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ohnePixel Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

ohnePixel: Skins, Streaming, Twitter and more

Topic: ohnePixel inventory review: skins, value

So we've probably all heard about ohnePixel, originating on Twitter he got his first boost of popularity with the full set of Katowice 14 holos he bought. Nowadays, he's one of the biggest CS:GO skin related streamers and content creators existing.

His inventory is racking up a proud USD 289.000 according to the pricecheck feature on his own Discord server, "Sharkbay". I'd assume a big chunk of this value comes from his cash trading journey.

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His endless Investments

A huge portion of this inventory value consists of unapplied Katowice 14 stickers. What really ground my gears is the fact that there is a total of 7 skull foils on the Community Market, 6 on Buff but a total of 23 in his inventory. He almost has 4 times the amount of skull foils that Buff has listed currently.

Other than that he owns a total of 57 unapplied Katowice 14 stickers, that is an insane number to own and I haven't even started to talk about the ones he got crafted on his skins!

As an honourable mention, I'd like to talk about all of his number 1 float skins, because there's a humble total of 123 skins with either the highest or the lowest float. My favourite out of the bunch has to be the lowest float M4A1-s Master Piece.

Nr. 1 Unhinged plus tier-1 Glacier pattern

First up, as always, we'll have a look at my favorite combo of his. He went for a Talon Black Pearl with a Tier-1 "Glacier" pattern. Incredible knife overall, the icy blue tint makes it slightly stand out from the other black pearls. The gloves are no joke either, he's rocking the nr. 1 Broken Fang gloves Unhinged.

He's behaving according to the name of these gloves, since he has a second factory new pair of them. The combo works pretty well since it's black on black, but I would have loved a slightly bluer pair of gloves such as the Super Conductors to match the "Glacier" pattern.


AWP Lightning Strike

Going to the first of his plenty Kato crafts, we got ourselves a clean .007 Lightning Strike with some nutty stickers on it. Applied on the scope we can spot an all-time classic, the K14 IBP holo, an absolute staple of CS:GO's skin economy.

Furthermore, there's a Titan holo on second-best pos. and if we go down the stock, on the next position we can find an LDLC holo. An incredible combo with the two most popular stickers applied on the two most popular positions. I love the LDLC on the 3rd best pos., since it completes the skin and makes a lovely match with its purple aesthetics.


Tec-9 Fuel injector

This is one of the crafts I would looooove to own myself that fall into the category of "I may not play this gun but at least I got a nice kato craft for it". Let's start with the float, which is absolutely balling at a .0003 putting it at rank 10 for statty Tec-9 Fuel Injectors.

Now let's get to the juicy meat on this bone, the applied stickers are absolutely gorgeous. Throughout the whole skin, you can find a total of four K14 Hellraiser holos!!! It's a match made in heaven, especially when the hellraiser shows its beautiful yellow holo effect. Insane craft kinda reminds me of the 4x Reason holo Mac-10 Heat he used to own.


Double M4a1 Nitro

Do you know what's better than one factory new M4A1 Nitro with 4x K14 Clan Mystik holos? Two factory new M4A1 Nitro with 4x K14 Clan Mystik holos! As you can tell in the screenshots, they differ from each other by a huge margin of .0002. Although there's barely any difference float wise, I can still see at least 5 pixels that are different from each other!

Absolute banger craft but I ain't got no clue why he has two non-duped versions of this skin, maybe the better float one is a Sunday version while the other one is considered the workhorse...


Nova Walnut (more like bust a nut)

I'm a sucker for fancy Nova crafts and this one is up there. While it may only come in a statty .070, the real beauty lies in the stickers! Applied we got a little Katowice 14 Mousesport holo sandwich using a Katwocie 14 Fnatic holo as the meat in between those mousebuns.

Lovely Nova craft, although it is missing a sticker on my self-proclaimed best position all the way on the back of it. It kind of reminds me of a hot dog decorated by my grandmother in the best way possible.


AK Fire Serpent

Last up we got ourselves a cute scuffed AK Fire Serpent. I'm personally not a huge fan of the Fire Serpent, but I had to include this one to commemorate his abnormous collection of nr. 1 floats.

The pinnacle of all AK skins, the certified CS:GO high-tier AK classic, the Fire Serpent has always been popular. With a float of .759 it is the highest float Fire Serpent in existence, maybe not as desirable as the lowest float but I quite like it with the almost fully black mag.

Applied we can find a classic old craft consisting of a holo and three paper K14 Stickers. Upfront there's a Complexity, followed by a Clan Mystik holo, then an LDLC, and another Clan Mystik but paper to finish it off. Very weird sticker combo, not a huge fan although I have to admit that the CM holo makes for a lovely match!



Overall, ohne has quite an impressive inventory especially when it comes to nr. 1 floats and Katos. I can't really say much negative about it since I am an absolute sucker for floats.

The only small complaint I got is the lack of crafts on newer skins. Most of his crafts are on rather old skins and he doubled up a whole bunch. I adore his rarely used Katowice crafts such as the Nova and Tec-9, love to see people with skins that might not have the biggest sticker percentage value but are incredibly pretty.


Overall I'll have to give ohnePixel a very solid 8.819 due to his impressive collection. He could have achieved a 9+ if there were more crafts on recent skins.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this inventory and am looking forward to reviewing more content creator inventories! I also hope that I can conduct some inventory interviews with the people themselves in future reviews!

We wish you all a lovely day and encourage you to show ohnePixel some love on his Twitter. He is a also a very passionate streamer, check out ohnePixel's Twitch account: here. To all of you who want to take a deeper look themselves we will also link you the Steam account of ohnePixel!

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