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Nexa Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

Nexa Review

While G2 may not have won the major, I took it upon myself to give them a little morale boost with this inventory review! Out of all of G2's inventories, Nexa has the best one in my opinion!
It comes in at a total value of 11'100$ consisting mostly out of knives and gloves, but there are some other high tier items and even some lower tier assumably self-made crafts!

  Thicc Squidward

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General Inventory

Talking about crafts, most of his consist of either G2 RMR or Stockholm stickers with a little exception every once in a while. Something I realized while taking these screenshots is that the G2 Foil is waay too shiny ... really hard to get a good lighting on. The G2 holo on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous, i don't know why he doesn't use them more. There's a total of 5 different G2 crafts with both RMR and Stockholms.

Gamma-Doppler and Emerald Webs

As a first combo to look at we got these .089 Emerald Webs with a surprisingly scuffed E. The left hand has a beautifully centered web while the right hand remains webless sadly.
Continuing with the knife, he's rocking a P1 Gamma Doppler Butterfly! I prefer the P1 quite a bit over the P2 since the handles look soooo much cooler without that swamp green. Of course not fully living up to the P4 handles but still pretty damn good.

Bild 1

AK-47 Wild Lotus

Next up we got our classic high tier AK, a Wild Lotus at a .212 float. This goes incredibly well with his gloves. I realized the field-tested version of this AK still looks remarkably clean.
He even applied a little Stockholm 21 G2 foil on wood. The position of this sticker is quite interesting, since it looks like the G2 logo got a little hair sticking out on the right side. Cool little detail, I wonder if Nexa was aware of it while crafting.

Bild 1

Deagle Printstream

I still think the Printstream is one of the best Deagles out there, due to it's unique use of the pearlescent effect. While it may only come in a .356 float, it doesn't really matter since it's a bright skin.
Applied onto it are four very well fitting Stockholm 21 G2 holos. The holo effect is just made for this gun and noone can tell me otherwise!

Bild 1

M4A1-s Moss Quartz

One of the only green M4A1-s next to the Flashback has to be this Moss Quartz. His even comes in a sexy .001 float with several stickers applied onto it.
First sticker on the best position we got an Optic Gaming paper from Atlanta 17, cool green sticker although it doesn’t completely match the shade of green. Next up we got a Krakow 17 Penta holo which looks weirdly green although it shouldn't really. Other than that, there's two green signatures left which kind of have the same problem as the Optic Gaming.

Bild 1

Fade Gloves and Butterfly Marble Fade

I had to put in another combo because it looked neat and I didn't know what else to put. Funnily enough, these .137 Fade Gloves have a much better E than the .08 Emeralds. Sadly the Fade is only really good on the left glove, while the right one is looking pretty damn grey.
The counter part when it comes to Fade is applied on this Butterfly with a .035 float. It even comes with a bomb pattern, that red tip is pretty damn big! It's a bit odd that the knife matches the left glove better than the right one.

Bild 1

Souvenir SSG Death Strike

He doubled up on this skin for some reason. There's one non souvenir version with a .083 float and he decided to get this souvenir Death Strike at a .082 float.
While the non souvenir version may be more expensive, the souvenir one looks a lot better in my opinion, the gold stickers match the canvas really well. The whole design of this skin really reminds me of prince of Persia and the sands of time! I love me a good old nostalgia trip. Even though there's no G2 sticker on it, the skin still looks phenomenal.

Bild 1


Overall I really enjoyed this inventory, he got a cool green theme going on, he even uses the default AWP since that's green as well. However there are a few missing guns in his loadout that are not green by default.
It's cool to see people crafting their own stuff, the G2 holo gave him the perfect opportunity to do so but he only ended up making one craft with them. On top of that, it's just very sad that Gaben hated that .08 pair of Emerald Webs and tainted it with a bad E.


My final score will be a solid 6.891 since there's a bunch of nice shit, especially when it comes to combos but he's slacking a bit in the personality department. For this inventory to get a higher rating, he'd need a better E and some more crafts.
Enjoyed reviewing this inventory quite a lot after seeing it in the Major finals the other day.

All images taken on: Broskins.com

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