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Player nationalities and facts - CS:GO

Numerous player-related facts and figures

The following article covers the evaluation of numerous player-related data and statistics. It is based on the participants of the ESL Pro League Season 13 including 123 players out of 24 different teams. Research points were the spread of nationalities in the S-Tier area, the age distribution in general and referring to the roles, as well as organization-related data.



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Facts and figures

The following paragraph focuses on the analysis results of the survey and gives a rough overview of the data sets. The 123 participants of the ESL Pro League represent 29 different countries and are on average 23 years old. 80% of them are younger than 26, but only 28 percent below 22. The players had their first appearance in a CS:GO team on average in 2014 and have been with their current organization for about 1 ½ years.

The oldest player still active is Cédric "RpK" Guipouy, who has currently been under contract with Vitality for 29 months. The player who is the longest signed to the same organization is American Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, who has been with the organization for 71 months. The average IGL is 27 years old and had his first tournament appearance in 2012. In the chart above all "hard facts" are again transparently summarized.

Distribution between the nations

The 123 players participating in the ESL Pro League have their origin in 29 different countries. With about 16%, Denmark currently represents the most players. Closely followed by Brazil (13.0%) and Sweden (8.9%). As many as 17 nationalities are represented only one to three times and are summarized in the chart as "Others".

Age of the players and different roles

The average age of professional players is around 23. A total of 80 percent of the players and therefore 98 of the 123 are younger than 26. Of these, 35 players are younger or exactly 21 years old. In relation to the veterans, who are grouped in the ≥28 age bracket, you can see that there are around three times as many junior stars. The youngest player is currently Bymas, who is under contract with Mousesports and was born on August 12, 2003. In total, four players in the ESL Pro League are less than eighteen years old.

In this evaluation, another focusing was on the age difference of the roles. All in all, not very surprising, but still interesting: The average age of the IGLs in the ESL Pro League is 27 years, therefore four years above the general average. In contrast, there was only a one-year difference in the role of the main AWP. This therefore confirms the thesis that the role of the IGL is rather taken over by the experienced players.

Time with the organization or debut date

Another interesting result of the evaluation was the average time players have been under contract with their current organization. At around 1.46 years, this is surprisingly rather short. It is a little unexpected to see that the average IGL has not been under contract with the organization for longer than that. However, a significant difference can be seen in the debut date. While the average player did not participate in tournaments for the first time until 2014, the IGLs of the 24 teams started their careers as early as 2012.

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