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Most Unique CS:GO Sticker Crafts in 2023

Stand out with the most unique CS:GO crafts

Topic: Most Unique CS:GO Sticker Crafts in 2023

One of the most important aspects of sticker crafts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is creativity and originality. When certain crafts have been done hundreds of times, they begin to be boring, and as they grow less unique, they seem to lose a spark in them. This is why many prominent crafters place immense emphasis on 1/1’s(crafts that have only been done once) because it demonstrates originality and true crafting knowledge. Today, we will feature 15 of the most unique CS:GO sticker crafts.

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Community picks

Before starting this article, we reached out to our amazing Twitter community, asking crafters to share their favorite creative and unique CS:GO crafts. Within hours, we received over 76 replies to showcase over 100 amazing crafts, and we are so glad to be able to showcase a few of them in this article. Without further ado, here are 5 of the best crafts suggested by the EsportFire community followed up by some of our own creations! Enjoy reading.

Snake Eating Kawai T by Gary

We were inspired to write this article after @_Sabach suggested that we do a “Top 10 creative crafts” article in a reply to this craft by @GaryTCxD. This P90 Storm craft takes advantage of the overlapping sticker positions on the P90, and I think the funny aspect of the craft speaks for itself.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

“Freeze” Collection by Sugh

Rather than several crafts, this collection of four unique sticker crafts from the Office Collection by @SughCS is a wonderful use of the new Lenticular “Freeze!” sticker. Each craft features a 4x(or 5x) craft of the stickers on winter-themed skins to make a super creative collection.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts
Source: @SughCS

“Late Nights” by TheRat

This special craft combines a relatively new skin from the Dreams and Nightmares collection with another Lenticular sticker from CS:GO’s 10-Year Birthday Sticker Capsule. The craft gains its creativity from the eyes of the Famas | Rapid Eye Movement staring at the Global TV sticker and was shared by @TheRatCSGO.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

Incredible Color Matching by DAZGO

Next up is this beautiful unique CS:GO craft on a StatTrak P250 | Undertow that demonstrates some of the best color matching we have ever seen and was shared by @DAZGOgg. The blue of the Liquid Fire sticker is an almost perfect match with the blue and black pattern of the Undertow.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

Beautiful DreamHack MP9 by wtr

Taking the final spot on our list of most unique from Twitter is this incredible DreamHack 2014 craft, which the crafter, @wtr_csgo, credited our very own Exerpas (an author of EsportFire) for inspiring. The MP9 | Food Chain features an array of colors, making it perfect for a mixed craft. It turns out that four of DreamHack 2014’s team stickers were perfect for the job!

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts
Source: @enjoytehride

AWP | Atheris + INS | Rio 2022(Scraped)

Rio 2022 might not have the best Major stickers of all time, but the INS signature is nothing like the rest of the Rio signature stickers. The green snake's body perfectly fits with the green snake slithering across the Atheris to add a neat final touch to the skin. And you make this craft for as little as $9.90!

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

AK-47 Point Disarray + 4x Astralis (Holo) | Antwerp 2022

Next up is a wonderful budget AK-47 craft that can be done for as little as $16.56! The craft has been done just 26 times but has incredible design matching. Whoever realized that the Astralis logo fits perfectly with the Point Disarray is a true genius!

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

Glock-18 Vogue + 2x PAC AI (Foil)

If the eyes of the Glock-18 | Vogue staring at you weren't enough, why not add 2 creepy-looking eyes to make the skin 10x weirder? This unique sticker craft can be done for around $15, and exists just 20 times!

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

XM104 | Seasons + 3x Mixed MLG Columbus 2016

For our second to last unique budget craft, we have this absolutely beautiful 1/1 MLG Columbus craft that matches a few mixed stickers with the various colored leaves of the gun. The craft was recently featured on officialfano’s stream, and he put it best: “B’B’B’BANGER!”

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

Tec-9 | Brother + Cloud9 (Holo) | Antwerp 2022

For our final creative budget craft, we have this neat Tec-9 craft where you can put a pair of glasses on the eyes of the man featured on the back of the skin. The craft takes advantage of the unique Tec-9 sticker positions and you can craft this, which exists just 4 times, for just $10.40!

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

Best Overall Creative and Unique Crafts

To finish off the article, here are the best creative and unique crafts overall. These crafts have gone down in history as being some of the most creative ideas CS:GO has ever seen.

AK-47 | Jaquar + Various Heads

The sticker positioning of the AK-47 allows for a crafter to put essentially any sticker onto the head of the AK-47 Jaquar, but some of the most popular and famous include the addition of an iBUYPOWER (Holo) from Katowice 2014(worth around 50,000) or a Sticker | Howling Dawn, which combines the head of the M4A4 | Howl with the body of the Jaguar. Last but not least there's a combo with the Enemy Spotted (Holo) sticker.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

Fake Howl

The M4A4 | Howl is one of the most notorious skins in the game. Few exist, and the skin is the only one to be “Contraband”. However, some smart crafters have adapted to the rarity of the skin, making their own budget versions, such as adding the Baby Howl sticker onto an M4A4 | Radiation Hazard. While the real Howl goes for upwards of $5000 in Factory New Condition, you can craft this budget howl for just $15.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

AK-47 | Hydroponic + 4x Drug War Veteran

This infamous AK-47 craft has gone down in history as one of the most popular and expensive meme crafts. When the skin was released in 2015, there weren't as many options for crafts as there are today, so some individuals thought it would be funny to stick some Drug War Veteran stickers on the gun. The trend has stuck, and to this day people still apply these $1 stickers on this $1,000 gun purely for the meme effect, and they have done so enough that the craft exists 5,809 times.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

M4A4 | The Emperor + CS On The Mind

Next up is a long-time favorite M4A4 craft that adds the popular Brain sticker on the head of the most popular M4A4 skins to appear that the Emperor in the skin has a massive brain(a 5Head perhaps). This craft exists 10,951 times!

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts

AK-47 Fire Serpent + Dragon Lore (Foil)

The final craft on our list of the most creative and unique crafts in CS:GO is a cool display of two of the most infamous dragons in CS:GO squaring off. The craft shows the dragon of the extremely well-known AWP | Dragon Lore fighting against the slightly less fierce Fire Serpent. The craft, which has the added detail of the Dragon Lore blowing fire into the face of the Fire Serpent exists an impressive 317 times.

CS:GO Most unique CS:GO sticker crafts


We hope you enjoyed reading through some of the most unique CS:GO sticker crafts in 2023. Feel free to follow us on our Social Media to interact with our beautiful community and be part of articles yourself! If you're interested to challenge your knowledge on CS:GO skins feel free to check out our CS:GO Minigames that are linked below.

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