they’re the best the whole match. Navi ran through the first half, taking it with ease 12-3. The second half saw a deflated Heroic attempt a comeback, however, they were easily halted by the CIS team, and Navi triumphantly took the map 16-8, and the series 2-1.


Preview Semi Finals

It's semi finals day! Today at 4:30 pm CET FaZe and Spirit will face off for the first spot in the Major final. As you already know FaZe managed to beat NiP in a close duel yesterday, while Spirit managed to kick out FURIA on Thursday.

In the second match-up of today NAVI and ENCE will play at 8 p.m. CET for the second spot in tomorrows grand final. NAVI showed off a great performance yesterday against Heroic and ENCE managed to win quite convincingly against Copenhagen Flames on Thursday!

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